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Starry Night Lavender Soap Jewels

Starry Night Lavender Soap Jewels
Impress your guests or surprise a friend with these sparkly soap jewels. They smell of fresh Lavender and are perfectly colored like a night sky. And with a dash of glitter in them, it gives it that Starry Night look. $7. Made with Natural & Organic Glycerin Soap Base, they are vegan, free of detergents, SLS, Triclosan, animal products and any animal testing. $7.50

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Peeking Birds Shower Curtain Hooks

Peeking Birds Shower Curtain Hooks
Cute shower hooks turn your plain shower curtain rod into a place where little birds hang out. The set includes 6 hooks with peeking birds and 6 regular hooks. $25

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10 Really Cool Bathroom Accessories

Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet:
Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet
Turn your water faucet into a fun LED Lit water show! The lights turn from blue to red depending on the temperature of the water. $75 – Buy it here

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker:
Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker
This waterproof speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. Simply connect your music player to it and enjoy a long shower to your favorite tune. $40 – Buy it here

Star Wars Lightsaber Light-Up Toothbrush:
Star Wars Lightsaber Light-Up Toothbrush by GUM
Everything is much more fun when it lights up, this toothbrush is no exception! Not only does it light up, it is designed to look like a lightsaber! The LED Lights illuminate and flash for 60 seconds to let you know you’ve brushed your teeth for the recommended time. $8 – Buy it here

Zapi Pop Hi-Ya Toothbrush Sanitizer:
Zapi Pop Hi-Ya Toothbrush Sanitizer
Did you know your uncovered toothbrush is loaded with germs and bacteria that causes many diseases? Especially if your toothbrush is not far away from your toilet [more on the subject here]. This battery-operated Ninja uses germicidal ultraviolet light to annihilate the germs on your toothbrush. Perfect for use with regular toothbrushes or electric brush heads. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. $45 – Buy it here

No Diving Rubber Bath Mat:
No Diving Rubber Bath Mat
Just a quick reminder to let you know you’re not supposed to dive in the bathtub. Silly? Yes, it is. Funny? Even more so! $13 – Buy it here

Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder:
Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder
Need some help carrying that toiler paper? “Strong Man” is here to help. $32 – Buy it here

Squirrel Tissue Holder:
Squirrel Tissue Holder
Need more of an adorable helper with that toilet paper? This little squirrel will be happy to take that role! $26 – Buy it here

Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper:
Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper
Don’t have enough space to keep those shampoo bottles? These magnetic holders are an excellent solution that require to shelf space. Adjust the included silicone strap around the shampoo bottles and snap it on/off the wall mounted magnets. Set of 2 $45 – Buy it here

Soapmarine Dispenser:
Soapmarine Dispenser by Ototo
“Soapmarine Dispenser by Ototo is practical soap pump that will make you smile every time you wash.” $19 – Buy it here

Bubbles Soap Dish:
Bubbles Soap Dish
These bubbles will always set around your soap bar and never burst.$13 – Buy it here

Submarino Bathroom Set

Submarino Bathroom Set
We all love the Yellow Submarine. And you’ll definitely love this particular one to be in your bathroom. The Submarino is fit to hold all your bathroom essentials; made of three containers and a soap dispenser, which all stick together with magnetic connectors. The Submarino is also available in red and blue. $70

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Polaroll Polariod Toilet Paper Holder

Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder
The retro-inspired and geeky Polaroid shaped toilet paper holder is a must-have in every photographer’s bathroom! The tissue rolls out from the photo slot so you get your TP just like you would with an instant photo.

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Off The Hook Shower Head

Off the Hook Shower Head Off the Hook Shower Head1
Nothing wrong with adding some fun to shower time. Works like your standard shower head with universal fitting so no one misses out on the fun, this phone shaped shower head is simply off the hook!

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Felted Soap Bars

Felted Soap Bars
These are definitely no ordinary soap bars. Hand-made and coated with wool, these bars will last you twice as long and naturally exfoliate your skin. Plus, they just look pretty cool! Available in 6 different scents. $18

Shark Felt Laundry Basket

Shark Felt Laundry BasketShark Felt Laundry Basket
When your laundry is all piled up, you’d wish a shark would just come and swallow it all. With this felt laundry basket, you can feed the shark, one dirty cloth at a time. It sure looks cool, but it will set you a whooping $200. For that price, you’ll probably prefer to throw your laundry on the floor… or maybe any laundry basket should do. $200

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