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Life Calendar- Healthy Lifestyle Life Calendar Healthy Lifestyle
Here’s an interesting and certainly doable way of keeping track of your healthy lifestyle. This calendar by Wap-Oh! is a simple way to track your daily health activities in a visual way:

Each day is represented by a clear apple that is meant to be completed according to the activity of the day. The apple is divided into 4 parts: water, diet, sleep and sport. You can also add small notes that you want to highlight.

The calendar includes 365 apples, one per day, numbered and ordered by month. Buy Now

Post-Punk Comics_iPhone Case Post-Punk Comics_Big Blue Post-Punk Comics | Shadowplay
A mash-up between your favorite comic book characters and punk rockers in this fun art series from Brazilian designer Butcher Billy. Available as t-shirts, tank tops, smartphone cases and art prints.

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The Rolling Stones Paint it Black Print is a poster from Title Cover based on the Rolling Stones’ famous “Paint it Black” song. Black in this case, in both the song and the poster, is a symbol for the darkness in your soul.

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MapMyState PrintsMapMyState TShirtMapMyState Mugs
Whichever part of the world you call home, we know you take pride in it. Celebrate your patriotism with a custom typography art shaped like the map of your state, city or country. MapMyState specializes in typographic map art that is available as prints, mugs, t-shirts and baby onesies. Most maps are already available and you can pick the color of your choosing, but if you prefer a custom order and want to personalize your artwork, you can do so at no additional charge for most minor changes. Visit to see the entire art collection! Buy it here

Personalised Playlist Cassette Print
Here’s a new way to give someone a mixed tape. Whichever playlist you cherish the most, you can have it on this personalized playlist print. It can include up to 16 track names that will be printed on each cassette on the print. $64 Buy it here

ReStyle Prints Giveaway
Got your eyes on one of the cool retro prints for geeks we recently featured? Well, here’s your chance to get one for FREE! Our friend Jan Skácelík, the artist behind those cool retro prints and many others that you can see at his Etsy shop, is giving our readers a chance to win art prints of their choice!

The  Prize:

We’re giving away TWO prints to TWO lucky winners. You’ll get to choose from any print, size A3 and smaller, at ReStyle print shop. Anyone worldwide is welcome to join this giveaway.


How To Enter:

Enter your info using the Punchtab form you see below. Winners are chosen randomly. You’ll get a chance to earn extra entries that will increase your chances of winning by following some tasks you’ll see in the form.

Every animal lover has that one cute or funny photo of an animal and at least one photo of their pet around them. The selection of prints we have for you today take your love for animals to a new level. They’re artful and full of humor that they’ll make a beautiful part of your decor and keep a wide smile on your face every time you look at them! Any of these prints would make a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates art, animals and humor. And a smile on their face is definitely guaranteed!

Mice To See You! Screen Print:
Mice To See You Print

Buy it here

Rejected Print:

Rejected Print
Buy it here

‘Easy Tiger’ Screen Print:

Easy Tiger Print
Buy it here

Grumpy Geek Cat Print:

Grump Cat Print
Buy it here

Dachshund Dog With Top Hat Print:

Dog with Top Hat
Buy it here

Phileas Feline Cat with Top Hat:

Phileas Feline Steampunk Cat
Buy it here

Party Sheep Print:

Party Sheep
Buy it here

Cat in the Top Hat:

Grey Cat in The Hat
Buy it here

Woodland Walk Print:

Woodland Walk Art Print
Buy it here

Pandamonium Print:

Pandamonium Print
Buy it here

Bob II Print:

Bob II Polar Bear Print
Buy it here

Chihuahua Limited Edition Print:

Chihuahua Print
Buy it here

Baa Baa Beach Sheep Print:

baa baa Sheep Wall Print
Buy it here

Rabbit Limited Edition Print:

Rabbit Print
Buy it here

Scottie Limited Edition:

Scottie Print
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The Lost Lanes

The Lost Lanes is a marketplace for independent designers that launched earlier this year by Michael and Raquel. A husband and wife team living in East London they share a love for the creative scene, with a passion for discovering new markets, hidden away boutiques and searching for all that is unique and inspiring to bring to their customer base.

They are proud of their designers and have ensured that nothing is mass produced in order to keep their ethos intact, most items are made only to order ensuring that their marketplace is of quality with a unique style and every item has been designed with passion.

Whether you’re a film geek, video game geek, music or photography geek, you’ll love having one of these geeky prints on your wall which combine your hobby with retro-modern art. Illustrated by Jan Skacelik, whose art is all about retro-modern inspirational art and Scandinavian inspired designs. You can see his entire artwork in his Etsy store here, but here’s our 7 favorite prints for geeks:

Keep It Reel Print:

Keep It Reel Print
Buy it here

Star Wars Empire Strikes Print:

Star Wars Empire strikes Back Print
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Keep Control Print:

Keep Control Print
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Heart Nintendo Game Boy Print:

Heart GameBoy Print
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Polaroids Retro Print:

Retro Polaroid Print
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Make Magic Happen Polaroid Print:

Make Magic Happen Print
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Analog Synthesizer Retro Print:

Analog Synthesizer Retro PrintBuy it here

If you’ve always found the art world to be something totally unrelated to you, this will not be the case with the artwork featured in Crazy 4 Cult 2. Published by Titan Books, who provided me with this copy for a review, Crazy 4 Cult 2 is a collection of cult film themed artwork from LA’s famous art gallery Gallery 1988. The book starts with an intro by Seth Rogen, after that, get ready to get lost in a world of beautiful artwork inspired by films like The Shining, Ghost Busters, Shaun of the Dead, The Big Lebowski, Edward Scissorhands, and many many more across 170 pages of the book…

Crazy 4 Cult 2
Crazy 4 Cult 2
Crazy 4 Cult 2
It is important to note that this book is NOT about movie posters, but rather, original artwork that reflects an iconic character or a scene from a movie. That’s what makes it such an enjoyable book to browse, seeing some of your favorite cult films interpreted in a new way. And since probably many of us cannot afford to collect this huge collection of original artwork, it’s great to have these prints compiled in a single book.

Crazy 4 Cult 2
Crazy 4 Cult 2 makes a wonderful coffee table book that is a MUST-HAVE for any film geek. It is thoroughly entertaining, the artwork is beautiful and will not disappoint. The book is available in two volumes. Buy it here

Superhero Underwear Print
This minimalist print was delicately created, subtracting minor elements, leaving only the raw shape and form needed to depict it’s character. Written below is a legend naming each character.” $19.99 Buy it here

These impressively detailed carved crayons by Etsy seller Hoang Tran will make your inner geek happy. Available in Star Wars characters, Game of Thrones, some Studio Ghibli characters and if all of these are no good for you, you can ask for a custom order. The crayons are sold for $30 to $40 a pop, which sounds like a lot for a crayon, but definitely a reasonable price for the amount of work put into it. Buy it here

Photo source: Wax Nostalgic Tumblr