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Customized LEGO Print Superhero LEGO Custom Print
An original and totally awesome gift idea, these LEGO bricks can be customized to look like you (kinda!). Upload your photo, select a costume, prop and a background and the creative guys at Two Three Bricks will build a LEGO that resembles your photo as closely as possible. Buy it here

Change your art with the seasons or even just according to your mood with the Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects. Complete with a bold black or white frame and an internet connection, you’re able to upload and change the image and display using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Electronic Objects app has loads of original art of the brand’s own for inspiration or you can create and share your own pieces.

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Happy Home Designs - DIY Foldable Canvas Frame
Destress and enjoy some therapeutic coloring time with this set of 4 artwork that you can then turn into a canvas to hang or display. The artwork combines tropical flowers and exotic plants with inspirational sentences like: Home Sweet Home, Keep Life Simple, Love Begins at Home and Life is Good. Buy it here

Mario Brothers Canvas Art
Here’s some fine art that speaks to the true Nintendo geek. This cool Super Mario artwork is stretched on 16″ square canvas that will look beautiful hanging on your wall. Choose from Bowser, Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, or Yoshi. Buy it here

Moby Dick Poster
One of the most famous pieces of American literature, this special printed poster brings to life Moby Dick with words. Black printed text is shaped on a 24×30″ satin white background to create the most famous part of the book, where Moby Dick attacks Ahab’s boat. Extremely clever yet so simple, this print is an actual poster you can read from up-close yet can appreciate from afar.
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Japanese Anime Mural
Are you a total Anime buff? In that case, what you will love using is this Japanese Anime Mural. It’s designed to bring that Anime feel to kid’s bedrooms and is a pretty lively mural too. The mural comes in 4 easy-to-hang pieces with instructions so that you get the job done with precision.

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Keep yourself motivated through all ups and downs by having one of these Passion Never Fails Poster from Startup Vitamins. It’s an 18*24” museum quality poster which is matte finished with perfection and durable enough to last for a long time. You can either choose to use it with or without a frame depending on what suits your decor the most.

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If you’re an art lover who keeps searching for great work, this It’s in the Water Canvas by Bianca Green will surely please you. It’s a fine art stretched canvas which includes 450 gsm matte white finish and 100% cotton.

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Geek-Art- An Anthology- Art, Design, Illustration & Pop Culture
Geek-Art collects the work of nearly 100 international illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and artists whose inspired interpretations of these beloved characters celebrate them with creative brilliance and a true fan’s passion. Featuring more than 750 images, this lavish illustrated anthology showcases the inspired energy that drives pop culture and makes geeky fans of us all.

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Life Calendar- Healthy Lifestyle Life Calendar Healthy Lifestyle
Here’s an interesting and certainly doable way of keeping track of your healthy lifestyle. This calendar by Wap-Oh! is a simple way to track your daily health activities in a visual way:

Each day is represented by a clear apple that is meant to be completed according to the activity of the day. The apple is divided into 4 parts: water, diet, sleep and sport. You can also add small notes that you want to highlight.

The calendar includes 365 apples, one per day, numbered and ordered by month. Buy Now