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Dosh Alloy Aluminum Wallet

Dosh Alloy Aluminum Wallet Dosh Alloy Aluminum Wallet_
Any fan of minimal and sleek design will certainly fall in love with DOSH’s precision machined aluminum wallet. The wallet combines materials like anodized aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and high end polymers for a truly refined and hard-wearing design. Alloy can hold up to 6 cards in its soft TPU card slots, and a number of bills using the money clip inside.

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Monogram Leather Toiletry Bag

Leather Toiletry Bag
Beautifully handmade toiletry bag made from full-grain leather with the highest quality standard, made in the USA. The bag is available in this classic brown leather, or in other colors. It can be monogrammed with Initials for free, and additional message customization in the interior can be requested, too.

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Ferro Watch – A Timepiece Redefined by Porsche Tachometers

Available with an ETA Swiss movement, the Ferro Watch is a classic design inspired by sports car tachometers. The wristwatch design is perfect to match with any occasion. It reflects the iconic beauty of tachometers used in luxury and sports motors which is where lies its uniqueness. In case you are wondering how a wristwatch blends a tachometer design within in, it would be wise to say that the Ferro Watch bears a single hand on a modern dial housed in a classy polished wire lug case.

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560G Bike Lock by Altor

Introducing the 560G Bike Lock by Altor, the lightest high security bike lock on the market. Weighing just 560 grams as the name suggests (just 1.23 pounds), this bike lock is made entirely of grade 5 titanium and has held up to rigorous testing including a chisel, high heat, freezing, sawing, and even a 4-foot bolt cutter (spoiler: the 560G won each time).

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Personalized Brown Leather Bracelet

Personalized Brown Leather Bracelet
Handmade leather bracelet with a gold bar that can be personalized with your name, initials, or any word up to 12 characters.

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Handbag, Purse, and Backpack LED Light

Handbag Light
Spend a lot of  time digging up things in your bag? Use this motion activated light to help you find what you’re looking for, no matter how dark it is. The LEDs light up for about 10 seconds before it automatically shuts off again, and if you still need a light source, simply touch it to light it again.

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