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Rock On Hand Ring Holder

Rock On Hand Ring Holder
Keep your rings safe and easily accessible with this rockin’ hand shaped ceramic ring holder.

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Sole Socks: The Simple Sock Alternative

Sole_Socks Sole Socks Sole Socks Layers
It’s time to kiss your socks good-bye! No more sock laundry, no more looking for that lost sock and no more wearing socks with holes in them. Sole Socks is a custom insole that replaces your socks. It absorbs moisture and odor, keeps your feet cool and your shoes smelling fresh. Sole Sock is made from three layers:

  • breathable grip on the bottom that keeps the insole in place,
  • a durable stitch that connects the material together
  • and the top material that works on absorbing any sweat, moisture and odor.

It is machine washable, can be used with any type of shoes and they take minimal storage space.

And here’s an added benefit; if you’ve ever tried to pull the sock-less look off, Sole Socks is the perfect solution. Unlike thin socks that still show above the shoe line, Sole Socks give you the full benefits of a traditional sock without showing at all.

Sole Socks is available for pre-order on You can get your Sole Socks for only $8.

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Komorebi Umbrella

Komorebi Umbrella Komorebi_Shade
It could be cold and rainy, but you can still enjoy the sense of warm nature and keep yourself in your own world with this umbrella. Based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage”, the shade of the umbrella features a print of tree leaves that give you a refreshing feeling. It works even better if you’re using it to protect from sunlight as those shades from the prints start reflecting on you. $49

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Gammaxy Glow-in-the-dark Backpack

Gammaxy Glow-in-the-dark Backpack by Sprayground
The iconic galaxy print backpack with a twist. It glows in the dark, which brings that galaxy print to life! The backpack interior features enough compartment for all your daily use items; a padded compartment that fits laptop up to 15″, a padded compartment for a tablet and 2 mesh compartments for small accessories. The water-resistant exterior features more compartments and pockets, adjustable straps and a padded back for added support. $80

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Key-Valet Key Holder

For those times when you need to detach a key from your keychain for whichever reason, it starts to become a torturous task to get that key out of the keychain’s loop. Key-Valet makes this task a quick and easy one, so easy that removing a key becomes a simple one-hand operation.

Key-ValetKey Valet Keyring
The Key-Valet is available in four options:

  • A key carabiner which you can attach to your existing keychain and use to attach the keys you swap the most.
  •  A Key-Valet Ring: a ring with the key carabiners attached to it.
  • Key Valet Classic: A plate style keychain perfect for managing all your keys with the key carabiner already attached to it.
  • Key Valet Pro: An excellent choice for someone who does a lot of handy work. It combines a keychain, a ruler, a screw threads template and can hold up to 6 keys.

The Key-Valet is available for pre-order on starting at only $13.

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See the Key-Valet in action in the following video:

Yes Man Watches

Yes Man Watch Yes Man Watche Strap Yes Man Watches
There are many things that make Yes Man Watches different from other watches. Apart from its cool design, the Yes Man watch features a patent-pending leather strap that gives you the perfect fit every time. Unlike other watches that have holes on its strap, a Yes Man watch features notches that are inserted in the the leather, combined with an innovative buckle, it gives you twice as many size options as other watches. These notches are not only great for a comfortable fit, but they also NEVER damage the leather strap with regular use, which is a huge plus!

You can pre-order your Yes Man watch on for $99.

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Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones

Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones_
No need to leave your ears out in the cold when listening to music! Hi-Hat’s knit hats feature a built-in headphones that immerse you in music while keeping your head and ears warm. It plugs into any phone or music player, it also features a mic and a music selector for easy control of your phone or mp3 player. The headphones in the hat are completely removable should you need to wash the hat. $49.99

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Minimal Transparent Watch

Minimal Analog Watch Design
Simple, elegant and futuristic… this watch will be a favorite of anyone who appreciates a minimal design that works. $93

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