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The Beatles Mug Set

The Beatles Mug Set The Beatles Mug Set_All You Need is Love
A set of 4 cups each decorated with some of The Beatles’ top hits. On the front, you’ll find the title of the song and few lines of the lyrics at the back. And to complete the cool musical theme, each cup comes with its own saucer designed to look like a vinyl record.

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Happy Morning Mug

Happy Morning Mug
A mug featuring a graphic that truly describes what mornings feel like to a not-a-morning-person.

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Rabbit Tea Pot For Two

Rabbit Tea Pot Set
Novelty Rabbit Shape Teapot Set, Porcelain 8
An adorable bunny shaped tea pot with two nesting cups that sit at the bottom of the pot.

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Tea Buttons

Tea Buttons
These fun little reusable buttons attach to any mug to help keep your tea bag firmly in place. You get 6 silicone buttons in each set, enough to keep the tea lover (and a few of their friends!) happy.

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‘Happiness Lies Within’ Travel Mug

Whichever drink fills you up with happiness, take it on the go with this expressive travel mug.

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Starbucks Coffee Scoop Clip

Make your everyday cup of coffee even more energizing by bringing this sophisticated Starbucks Coffee Scoop Clip into your caffeine life today. The 2-tablespoon scoop comes with an additional in-built hammered clip which attaches to your coffee bag and helps in keeping it sealed from extra air and insects. It’s a measuring spoon which comes with a touch of elegance in design and shape you can’t stop admiring anyway.

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Crossword Puzzle Mug

Crossword Puzzle Mug_ Crossword Puzzle Mug
Jump start your brain with a cup of coffee topped with a crossword puzzle game to get your thinking machine going. The mug comes complete with a pencil and all clues on the box. You’ll also find a link to a website where you can get a new puzzle each month.

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Teaze Tea Infuser

Steeping tea to perfection and having that ultimate flavored cup is what makes this Teaze Tea Infuser extremely desirable. It follows a fresh approach in steeping tea which then gets automatically dispensed on your tea cups at a time. All you need to do is add hot water and your preferred tea leaves in the infuser and let it follow the enhanced process of unleashing your tea’s flavor thereby.

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