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Life Calendar: Healthy Lifestyle

Life Calendar- Healthy Lifestyle Life Calendar Healthy Lifestyle
Here’s an interesting and certainly doable way of keeping track of your healthy lifestyle. This calendar by Wap-Oh! is a simple way to track your daily health activities in a visual way:

Each day is represented by a clear apple that is meant to be completed according to the activity of the day. The apple is divided into 4 parts: water, diet, sleep and sport. You can also add small notes that you want to highlight.

The calendar includes 365 apples, one per day, numbered and ordered by month.

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“Superman Shopping” Art Print

Superman Shopping Print
A print of Superman caught shopping and apparently he’s jealous of Popeye’s spinach acquired powers.

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Believe In Your #Selfie Typography Print

Believe In Your Selfie
Always have to believe in your selfie!

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Post-Punk Comics Art

Post-Punk Comics_iPhone Case Post-Punk Comics_Big Blue Post-Punk Comics | Shadowplay
A mash-up between your favorite comic book characters and punk rockers in this fun art series from Brazilian designer Butcher Billy. Available as t-shirts, tank tops, smartphone cases and art prints.

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Library Letter: Hand-carved Vintage Book Letters

Library Letter Library Letter1
Vintage books turned into beautiful display art, these hand carved letters make a wonderful addition to a bookshelf. All letters are made from vintage cloth-bound books, and due to the handmade nature of these letters, no two letters are alike.

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The Rolling Stones Paint it Black Print

The Rolling Stones Paint it Black Print is a poster from Title Cover based on the Rolling Stones’ famous “Paint it Black” song. Black in this case, in both the song and the poster, is a symbol for the darkness in your soul.

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