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Ministry of Supply Gemini Shirt
We’ve talked about Ministry of Supply’s high-tech apparel many time before, they’re simply fantastic. The Gemini Shirt is the newest addition to MoS, it features all great things that their existing shirts have; heat-regulating, wrinkle-free fabric that looks good all day long. In addition to that, it’s their first shirt that is a cotton/Phase Change Material blend, which gives you all the benefits of temperature-regulating PCM with the soft feel of cotton. The Gemini shirt is available as a Dress shirt or a more casual Button Down Collar shirt. Buy Now

Pocket Pandas Tee
Looks like there are a few tiny Pandas trying to climb up your pocket! This cool design is available on t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and tank tops.

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Hiding in The Dark Tee
Find him before he finds you! Also available as a tank top, hoodie and sweatshirt.


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The menswear items in this post are cool in so many ways: how they’re created, how they look and how they’re literally cool, as in, they work on keeping your body temperature cool and comfortable in every climate.

The concept behind Ministry of Supply makes it so appealing to every high-tech man. Their line of clothes combine science and technology to bring performance tech into classic clothing items that give you comfort and style all day long. They use scientific research, aerospace engineering and robotic engineered knitting to create their clothing items. Using patent-pending fabrics and designs, they turned everyone’s favorite classic apparel into the ultimate comfort wear, without compromising style along the way.

Here are some of the amazing technology behind Ministry of Supply’s clothes:

  • Phase Change Materials for Heat Regulation:

Your body’s temperature changes through-out the day. MoS uses Phase Change Materials, the type of material used in NASA spacesuits for temperature regulation, to create their clothes. Your MoS apparel will cool you down when it’s hot and heat up when it’s cold. You’ll be enjoying perfect temperature no matter what.

  • Stretch Fabrics:

If you’ve ever worn a shirt that is too stiff for you to move in comfortably, you’ll appreciate MoS’ 2-way and 4-way stretch fabrics which add movement to the clothes. MoS clothes stretch just enough for you to move without any restriction, they also remain tucked even with hard movements.

  • Javafresh – Odor Fighting Technology:

Javafresh is a type of fabric that incorporates recycled coffee grounds, which work on absorbing odor molecules. Thanks to Javafresh, you’ll feel fresh for a longer time and enjoy your day without worrying about any odor issues.

  • Ventilation:

By using Thermal Imaging, MoS identified the body’s hot spots to see where ventilation is most needed to give you a refreshing feel as you about your day. Depending on the item, laser-cut ventilation is applied in a way that allows air in, but remains unnoticeable in the garment.

Must-Have Ministry of Supply Apparel for Men:

Apollo Dress Shirt:

Apollo Dress Shirt
This is where it all started… the Apollo dress shirt is the first thing that Ministry of Supply has created and what inspired many great pieces after it. The clean-cut, tailored design of the Apollo makes it perfect for everyday use at work or school, or for special occasions. It features:

  • Heat regulation with NASA PCMs (Phase Change Materials)
  • 4-way stretch fabric that is also wrinkle-free.
  • Moisture wicking fabric that spreads moisture over, making sweat marks less noticeable and quick to dry.
  • Everfuse collar and cuffs stay sharp without the need to iron them.
  • Available in 5 colors and 2 fits: standard or slim.

Also check out the Archive Dress Shirt, which offers all the above plus ventilation and a brushed finish.

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Aviator Jacket:

Aviator Jacket Aviator Jacket
Imagine your most-trusted, favorite blazer that you simply enjoy wearing. Now add the Ministry of Supply twist to it and you’ll get a water resistant, moisture-wicking, stretch blazer that moves with you:

  • 4-way stretch fabric, wrinkle-free.
  • Water repellant finish.
  • Moisture wicking fabric.
  • Lining infused with coffee recycled Javafresh material.

Available in 2 colors.

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Aviator Chinos:

Aviator Chinos
Whatever you choose to do in the day, the Aviator Chinos will help you do it in comfort and style. Running around doing errands? Sitting in an office for too long? These Chinos:

  • Stretch to adapt to your movement.
  • Keep you cool with their ventilation mesh pockets.
  • Remain wrinkle-free.
  • Urethane seam tape on the inner waistband keep your shirt tucked.

Available in 6 colors and 2 fits: slim or standard. Also available as slacks.

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Mercury Crew Neck Sweater:

Mercury Sweater
Made from Ultrafine Merino wool with Phase change materials, the Mercury sweater does not only keep you warm, it also prevents overheating. So no matter what temperature you’re in, you’ll always be comfortable.

Available in 3 colors, in your choice of crew neck or v-neck.
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Atmos LT T-Shirt:

Atmos T Shirt
Whether you choose to wear it as an undershirt or on its own, the Atmos t-shirt guarantees the perfect, most comfortable fit. Robotic knitting was used to seamlessly incorporate vented knits into the t-shirt, giving you airflow where you need it to stay cool.

Available in 2 colors, in crew neck or v-neck style.

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Atlas Dress Socks:

Atals Socks
The style and comfort of MoS extends to your feet with their Atlas dress socks, which offer you the same qualities all their clothing items do. Just like the rest of your body, your foot bends and heats up, that’s why the Atlas socks feature targeted ventilation, stretch fabric and odor-absorbing fibers that take care of any potential embarrassment caused by sweaty feet. When making the Atlas socks, Pressure Mapping has been used to identify where pressure is applied and where extra support is needed when you move. As a result, a compression band has been added to give you arch support.

Available in 5 colors. Also available as “No Show” loafer socks.

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Princess Leia Ladies' Fleece Robe
“The perfect companion to our Jedi Robe, this Princess Leia Ladies’ Fleece Robe will keep you warm and dry. It’s perfect to snuggle up in after you’ve been out shoveling a path to your closest Starbucks on Hoth.

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Breaking Gru Tee
Walter Minion and Jesse Pinknion in Breaking Gru. Design available as a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie and sweatshirt for men and women. Also available as a smartphone case. Buy Now

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Sushi Socks
Hand rolled and even more chewy, these Sushi Socks look just like the real thing. Available as Shrimp, Octopus, Salmon, Red Caviar, Tuna and Mazasushi. Buy Now

Doughnut Stack Sweatshirt
Doughnut lovers, rejoice! Here’s your must-have sweater for this season and every season! This unisex crewneck sweater features a photo-realistic design of a perfect stack of doughnuts printed all-over the sweater. It looks perfectly delicious from the front and back. Buy Now

As the temperature is cooling down, it’s the time of year we like to hide under our hoodies. Today we have 5 cool designs for you to sport this fall. All designs are available as pullover or zip hoodies as well as sweatshirt. You can also have them printed on t-shirts, smartphone covers or art prints.

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Space Pug Sweatshirt
Space Pug Hoodie – Buy it here.

Super Toast!
Super Toast! Pullover Hoodie – Buy it here.

1UP Sweater
1UP Sweatshirt – Buy it here.

That Yellow Bert Hoodie
That Yellow Bert Hoodie – Buy it here.

Stuck in the 80s Hoodie
Stuck in The 80s Pullover Hoodie – Buy it here.

Human Nutrition Facts Tee
Have you ever wondered how a cannibal might look at you? Well, wonder no more! With this t-shirt you can show everyone around you what you are made up of and how healthy it would be to feast on your meat. The facts are based on a couple kinds of bear meat (similar in make up as humans’) and calculated on an average 165lb male.Buy Now

Post-Punk Comics_iPhone Case Post-Punk Comics_Big Blue Post-Punk Comics | Shadowplay
A mash-up between your favorite comic book characters and punk rockers in this fun art series from Brazilian designer Butcher Billy. Available as t-shirts, tank tops, smartphone cases and art prints.

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Astronaut Cat Tee
Astronaut Cat Tee. Also available as a tank top, sweater, smartphone case and art print. Buy Now

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MoS Menswear
The hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift has begun. Finding a gift that your dad will truly love and actually use can be a tricky one, but we’ve got a suggestion for you that might just be the thing you (or he!) have been looking for…

This is a gift that offers comfort, style and can potentially spare a lot of embarrassment (think: sweat stains, wrinkled clothes and looking like a total mess), especially for the active Dad. What is this gift you ask? Ministry of Supply Menswear.

We’ve already talked about Ministry of Supply in a previous post, but for those who missed it, here’s what you need to know:

Ministry of Supply is a high-tech brand that creates the ultimate Menswear, from dress shirts and chino pants to t-shirts and socks. But what have these fashion items got to do with being “High-tech”? When it comes with Ministry of Supply: everything…

MoS Layer Aeon Midlayer
Instead of relying on fashion designers and tailors, Ministry of Supply uses scientific research, aerospace engineering and robotic engineered knitting to create clothing items that are unlike any other. What sets it apart from other brands is the patent-pending fabric and designs that regulate and control body heat, eliminate body odor and remain wrinkle-free. How does all that come together? Read on…

MoS Archive Dress Shirt
Ministry of Supply makes use of the same technology NASA uses for space suits to create a fabric that regulates and controls body heat, keeping the body cool throughout the day. Thanks to anti-microbial coating as well as silver threads, it also works on keeping moisture away and the body dry, which eliminates body odor. And to add to all that magic, it also happens to be machine washable and wrinkle-free, so a crisp and clean look is guaranteed all day long.

MoS Atlas Dress Socks
Ministry of Supply carries dress shirts, chino pants, socks, t-shirts, and sweaters. These make the perfect gift for the hard-at-work Father, the techie Dad who will be very impressed with how these clothing items are created and the Fashionable Dad who wants to enjoy a stylish and crisp look for long hours.

Ministry of Supply has recently added new colors and patterns to their line which gives you more options to choose from.

Check out their product line and learn more information on their website: or visit their shop by clicking here.