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Sphero SPRK Edition: App-Enabled Ball

Sphero SPRK Edition- App-Enabled Ball
Sphero SPRK Edition is the same Sphero robot we’ve all come to love but with the ability to inspire you to learn and create. You can use its app to create code using visual block-based programming , the codes you create will be used to control your Sphero robot. You can create commands like flip, roll, spin or change color and learn the basics of programming along the way! Sphero SPRK is a great toy and learning tool suitable for all ages.

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littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit_ littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit0_
Let your kids discover their ability to create and  invent with the littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. It includes 15 Electronic building blocks, detailed instructions for 12 projects and all the accessories and tools needed to unleash their inner inventor. Examples of projects that can be created with this kit: BubbleBot Automatic Bubble Blower, BitBot Remote Control Car, BumperBall Game.

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How To Speak Emoji

How to Speak Emoji How to Speak Emoji
If you’re an Emoji addict, you’ll definitely appreciate the creative Emoji combinations this guide book has to offer. Divided in sections Idioms, Workplace, TV and Film and many more… you’ll get lots of ideas for speaking only in Emoji!

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Cool Gift Ideas For The Party Host

Whether you’re the party host or visiting a party and need a gift for the occasion, these gifts items are perfect to have in any gathering!
Viski Stainless Steel Penguin Shaped Cocktail Shaker:
Viski Stainless Steel Penguin Shaped 17 oz Cocktail Shaker with Cap and Strainer
Fun penguin shaped 17 oz cocktail shaker that includes a cap, strainer and a lid. The design adds a fun twist to an essential bar tool. [Buy it here]

Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain:
Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain
Everyone loves a chocolate fountain at a party! This Wilton chocolate fountain will be a hit at any party, it holds up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate and flows from all three tiers. [Buy it here]

Fruit Infuser Pitcher:
Fruit Infusion Pitcher
Use the hollow infusing rod in the middle of this pitcher to infuse your water with any fruit to add a natural flavor. The rod screws to the lid to stay securely in place. [Buy it here]

HOST Chill Wine Cooling Pour Spout:
HOST Chill Wine Cooling Pour Spout
This brilliant pour spout features cool gel that freezes then, once inserted, chills your drink for a few hours. All you have to do is freeze it at least 2 hours before use. The lid is air-tight and spill proof. [Buy it here]

Rabbit Jumbo Chilling Stones:
Rabbit Chilling Stones, Jumbo
Another way to keep your drinks chill without diluting them with ice. All you have to do is pre-chill the stainless steel stones, keep them in the freezer using the included storage case and you should enjoy a nice chilled drink when ready. [Buy it here]

Hero RC UFO Drone with Camera and LED

Hero RC XQ-5 V626 UFO Drone with Camera and LED
The Hero RC V626 Quadcopter is a great drone to test out your flying skills. Made of lightweight and durable materials, the drone is easy to fly and control. The Hero RC is equipped with LED lights to make your night flights more enjoyable. It also includes a camera for recording footage as you fly. Some other compatible accessories include: missile launcher, water cannon, hook & basket, and bubble blower.

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Freeze Cooling Glasses by HOST

Freeze Cooling Wine Glass Set of 2 by HOST
Enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect cool temperature with these glasses by HOST. The double-wall glasses feature a Proprietary Cooling Gel that chills in the fridge or freezer. Pour in room temperature drinks into the glass and it will immediate it cool it to the perfect drinking temperature, or you can use pre-chilled drinks to enjoy a cold drink for hours. Sold in a set of 2.

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