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20 Cool Food & Drink Gadgets For Your Next Summer Party

Food and Drink Gadgets

Summer is all about BBQs, really chilly drinks and Ice cream! In this post, we’ve brought you the best gadgets to take your summer parties to the next level.

Click on the photo of each product for more information, photos and prices.

Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban:
Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker: [Buy from]
Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker

Ice Bowl Mold: [Buy from]
Ice Bowl Mould

Acqua Cooling Carafe by Blomus: [Buy from]
Acqua Cooling Carafe by Blomus

Lumm LED Carafe by XD Design:
Lumm LED Carafe by XD Design

Godinger Square Beverage Dispenser:
Godinger Square Beverage Dispenser

Aqua Twist Mason Jar Drink Dispenser:
Aqua Twist Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker: [Buy from]
Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Maker: [Buy from]
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Maker

Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker:
Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker: [Buy from]
Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

BBQ Briefcase: [Also available from]
BBQ Briefcase

Non-Stick Single Kabob Baskets: [Buy from]
Non-Stick Single Kabob Baskets

Spice Inside Grill Skewers: [Buy from]
Spice Inside Grill Skewers

Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tool Set:
Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tool Set

Butter Buddies by Outset: [Buy from]
Butter Buddies by Outset

Steak Button Thermometer: [Buy from]
Steak Button Thermometer

BBQ Condiment Set:
BBQ Condiment Set

Chip and Dip Bowl Set: [Buy from]
Chip and Dip Bowl Set

Grilled Taco Rack:
Grilled Taco Rack

10 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50 + Discount Code

mZube Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for a cool yet affordable gift for Dad, here are some suggestions from our friends at And to make it even easier to shop for more cool gifts, we’re including a promo code at the end of this post for a special discount!

Chillsner Beer Chiller:

Chillsner Beer Chiller
By far, the best beer cooler on the market! The Chillsner is a stainless steel rod that you keep in your freeze until ready to use. Stick it in a bottle of beer and it will keep it chill until last drop! This set includes 2 Chillsner chillers and a freezer storage case.

Buy Now

Mr Wonderful Mug:

Mr Wonderful Mug - Happy Jackson
Remind Dad of how wonderful he is every time he sits down for a coffee or tea break.

Buy Now

I Like Shot Glasses:

I Like Shot Glasses
Thumbs up for social drinking! Your Dad will definitely “Like” it!

Buy Now

Other cool shot glasses to consider: Brainfreeze shot glasses - Mason Jar Shot GlassesDoomed Skull Shot Glass - 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher:

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher
Open up a bottle and start launching those caps!

Buy Now

Buckle Up Key Holder:

Buckle Up Key Holder
Does Dad keep losing his keys? He’ll never lose ‘em again with this key holder made from discontinued car seat belt buckles.

Buy Now

Pixel Mouse:

Sure there are a lot of advanced computer mice out there, but none of them can be called ‘retro-cool’ like this one. Perfect gift for the Geek Dad.

Buy Now

Hopside Down Glass:

Hopside Down Unusual Glass
12 ounce hand-blow glass with an upside down bottle shape on the inside.

Buy Now

Citrusaw – Bottle Opener with Slicer:

Citrusaw - Bottle opener combined with Lemon and Lime slicer
Your new drink companion, the Citrusaw is a saw shaped bottle open that combines a slicer as well.

Buy Now

Blood covered Butchers Apron:

Blood covered Butchers Apron
For the man who always wants to be in charge of the BBQ… he can now also look like he’s even butchered the meat himself!

Buy Now

Camera Lens Drinks Cup:

Camera Lens Drinks Cup
Dad got a thing for Photography? This Lens cup is always an instant hit with photographers, professional or amateur alike!

Buy Now

Promo Code:
Enter code HOLLYF10 at checkout to receive %10 OFF your order! Code expires June 15th.

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Mzube is an online store full of cool gifts for cool people. The company is owned and operated by Husband & Wife duo Mark & Scherrie, and with the occasional guidance of their 2 gadget loving children to give the customers that younger spark.

10 Best Desk Organizers For a Clutter-Free Office

A cluttered desk is a disorganized desk, and someone who has a tidy and functional desk often give a better impression to their colleagues. Sifting through piles of stationery wastes lots of your working day, so an organizer is a must-have. Here are ten of the best ideas to keep your desktop organized available on the market…

More Ways To Organize Your Office:

Satechi Smart Monitor Stand:
Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB Ports and Headphone _ Microphone Extension Ports
Monitor stands are helpful in avoiding neck strain during screen work. Having the advantage of a raised monitor and 4 additional USB ports for all your peripherals is a great idea. There’s also a headphone and mic port, saving you from having wires snaking around your desk.

Buy Now

Go-Go-Station Desktop Organizer:
Go-Go-Station Desktop Organizer
This Organizer should be placed between the keyboard and monitor and has room for absolutely anything. If you’re a classic office hoarder and you need somewhere to keep things within easy reach at all times, this is the kind of organizer you need.

Buy Now

Cyanics iStick Multifunction Organizer:
iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer
This desktop organizer won the Hong Kong Stationery award in 2011 and it’s easy to see why – the compact, lightweight and stylish design fits in with most sleek computers and monitors, with bespoke compartments for all your office items.

Buy Now

U Board Smart Monitor Stand and Multifunction Board:
U BOARD SMART - Monitor Stand and Multi-function Board with built-in 3 Port USB 2.0
Multifunctional designs are best for those who don’t have much desk space to work with. The U Board Smart focuses on everything you need at your desk, from a cup holder to a cell phone docking station.

Buy Now

Natural Wood Creative Multipurpose Desktop Organizer:
Natural Wood Creative Multipurpose Desktop Organizer
If you have an aversion to plastic and prefer natural materials, this organizer would suit you. Built to be functional and yet attractive, it has all the storage you need but is made solely from natural wood.

Buy Now

Wood Multifunctional Desktop Organizer:
Wood Multifunctional Desktop Organizer
This organizer is also crafted from wood, but is a lot smaller for those who don’t want an organizer combined with a monitor stand. Similar to older styles of organizer, this one keeps pens, your phone and other small items in their place.

Buy Now

Desktructure Desk Organizer:
Desktructure Desk Organizer
Organizers don’t need to be boring! If you want to stand out, this is the creative organizer for you – shaped to look like a city skyline, each piece can be added or removed according to your storage needs. It’s also porcelain so exudes a quality unlike those made from other materials.

Buy From Fancy.comBuy From

Just Mobile Drawer™ The Ultimate Desktop Tidy:
Just Mobile Drawer™ The Ultimate Desktop Tidy
If you’re tired of colleagues ‘borrowing’ your things visibly stored on your desk, the Just Mobile Drawer is the answer – you can stash everything in a compact drawer under your monitor instead.

Buy Now

Station Desk Caddy:
Station Desk Caddy
This is a sleek and minimalist design for those who want to be organized without looking like it. A phone holder and small compartments keep your essentials tidy.

Buy Now

Rhombins Desktop Storage:
Rhombins Desktop Storage
A cool, abstract yet small design for those who need a quick pen holder without looking too conventional.

Anyone who wants to be more organized in the office would benefit from any of these organizers. There’s no excuse for that cluttered desk any longer!

13 Best Kitchen Gadgets Every Baker Must Have

Best Kitchen Gadgets for Bakers

Do you enjoy baking at home? Then you’ll absolutely love these essential kitchen gadgets that every baker should have! These tools makes it a lot easier to make your favorite baked goods with more comfort and less mess. Have a look at our picks and you’ll see why they’re a must-have in your kitchen…

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin: Includes 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8-inch removable discs to ensure you roll the dough to the exact desired thickness. [more smart kitchen tools here]

Buy it here

OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set with Handles
OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set: a set of 3 mixing bowls with soft handles and non-slip bottoms that stabilize the bowls while mixing.

Buy it here

OXO Good Grips Egg Beater
OXO Good Grips Egg Beater: The comfort of an old fashioned hand beater with few updated features to make it even better. Features a soft non-slip handle and turning knob, elevated beater continue to work even if it’s resting on the bottom of the bowl, removable stainless steel beaters and a detachable base, dishwasher safe.

Buy it here

Progressive International 3-Quart Collapsible Mixing Bowl
Progressive International Collapsible Mixing Bowl: a handy 3-quart mixing bowl that collapses to be flat stored and easily washed. Dishwasher safe.

Buy it here

Linden Sweden Baker's 4-Tier Adjustable Metal Cooling Rack
Linden Sweden Baker’s 4-Tier Adjustable Metal Cooling Rack: got a big baking project? This 4 tier cooling rack is excellent for cooling many baked goods at the same time. It folds flat for easy storage.

Buy it here

Silicone Baking Mat
Silicone Baking Mat: non-stick baking sheet liner that makes it super easy to remove any  baking goods when ready. Can be used in any temperature, allows even baking as it helps distribute heat evenly, and makes cleaning very easy.

Buy it here

Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label
Cake Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label: make consistently sized cupcakes, pancakes or any other desserts. Easily dispense batter without any mess.

Buy it here

Progressive International Stainless-Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons
Progressive International Magnetic Measuring Spoons: set of 5 measuring spoons 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 Tbls, 1 Tbls. The magnets allow spoons to store nested. Features a narrow end that allows you to scoop out of any jar easily. Spoons have a flat base so you can rest them on the counter without any spilling.

Buy it here

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop
OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop: a must-have for anyone looking to make even sized cookies. Features a soft handle with non-slip grip. Available in 3 sizes.

Buy it here

Tovolo 12 Inch Silicone Spatula Set
Tovolo Silicone Spatula Set: Includes 4 colorful spatulas that can be used for mixing, folding, spreading and scraping.

Buy it here

Wilton 23-Piece Cupcake & Cake Decorating Set
Wilton 23-Piece Cupcake and Cake Decorating Set: Includes everything you need to make a beautifully decorated cake: 6 tips, decorating triangle, spatula, 2 couplers, decorating bags, icing colors and instruction booklet.

Buy it here

Chicago Metallic 6 Piece Creme Brulee Set
Chicago Metallic 6 Piece Creme Brulee Set: a 6-piece set to help you make a truly professional Creme Brulee. Includes: four 6-ounce porcelain ramekins, 8-inch square pan, and interior rack that keeps ramekins in place. 

Buy it here

Mastrad 12 Piece Charcoal Silicone Macaroon Baking Set
Mastrad 12 Piece Charcoal Silicone Macaroon Baking Set: Another dessert you can now make professionally at home. This Macaroon baking set includes: 1 pastry bag, 6 tips, 1 stand, 1 clamp, 1 cleaning brush, 1 cookbook, 1 baking sheet, all dishwasher safe.

Buy it here

10 Really Cool Superhero T-Shirts

Superman Men's I Am Sublimation Print Polyester
Superman “I Am Sublimation” T-Shirt 

Buy it here

DC Comics Periodic Table Of Super Heroes Men's T Shirt
Periodic Table Of Super Heroes T-Shirt

Buy it here

Super Heroes Have Issues Too
“Super Heroes Have Issues Too” T-Shirt

Buy it here

Pixel Heroes
Pixel Heroes Tee

Buy it here

Polygon Heroes - Captain America
Polygon Heroes – Captain America (also available as Iron Man and The Hulk)

Buy it here

Surrender Tee
Surrender Sonic vs. Flash Tee

Buy it here

Batman Phrenology
Batman Phrenology Tee

Buy it here

Build Your Own Iron Man Tee
Build Your Own Iron Man Tee 

Buy it here

Entanglement Theory Tee
The Entanglement Theory” Spider-Man Tee

Buy it here

Meanwhile On Fantastic Four Tee

“Meanwhile On…” Fantastic Four Tee 

Buy it here

15 Really Cool Notebooks

Nothing beats writing down your notes and thoughts in a notebook. And these notebooks are nothing short of cool, they’ll make you want to write everything, anytime, anywhere.

See something you want to buy? Click on the ‘Buy with Fancy‘ button you see on the image to see more information, more photos and to buy it. Don’t have a Fancy account yet? Click here to sign up for one (it’s absolutely FREE, and you can save what you like for later purchase).

1. Brilliant Ideas Notebook:
Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook

2. 1970s Style Laptop:
1970's Style Laptop Notebook

3. Sniffing Notebook (Available in many styles):
Sniffing Notebook

4. Peeping Notebooks (Available as Clown, Gas Mask, Detective or Masquerade:
Peeping Notebook

5. Archie Grand Notebooks:
Archie Grand Notebooks

6. VHS Video Notebook:
VHS Video Notebook by Monkey Business

7. Sh*t I Gotta F’ing Get Done Notebook:
Sh*t I Gotta F'ing Get Done Notebook

8. Triangle Notebook:
Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan

9. Makers Gonna Make Notebook:
Makers Gonna Make Notebook

10. Black Punk Notebooks:
Black Punk Notebooks

11. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebooks:
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebooks

12. Y’all Gonna Notebook:
Y'all Gonna Notebook

13. So Beardly Hardcover Notebook:
So Beardly Hardcover Notebook by Denik

14. Set Editions Notebooks:
Set Editions Notebooks

15. The Standard Memorandum Notebook:
The Standard Memorandum Notebook

7 Must-Have iPhone Accessories For Under $20

The iPhone is surely one of the most popular phones with the widest range of accessories. The downside to these is usually their expensive prices. So today, we brought you the must-have accessories for iPhone (some also work with other phones) that will cost you fraction of the price, all available at You can check out all available iPhone accessories by clicking here, and similar accessories for Samsung phones are available here. Free expedited shipping available for orders over $35.

1. 3 Meter Charging Lightning Cable for iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPad Mini (also available as Micro USB or 30 Pin connector):
3m USB to Lightning Connector Charge   Data Cable for iPhone 5  iTouch 5 iPad4 iPad Mini...
No need to get stuck in a corner while your iPhone charges. This charging cable is long enough for you to sit and lounge comfortably and use your phone while it charges. It’s also covered with woven fabric so it’s more durable and does not tangle. $5.99

Buy it here

2. iPhone Case with Backup Battery:
High Quality Backup Power Case for iPhone 5 (Black, 2200 mAh)
Don’t let your iPhone die on you while you’re still out. This slim case with built-in battery charges your phone whenever you need it to. Just hit the power button on it and it’ll start powering your phone. Features LED light power indicators. Available for the very affordable price of $16.95.

Buy it here

3. 4 USB Hub Wall Charger:
4 USB Hubs Detachable Indoor Wall Charger for iPhone/iPad and Others (5V 2.1A MAX, EU Plug)
Charging 4 devices at the same time will normally require 4 chargers plugged into 4 outlets. This charger features 4 USB hubs that you can connect up to 4 USB devices to and charge using one outlet only. $12.99

Buy it here

4. Charging Holder for iPhone 5/5S/5C:
Charging Holder for iPhone 5/5S/5C(Assorted Color)
The classic iPhone dock, available in black or white, for a fraction of the price. $7.99

Buy it here

5. Universal Rotatable In-Car Holder for iPhone 4, 4S and Samsung i9220, i9250 and GPS:
Universal Rotatable In-Car Holder for iPhone 4, 4S and Samsung i9220, i9250 and GPS (Black)
a multi-functional design makes this in-car holder perfect for holding an iPhone, Samsung phone or a GPS device. Features a strong vacuum suction cup, 360° rotation, adjustable clip with anti-slip rubber. $6

Buy it here

6. Portable USB Solar Panel Charger External Battery for USB devices:
Portable USB Solar Panel Charger External Battery for iPhone 4/3G/3GS/, iPad, Other Smartphone and More (Silver)
A portable Solar USB charger with 4 different connectors to use with many devices, or you can simply use the charging cable provided with your device and connect it to the charger. $18.95

Buy it here

7. MOCOLL Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c:
MOCOLL Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c - Reddish Orange
Instead of using regular screen protectors, try this one made of tempered glass. Why tempered glass? cause it looks and feels like your iPhone’s screen, highly transparent, sensitive to touch and feels great in hand. Available in many colors. $17.50 (for a limited time!)

Buy it here

10 Cool & Quirky Tea Infusers To Add To Your Collection

As a tea lover, you probably can’t resist having all those cute and funny tea infusers. We’re always on the hunt for new ones, and there are many that don’t disappoint when it comes to coolness! Here are 10 tea infusers that we can add to our initial list of cool tea infusers:

Anchor Aweigh Tea Infuser:
Anchors Aweigh Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Jacques the Diver Tea Infuser:

Jacques The Diver + Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Cliff The Climber Tea Infuser:
Cliff the Climber Tea Infuser and Dip Tray

Buy it here

Octeapus The Tentacled Tea Infuser:

Octeapus The Tentacled Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Gold Fish Tea Infuser:

Gold Fish Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Dolphin Tea Infuser:
Dolphin Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Sharky Tea Infuser:
Sharky Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Babushka Tea Infuser:

DCI Babushka Tea Infuser

Buy it here

Teatanic Tea Infuser:
Teatanic Tea Infuser

Buy it here

TEA Shirt Infuser:

Tea Shirts Tea Infuser

Buy it here