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The Mommy Hook

Shopaholics can finally get rid of the hassle in carrying multiple bags at once with this ergonomic Mommy Hook. Made from durable, heavy duty aluminium, it can fit any stroller or shopping cart handle without undergoing much of a trouble. The foam grip doesn’t slip or slide thus giving you the opportunity to carry your bags with ease.

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Blacksmith Tool Case by Wheelman & Co.

Handsewn in USA, Wheelman & Co’s latest Blacksmith Tool Case is a classic piece for a modern day bicyclist. It’s a hand-stitched, top grain handlebar tool bag that fits perfectly with your cycling lifestyle keeping all those commuting necessities in place. This could be anything from your phone to a water bottle to bike tools you may wish to carry when you’re travelling on your bike anytime.

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SevenFriday Industrial Essence Blue Watch

Travel into that world of blues surrounding you after wearing the SevenFriday Industrial Essence Blue Watch on your wrist. Through an interesting interface, this watch takes you to the mechanical world of time viewing with a stainless steel case having a black PVD treatment. The blue dial has been complemented with an alternative jet black opalin finish which is what makes the watch look more eye-catching and beautiful.

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Scented Belgian Waffle/Donut Coin Purse

Scented Belgian Waffle Coin PurseScented Donut Purse
Stash your coins in one these crispy waffle shaped purses, but resist every urge to actually bite them! The purses not only look delicious, but smell like freshly baked cakes. And if waffles are not your thing, they’re also available as donuts. Pick from three flavors: Original, Chocolate or Strawberry.

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Icon Watch by IDEA

Meet an analog watch that’s directly inspired from the digital world in the form of this Icon Watch by IDEA. The simplistic border lines together with the color that’s more like the one found on the digital screen, this watch is an absolute must-have for geeks and digital nerds who love to live with the digital side beside them.

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Rear Bike Fender by Wood’s Fenders

Advantage of bike fenders especially during adverse biking conditions is not unknown to riders and that’s exactly why you may find interest in this Rear Bike Fender by Wood’s Fenders. They are made from recycled teak wood with the mounting hardware being of stainless steel and brass in order to prevent rusting.

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Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company

Introducing Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company – A wristwatch that gives you a sophisticated design out of 80% biodegradable products. It’s got a flexible teak strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid bamboo body, both of which together makes this timepiece look extremely classic and earth friendly at the same time.

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Yes Man Sunnies

Yes Man Sunnies._ Yes Man Sunnies
Yes Man Sunnies are handcrafted hybrid of plastic and bamboo sunglasses made by people who organically grow their own bamboo and launched by people who personally know their supplier. Why should that matter to you? Because it makes a huge difference that you’ll finally know where your sunnies are coming from and how they’re made. The majority of sunglasses, including big brand and designer names, are made in China using the same material and same suppliers, but you end up paying a fortune just for a name. With Yes Man sunnies, you’ll be getting the same high quality but for a much affordable price. You can learn more about YesMan Sunnies and the story behind it buy visiting the Kickstarter page.

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