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8-Bit Get a Life Tee

8-Bit Get a Life Tee
The good old days of 8-bit gaming, when that heart is missing, you know you had to “get a life”!

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Hyperadapt 1.0 Self-Tying Sneakers by Nike

Like all their product releases, the Hyperadapt 1.0 Self-Tying Sneakers by Nike also accelerates towards a brighter future. These sneakers are a product for movement, designed specifically for athletes who are willing to make their life easy-going and hassle free. Just like Nike says in their press release, “ It challenges traditional understanding of fit, proposing an ultimate solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and tension preference.” As soon as you step into these sneakers, the heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten. There are two buttons on the side to tighten or loosen it so that you are able to set up your perfect fit by yourself. The ability to make swift-micro adjustments is what makes these sneakers a must have for athletes or any sports professional. Let’s wear the future now!

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Funny Gym T-Shirts For Workout Motivation

Are you finding it hard to stick to your workout routine? Perhaps you need a little motivation. These funny t-shirts feature famous characters with a twist, they will either give you the motivation to workout or have you go to the gym just to show off your tee, so it works either way!

These designs are available on T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, prints or smartphone cases. See the full collection here.

Elsa’s Let it Grow T-Shirt [Buy it here]

Funny Gym Elsa Let It Grow Fitness

Bending Bars Workout Tee [Buy it here]

Bending Bars Walter White Gym Motivation

Today is Leg Day Pinkie Pie Edition [Buy it here]


Today is Leg Day Ariel Edition [Buy it here]

Today Is Leg Day Mermaid Run Gym

AiraWear – World’s First Smart Comfort Jacket

With AiraWear, you’ll be able to combine the beauty of massage devices, pressure jackets and posture correction braces into a superlight and stylish solution. This jacket entertains point pressure massage, healthy posture reinforcement, body compression and biodata feedback. The point pressure massage is specifically for muscles that are impacted by long hours of sitting. It promotes muscle healing and relaxes body by removing tight knots.

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Ministry of Supply 3D Suit

MoS 3D Suit
Ministry of Supply’s 3D Suit is as high-tech and impressive as everything MoS has ever made. Made from soft, foam-like material that feels like it’s hovering around your body. This suit will give you a new level of comfort that no other suit can offer.

The jacket and pants of this suit were 3-dimensionally shaped around the human body contours, and not suited around a mannequin like every other piece of clothing out there. The result is a suit that allows you to move naturally without any restriction.

MoS 3D Suit
The fabric the 3D Suit is made of is lightweight yet offers enough insulation to keep you warm in cold weather. Polyester fibers work on wicking sweat away from your body, keeping your body cool and comfortable. The best part (if all the above didn’t excite you enough!) is that the suit is machine washable, throw it in the wash and never worry about dry cleaners trips again.

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Ministry of Supply Heat Regulated Baselayer T-Shirt and Crew Neck Sweater

It’s the season when layers are almost mandatory. The problem with layering is, as you move throughout the day, it can get too hot or too cold, forcing you to continuously put a sweater on or take it off. This problem is long gone with Ministry of Supply‘s heat regulated baselayer t-shirt and sweater.

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck T-shirt:

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck
A baselayer t-shirt is a must-have for all seasons. And we can guarantee you’ve never owned a t-shirt as good as Ministry of Supply’s Atmos. Made of a combination of cotton and moisture-wicking polyamide, with 4-way stretch that will stretch with you as you move, you will never feel restricted in this fitted t-shirt.

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck_
The soft Atmos t-shirt not only wicks moisture, but it regulates your temperature and absorbs odors, giving you a fresh feel for the entire day. The new Atmos design has been updated to be more breathable, with seamless ventilation pattern that runs up the back and over the shoulders and collarbone. Atmos is available in white or black.

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Mercury SVK Crew Neck Sweater:

Mercury SVK Crew Neck
Just like the Atmos T-shirt, as well as everything designed by Ministry of Supply, the Mercury Crew Neck has been designed with your movement in mind. The sweater has seamless ventilation that allows airflow where your body heats up the most, giving you a cool feel in any temperature. It is made of Merino wool blended with Phase Change Material that maintains your temperature in any climate. The sweater is also interwoven with S.Cafe, a material made of recycled coffee grounds that absorbs odor. The Mercury sweater is available in Black or Charcoal.

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