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nuans-magfit-desk-organizer-foldable-mat-with-magnetic-cable-holder_ nuans-magfit-desk-organizer-foldable-mat-with-magnetic-cable-holder

This simple desk accessory will add a nice touch of elegance and utility to your work station. When folded, the mat forms a triangle that is the same angle as Apple’s wireless keyboard, which allows you to use it as an iPhone holder at a very comfortable viewing angle. When flat, you can keep your keys or accessories on it. The mat features a MAGDOT, a small magnetic dot that keeps your cable in place. Available in 4 colors. Buy it here


It’s now easier than ever to make your home smart at an affordable price. The All new Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation is a hand-free, voice controlled device that adds Alexa to any room in your home. You can ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Prime,  Pandora, Spotify or Internet radio, you can also ask for the news, weather, set up alerts and more. Even more impressive, you can ask Alexa to order Pizza for you or even call you an Uber. Dot can also control your smart home devices like a Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lights or WeMo gadgets and more. Echo Dot has far-field voice recognition that allows it to pick up your voice from across your room.

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What’s The Difference Between Amazon Echo Dot and Echo?


Amazon Echo is a larger device with built-in 360-degree speakers. So Echo is suitable for listening to music as well as all other features of home automation, reading the news, alerts and more. On the other hand, Echo Dot is a much smaller device that gives you the smart powers of Alexa which can answer your via a built-in speaker. However, Dot’s speaker isn’t loud enough for music, you’ll have to connect it to an external speaker for that. It can connect via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack.

Because Echo Dot is a much smaller device than the Echo, and it’s much more affordable, you can set up an Echo Dot in every room in your home. In fact, you can buy 5 Echo Dots and get 1 FREE or buy 10 and get 2 Free.

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Emie-Devil-Volt-Portable-Charger Emie-Devil-Volt-Portable-Charger_
Devil Volt is a fun portable charger that looks fun and perfect to take with you on the go. Featuring 5200mAh capacity, it’s enough to charge your device for more than once. The Devil’s horns at as an LED indicator that show you how much power is left in the charger. The Devil Volt is available in 5 different colors to choose from. Buy Now

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

For the Star Trek fan, hang this motion activated chime on your door and live the fantasy of being part of your favorite show. The door chime is modelled after the communicator panels in The Original Series. Choose from Door opening sound or Red Alert sound which will go off when someone approaches your door, or push the button for the Communicator Whistle sound. Buy Now

elago® W Charging Stand
Beautiful and sleek stand to match your Apple Watch design. The W Stand by elago makes a wonderful addition to your nightstand (it allows for nightstand mode) or desktop. Keep your watch resting and on display while it charges. The inside of the stand keeps your long Apple Watch charging cable fully organized and out of sight. The stand is available in all colors to match Apple Watch Sport’s aluminum finish. Buy it here

Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock
The ultimate alarm clock to keep by your bedside. BEDDI combines a wake-up light, Bluetooth speaker, a white noise machine, charging port and a multi-color LED mood light. The companion app allows you to set your alarms, customize your light colors, view the weather and traffic. It also features spotify integration so you can wake up to your favorite music. Buy it here