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Pickmaster Plectrum Punch v2.0

This super efficient Pickmaster Plectrum Punch v2.0 enables you to create guitar picks from practically any sheet of plastic you see around, even your old credit cards. Functioning like an ordinary hole punch, this intuitive device can easily generate an excellent guitar pick from the most unimaginable things you could think of.

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Just Life Portable Glass Water Bottle with Tea and Fruit Infuser

Just Life Portable Glass BPA Free Water Bottle with Sleeve Tea Fruit Infuser
Keep fresh water or your favorite beverage with you on the go using this elegant BPA-free water. Made of Borosilicate heat resistant glass, it includes an infuser at the bottom that you can use to infuse tea or fruit for natural water flavoring. The bottle can be attached to your bag with the clip on the lid. 16oz capacity, available in 3 colors.

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Till Watch

The Till Watch displays an abstract methodology in reading time which is way different from the general approach that had been followed till date. Unlike other wrist watches, this one uses language while showing time which makes it quite a fun device to wear.

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Animal Masks – Horse, Pigeon and Chicken Heads

If you walk and talk and behave like an animal, it behooves you to look like one wearing these animal masks. These are masks that put a chicken, pigeon or horse head on your shoulders. The maker bears no responsibility for the inevitable chicken crossing the road or horse’s rear or pigeon poop jokes you will be subjected to after donning the mask.

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PowerSpurz LED Heel Clips

The PowerSpurz LED Heel Clips is a visual notification to let your presence felt when training outdoors. By being either in the pulse or continuous mode, these heel clips glow from the back of your shoes in a bright orange light. The clip fixes comfortably on your shoes and is never affected by bad weather conditions.

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HYGGE Watch – 3012 Series

The HYGGE Watch – 3012 Series replaces the traditional hands of a watch with two sophisticated rotational discs. While considering a fresh outlook for conventional watches, this timepiece has certainly not forgotten about the user-friendly approach in showing time. The stainless steel casing and the one-color background is clear evidence to the extreme detailing in aesthetics that has been considered while crafting this masterpiece.

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Mahogany Leather Pencil Case

The Mahogany Pencil Case is a full sized pencil case made to accommodate your daily stationery needs; even a scientific calculator. The wallet is constructed from genuine italian cow hide. German nylon thread is machine stitched for ultimate durability and finished with a YKK Zipper.

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Rifle Umbrella

Be a shooter in the rain! The handle and the tip of Rifle Umbrella is designed just like a rifle gun. Avail in two different sizes, this shoulder-slung umbrella rocks a rifle butt handle, a trigger-opened canopy, and a barrel-shaped tip outfitted with a sight, which, considering you’re rolling around town with a facsimile rifle over your shoulder, may describe you as well.

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