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TrackR Bravo: Coin-sized Item Locator

TrackR bravo
Got something that you often lose? Try attaching TrackR to it and you’ll never lose it again! The coin-sized tracker locates your items via a smart app. Using distance locator and crowd GPS, it will show you where your lost item is on the map. And it works the other way around, too… if you’ve misplaced your phone, press a button on TrackR and it will make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

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“This Candy Is Really For My Parents” Trick or Treat Bag

Funny Trick or Treat Bag
It’s about time you came clean about this, your kid never eats all those treats on their own. This treat bag tells it like it is and adds a lot of humor to your trick and treat trip.

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Walli The Smart Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet
The idea of a smart wallet isn’t entirely new, there are a few ones out there that will connect to your phone to notify you when you’ve left it behind, but that’s all they do. Walli packs a lot of additional features that makes it truly smart:

  • Bluetooth enabled wallet that notifies you when you’ve left it behind.
  • Special ‘SecurePockets’ actually know what’s in your pocket and senses when you’ve left it out for too long. It will then notify you that something is missing from a pocket.
  • Find Phone feature allows you to find your phone by doubling tapping your Walli, if your phone is within ~100ft range, it will ring.
  • Walli doesn’t require charging. It runs on batteries that should last you around 6 months before replacing.

Using the iOS or Android application, you’ll be able to set up and customize all of Walli’s features.

Walli Smart Wallet 2 Walli Wallet 3
When it comes to looks, Walli is handcrafted from leather, available in a Black leather with blue stitching or Blue leather with teal stitching. On the inside, the wallet has 3 credit card slots, 3 business card slots, 1 passport slot, 1 cash slot and 1 boarding pass pocket. You can choose from two sizes: travel size and standard size, and shipping will be available worldwide.

You can learn more about Walli Smart Wallet by visiting:

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ChattyFeet Socks Artists Gift Set

ChattyFeet Artist Gift Set ChattyFeet Frida ChattyFeet Vincent Van Toe
We’re big fans of ChattyFeet Socks here at HolyCool. Their new set of socks is something a art lover will truly appreciate, featuring illustrations of Frida Callus, Vincent Van Toe, Andy Sock-Hole and Feetasso! And if you haven’t already, also check out the ChattyFeet BADASS sock collection for film lovers.

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Aquabot Multi Functional Water Bottle

Aquabot Multi Functional Water Bottle Aquabot Multi Functional Water Bottle_
Aquabot is much more than just a water bottle. It’s a high-pressure bottle with multiple spray patterns: shower, stream and mist. Use the bottle to drink, cool down in the heat by misting, or even give your pet a drink of water with the streamer. You can control the pressure of the water by switching between Pulse and Stealth modes and you can control the flow using an trigger.

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Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Minecraft Creeper Backpack
This officially licensed backpack will get your Minecraft addicted kid excited about school, no doubt about it. The generously sized backpack features 3 compartments, 5-pocket organizer and pen holder, padding and double zippers on all compartments.

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