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Superhero Underwear Print

Superhero Underwear Print
This minimalist print was delicately created, subtracting minor elements, leaving only the raw shape and form needed to depict it’s character. Written below is a legend naming each character.” $19.99

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Geeky Carved Crayons by Hoang Tran

These impressively detailed carved crayons by Etsy seller Hoang Tran will make your inner geek happy. Available in Star Wars characters, Game of Thrones, some Studio Ghibli characters and if all of these are no good for you, you can ask for a custom order. The crayons are sold for $30 to $40 a pop, which sounds like a lot for a crayon, but definitely a reasonable price for the amount of work put into it.

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Photo source: Wax Nostalgic Tumblr

New Girl Jess Day Quote Print

New Girl Jesse Day Quote Print
”Come on bangs, you sons of bitches” – Jess Day, and pretty much every girl with bangs. $14.80

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The Life Hack Poster

Life Hack PosterLife Hack PosterLife Hack PosterLife Hack Poster
Life hacks, those little tips and tricks that make life a little easier, are awesome but sometimes easy to forget. This poster includes over 75 detailed life hacks and guides that you can refer to whenever you need to. You’ll also find handy conversion scales of measurement, temperature, weight as well as keyboard shortcuts, morse code and a full size ruler. The post is 24″x 36″ in size, so it’s large enough to fit all those guides without sacrificing any details. You can pre-order your Life Hack Poster on Kickstarter for $30

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“Good One” Minimalist Illustration Print

Good One Art Print
A minimalist illustration with an Abraham Lincoln quote “Whatever you are, be a good one”. $19.99

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Seinfeld Quote Prints by Signfeld

Serenity Now Print by Signfeld Jerk Store by Signfeld
Signfeld (which we hope you realize by now is a play on the name Seinfeld) create these vintage style typographic posters to immortalize the wisdom and humor Seinfeld brought us. Each poster with a quote also has the name of the character, the episode number and its name. $31.49

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Handvas Poster Holder

Handvas Poster HolderHandvas Poster Holder2
A 3D printed set of hands that hold up any poster on your wall, Handvas is inspired by the way designers display their artwork. $180

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“Silence is Golden” Art Print

Silence is Golden Print
If silence is golden, then duct tape is silver. Just saying! $15+

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