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Basic Leather Backpack by Simple Be

Give your every day carry a necessary bump in style with the Basic Leather Backpack by Simple Be. Each of these bags is handmade in Italy using the finest Peino Fiore vegetable tanned brown leather. Complete with the Simple Be signature branding, this bag can accommodate a laptop up to 15 inches along with your necessities and accessories.

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Pocket Dial iPhone Case By Jimmy Fallon

Carrying your iPhone in your pants is so 2014. You need something better and cooler. Like the Pocket Dial iPhone Case by Jimmy Fallon. It’s an iPhone case and pocket square in one which will make you carry that perfect party attire without keeping your iPhone too far away.

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Walli: The Smartest Wallet, Ever.

Walli Smartest Wallet
Not long ago, we brought you the news about Walli, a connected smart wallet that notifies you if you’ve left it behind. Since the campaign for Walli went live on IndieGogo, it has reached more than double its funding goal in a matter of days!

What Makes Walli The Smartest Wallet, Ever?

Walli Components

  • It connects to your smartphone via the Walli app to notify you if you’ve left it behind.
  • It also works the other way around, if you’ve lost your phone, double-tap your Walli and your phone will start to ring even if its on silent!
  • SecurePockets: this patent-pending technology monitors the pocket you use the most and knows if you’ve left your card behind. It will notify you if your credit card or ID is missing from the pocket for too long.
  • No charging required, the coin cell battery on Walli lasts for up to 6 months before you need to replace it.

See It In Action:

Walli is available in two sizes: a standard wallet or Walli Travel, a travel wallet that includes a slot for holding your passport, it’s a must-have for frequent travelers, you really never want to leave your passport behind! You can get your Walli now and save up to 45% OFF the retail price.

The Walli app will be available for iOS and Android devices for free.

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X-Ray Knee High Socks

X-Ray Knee High Socks
“Show off your literal inner-self with X-Ray socks, a pair of knee high socks that depict real foot and shin bones just like an X-Ray”

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Santa Claus Handmade Phone Case

Santa Claus Phone CaseReindeer iPhone 6_6S Case
Feeling festive? Let your phone reflect how you feel with this handmade Santa Claus case available for most smartphones. Other designs include Reindeer, Christmas tree, and a Snowman.

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Infinity Pillow by Huzi Design

Spoil yourself with never ending napping options with the Infinity Pillow from Huzi Design. Taking notes from the well-known Möbius strip, the Infinity Pillow gives you endless positions for snoozing. Made with bamboo fabric to enhance circulation and 3M Thinsulation to maintain temperature, you’ll find the perfect way to nap in just seconds. The Infinity Pillow is perfect for a quick kip on your desk, a pain-free slumber on a long haul flight, or a simple nap on your couch after a stressful week. This pillow can be contorted to shield your eyes from any light, fold over itself for added padding, or to any shape you desire.

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