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Playbulb Garden Solar LED Lights

Playbulb Garden Playbulb Garden App
Add color and beautiful ambiance to your garden using Playbulb smart, solar-powered LED lights. During the day, these bulbs absorb enough light to power the lights for up to 20 hours.

  • They can be placed anywhere in your garden or around your pool (they’re water resistant).
  • They can also be pushed into the grass using the accompanying mono.
  • Automatic sensor lights them up only when it’s dark and turns off when it’s bright.
  • Lighting colors and effects can be set up using the free app, available for iOS and Android.
  • Choose from 5 lighting effects: flashing, fading, pulsing, rainbow or candle light.
  • Light brightness can also be controlled using the app.

Since Playbulb Garden are small and wire-free, you can take them anywhere you want whether you’re camping or partying at a friend’s house.

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WatchStand Charging Dock For Apple Watch and iPhone

WatchStand Charging DockWatchStand Charging Dock_Inside
Dock and charge your Apple Watch effortlessly and without any cable mess, thanks to this genius stand by Griffin. The angled cradle holds your watch safely as it charges, any excess cable is hidden within the stand away from your sight, and with lipped tray at the bottom, you can keep your iPhone (or any phone) docked with the watch. The bottom of the stand is secured with non-slip surface, and its got enough weight to it to keep it sturdy in place.

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Crazy Balloons – Fills and Ties 100s of Water Balloons in Seconds

Crazy Balloons
Enjoy a fun water balloon battle? Then you’ll absolutely love these balloons. Crazy Balloons come with a special attachment that connects to any hose. Turn on the tap and watch a bunch of self-sealing balloons fill and tie up in a matter of seconds! Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a 100 of water balloons ready for battle time. Package includes 100 balloons, bonus balloons and a booklet for some water balloon game ideas.

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Cartoon Sleeping Eye Mask

Cartoon Sleeping Eye Mask
Sleeping eye masks featuring funny Cartoon eyes will reflect your silly sense of humor even when you’re sleeping! For less than $7, you’ll get a set of 4 eye masks to share with your friends!

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine Heat Sensitive Mug

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Mug
Add hot liquid to this Yellow Submarine shaped mug and watch members of The Beatles appear on the portholes!

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Fred and Friends “DRIVE THRU” Crayons and Placemat Set

Drive Thru Placemat Set
Keep your kids entertained as they have their meal with these fun color-in placemats. Illustrations on the placemat feature four different “road trips”, and the set includes 48 placemat sheets and 4 car shaped crayons.

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