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Best Of Home Automation: 5 Cool Automation Gadgets For Your Home

Thanks to our smart phones, wireless Internet and companies that make awesome innovative gadgets, we can now control everything in our homes anytime and anywhere. Today we’re featuring top 5 home automation gadgets that will make your life much easier. You no longer have to wander around your house, switching lights on and off, checking and setting fire alarms or the temperature on the thermostat. With the help of these gadgets, you only have to set things up once, and everything else can be controlled and scheduled so your home can practically take care of itself!

Belkin WeMo Light Switch:

Belkin WeMo Light Switch
This light switch connects to your home WiFi network so you can control the lights in your home using your iOS or Android device. Control options include switching lights on/off and scheduling lights to go and off at specific times.

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Belkin WeMo Insight Switch:

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
Another great product by Belkin, this switch allows you to control your electronics and remotely turn them on and off. It also enables you to monitor and control their energy usage. The switch connects to your WiFi network and can be controlled using the WeMo application for iOS or Android devices.

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Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting:

Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting
The Philips Hue wireless lighting provides you with a whole new lighting experience at home. This kit includes 4 LED light bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone or a tablet. But here’s the actual fun part; you can change the hue of the light by picking any color from your favorite photos! This allows you to switch to different lighting and moods throughout the day. The level of brightness can be easily controlled through the app as well. And while this kit includes 4 light bulbs, you can control up to 50 lights which you can add on at your convenience.

Buy it here

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
Forget about that ear piercing alarm that you had to live with all those years. Nest Protect is a smart and quiet alarm that will give you a heads-up before it goes off. Got a bit of toast burning in the kitchen? Nest will speak up “Heads up, there’s smoke in the kitchen” and you can simply hush it by waving at it! And yes, Nest Protect does know and remember which room it is in. Using the smartphone/tablet application, you’ll be able to monitor the alerts and battery status of the alarm.

Buy it here

Nest Learning Thermostat:

Nest Learning Thermostat
Your thermostat consumes as much energy as your fridge, TV, lighting and computer combined! It’s a LOT of energy, which now you can control in the smartest way using the Nest Learning thermostat – the thermostat that programs itself. It learns what temperature you like, it turns itself down when you’re not at home and you can easily control it over WiFi using a smartphone/tablet app. As you turn the temperature up and down, Nest starts to analyze your usage and creates a custom schedule for you, it remembers what temperature you like and when you like it, and it automatically adapts to that schedule. Nest also features a motion sensor that sense when nobody is home so it turns itself down and goes into energy-saving mode.

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15 Must-Have Cool Office Gadgets and Accessories

We spend most of our days in our offices, so it only makes sense that we need it to be a fun and stress-free place. You can do that by simply using the right tools and accessories to make your office more organized, easy to work in and a fun place to stay in for long hours. Here are a few gadgets and accessories that will make your office a better place!


All products on this list can be purchased through If you already have a Fancy account, you can simply click on the photo or “Buy with Fancy” button to buy the product without leaving our website. You can also buy it on by clicking the ‘Buy it here’ link.

Not sure what is? It’s a social network and market place where you can discover amazing brands and buy cool products.

Don’t have a Fancy account yet? Click here to sign up! It’s completely free. Set up your profile, collect and save your favorite brands and products, and buy them whenever you’re ready!

Varidesk Workspace Platform:
Varidesk Workspace Platform
The Varidesk platform allows you to work either sitting down or standing up. It can be set up at different adjustable heights. It’s the perfect solution to move, change your position and recharge your energy, even if you can’t leave your desk. Buy it here.

iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer:
iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer
A multi-function organizer featuring built-in USB hub, memory card reader, phone holder, pen holder and a cup holder. You’ll finally be able to see your desk again! Buy it here.

Natural Light Smart LED Tilting Head Desk Lamp:
Natural Light Smart LED Tilting Head Desk Lamp
This LED light provides you with natural light that won’t stress you over a long period of time. It works on 4 different modes: reading, study, relaxation and bedtime. And the brightness for each mode can be manually adjusted by your for the best lighting suitable to you. Buy it here.

Sky Light Covers by Skypanels:
Sky Light Covers by Skypanels
Sometimes you’re in the office for too long you’re not even sure what the outside world looks like anymore. Being inside under fluorescent lights all day can lead to a lot of stress. These Skypanels featuring images of beautiful skies can replace your current light panels, so whenever you look up, and no matter what it’s like outside, you’ll see beautiful clear skies that will reduce your stress instantly. Buy it here.

Sort it Out! Wall Caddy:
Sort it Out! Wall Caddy by Three by Three
Organize your office and increase your efficiency with this wall caddy. Features three compartments, three hooks, a magnetic surface and a dry-erase wall that you can write on. Includes magnets, dry erase pen and all mounting hardware. Buy it here.

Desktop Punching Bag:
Desktop Punching Bag
Not happy about that email you just received? Take it out on this desktop punching bag! It attaches to any desktop surface using a suction cup, so you can punch the stress away and feel instantly better. Buy it here.

Writable Coaster Pads:
Writable Coaster Pads
Keep your desktop stain-free and your notes where you can see them with these writable coaster pads with dry-erase surface. Buy it here.

Apple Macintosh Pen Holder:
Apple Macintosh Pen Holder
Any Apple fan would love to have this retro- mac on their desk. Perfect for holding anything from pens and pencils to a small plant. Buy it here.

Magic Feet by Mobee Technology:
Magic Feet by Mobee Technology
If you use Apple’s wireless keyboard, mouse or track pad, this induction charger is a must-have! The Magic Feet charger can charge up to three devices at the same time. It also adds 4 USB ports to your computer. AC powered. Buy it here.

Flower USB Hub:
Flower USB Hub
a light up USB hub with flexible ports for easy access to all ports. As soon as you connect the hub, the ‘stems’ of the ports will light up. Buy it here.

Moby Stapler:
Moby Stapler
It’s a whale-shaped stapler, need we say more? That’s all it needs to be the coolest stapler you’ll ever have. Buy it here

Crap Storage Boxes:
Crap Storage Boxes by Knock Knock
First rule of organization is proper labeling. These boxes accurately describe everything you’ll put in them. Buy it here.

Handy Wind-Up Shredder:
Handy Wind-Up Shredder
Easily shred papers, anytime and anywhere with this handy manual shredder. Buy it here

Work Hard Stay Humble Decal:
Work Hard Stay Humble
Apply this decal on your office wall for some instant inspiration. Buy it here.

The Life Calendar:
The Life Calendar by Brigada Creative
Get a visual of how your days go with this Life Calendar. It’s quite simple: draw an emoticon on each circle based on how you feel about that day. Each blue circle represents the first day of the month. As the circles start to fill up, you’ll get a better idea of how your days go, and maybe you’ll start to notice a pattern that will help you figure out what makes you happy or sad. Buy it here.

20 Really Cool Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

Whether you’re a coffee or a tea person, there’s one thing everyone agrees on: we all need cool mugs to enjoy our preferred beverage. What we have for you today is the ultimate list of coolest mugs and travel mugs – so you continue to look cool even on the go!


All products on this list can be purchased through If you already have a Fancy account, you can simply click on the photo or “Buy with Fancy” button to buy the product without leaving our website. You can also buy it on by clicking the ‘Buy it here’ link.

Not sure what is? It’s a social network and market place where you can discover amazing brands and buy cool products.

Don’t have a Fancy account yet? Click here to sign up! It’s completely free. Set up your profile, collect and save your favorite brands and products, and buy them whenever you’re ready!

1. The Morning Mug:
The mug that gradually wakes up as you pour in hot liquid into it. Pretty much just like you.
Morning Mug

2. “Have a Nice Day” Mug:
It’s nice to wish people a nice day every morning, but the bottom of this mug will tell them exactly how you feel without you having to say a word.
Have A Nice Day Mug

3. Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug:
Apart from its cool retro looks, you’ll love the fact that it can keep your coffee hot as well as re-heat it! That’s right, it comes with a DC adapter that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and it will keep your coffee hot on the go. Available in red or black.
Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

4. Knuckle Mug:
These large porcelain novelty mugs with knuckle duster/brass knuckle shaped handles will ensure your coffee packs a serious punch.” Available in Black/Silver or White/Gold.
Knuckle Duster Mug

5. Wake Up Mug:
Now that’s a cup that had to pull an all-nighter just like you. But it’ll fully wake up as soon as that coffee or tea hits it.
Wake-Up Cup

6. Mighty Travel Mug:
Place this mug on any flat surface and it will firmly grip on it making it impossible to knock down. But how about when you want to pick it up for a sip? It will actually detach itself right away! Yup, it is that smart!
Mighty Travel Mug

7. Get Amp’d Mug:
Prefer to start your morning like a rock star? This Amp mug should get the job done!
Get Amp'd Mug

8. The Bat Mug:
Being a rock-star is not your thing? You’ll like sipping your coffee like a super-hero way better, then!
The Bat Mug

9. Temperature Display Mug:
A common problem is sipping coffee so hot that it burns your tongue. This mug displays the temperature of the hot beverage inside it so you know when it’s at the perfect temperature for drinking.
Temperature Display Mug

10. Pac-Man Heat Sensitive Mug:
Fill this mug up with any hot beverage and watch a game of Pac-Man appear on it!
Pac Man Heat Change Mug

11. Creature Cups:
Fill any of these mugs up, serve to a friend and watch the surprise on their face as something starts to appear on the bottom of their coffee!
Creature Cups

12. Cuppa-Can Double-walled Porcelain Mug:
Looks like a soda can, perfect to hold and keep any hot or cold beverage! Comes with a cool lid to keep your coffee or tea in your cup and not on your clothes.
Cuppa-Can Double Walled Porcelain Mug

13. Canned Insulated Travel Mug:
Drinking your coffee/tea out of a spray can, now that’s something new! It will surely confuse people, and you’ll definitely enjoy the look on their faces.
Canned Insultated Travel Mug

14. The Advice Mug:
Maybe you prefer to start your day with some pep-talk… this mug, full of wise advice and tough love will make sure you start your day off very inspired.
The Advice Mug

15. Face Mug:
Who doesn’t like a donut or a cookie with their coffee? You’ll appreciate this mug that takes your love for yummy treats into consideration!
Face Mug

16. 2-Carat Coffee Mug:
You’re not ready to pop the question, that’s okay. You can still take your relationship to the next level with this mug with a ring on it, you’ll sure get points for being funny.
2-Carat Coffee Cup

17. Buried Treasure Mug:
Place this mug on your desk and you’ll see a few heads turn, guaranteed!
Buried Treasure Mug

18. Constellation Mug:
The mug that takes you to the moon and back in an instant!
Constellation Mug

19. Wave Commuter Mug:
Beautifully designed, the Wave Mug does not only look nice, it’s quite functional too. It comes with its own drip filter so you can make the freshest cup of coffee. The insulated double-walled porcelain makes sure your coffee stays hot for a longer time. And it’s worth mentioning, it definitely has the coolest sliding lid you’ll ever see.
Wave Commuter Mug

20. JOCO Glass Coffee Cup:
JOCO is definitely one of the best looking to-go coffee cups out there. Made of glass, wrapped with a silicone sleeve and topped with a protective silicone lid. The cup is available in many colors.
Joco Glass Coffee Cup

10 Cool Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas that will make Christmas morning more fun? Here are some suggestions that will guarantee a smile and a laugh, all for under $10.


Classic Rock Album Coasters – Buy it here


Teatanic Tea Infuser – Buy it here [More funny tea infusers here].


Ballets Shoe Socks – Buy it here


iStuck Phone Holder – Buy it here


Index Fingers Stickies – Buy it here


Popsicle Key Caps – Buy it here [More cool key caps here]


Creative Outlet Stickers – Buy it here


Twirled Spinning Top Crayons – Buy it here


Crustache Mustache Crust Cutter – Buy it here [ More cool crust cutters here]


I Love You Bean Kit – Buy it here

15 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Even if you’re not especially a cook, we all spend more time in our kitchens than we’d like. We prepare our food, our drinks, we sit and eat in it. So why not make it a fun place to be? Here’s a list of really cool kitchen gadgets and accessories that will make your time at the kitchen more fun!

Splash Spoon Rest:

Splash Red Spoon Rest
Got your Splash cutting board yet? You’ll want to complete the look in your kitchen with this matching spoon rest. Your ladle is bound to make a splash anyway, at least with this spoon rest, it will look cool and you won’t have to clean the kitchen counter!

Buy it here

Condiment Gun:

Condiment Gun
Squirting sauce out of a bottle is so uncool, shooting it out of a gun is the way to go! Featuring two cartridges that you can load with your favorite sauces, the Condiment Gun is simply a cool way to add more fun to your table.

Buy it here

Eggpress Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Mold:

Eggspress Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Mould
Shape your hard boiled eggs like a heart and add it to your meals. That’s how you can really say it’s been made with love and you’ve really put your heart into it.

Buy it here

Oil Can Oil and Vinegar Dispenser:

Oil Can Oil And Vinegar Dispenser
Your garden salad looks like it needs some watering…. use this little watering can to sprinkle oil or vinegar to your salad and other meals.

Buy it here

Salad Zinger:

Now, if you want to add some serious flavor fusion to your meals, Salad Zinger is a must-have in your kitchen. This smart gadget features a grinder at the bottom where you can add the flavors you want to add to your oil or vinegar. With fresh ingredients in the grinding compartment, simply shake to infuse fresh flavor to your dressing.

Buy it here

Salt and Pepper Fire Buckets:

Pinch Pots Salt And Pepper Fire Buckets
If you remember the almost ancient fire buckets, these salt and pepper buckets will definitely bring a smile to your face. The metal buckets can sit on your counter top or dining table to give you a quick access to salt and pepper whenever a pinch of them is needed.

Buy it here

Retro Wooden Produce Trays:

Retro Wooden Produce Tray
Serve your guests fresh drinks and yummy dessert in one of these beautifully designed retro trays that look like produce boxes. Available in three designs; Raspberries, Strawberries and Garden Roses.

Buy it here

Half Pint Milk Jug:

Half Pint Unusual Milk Jug
A glass creamer that takes the familiar form of a milk carton. Not only does this look cool, it also makes a lot more sense than old boring creamers!

Buy it here

Lid Sid:

Lid Sid
Little Sid is either trying to climb into your pot or find his way out. Either way, he’s there to help you let off some steam… off the pot that is.

Buy it here

Karoto Vegetable Sharpener Peeler:

Karoto Vegetable Sharpener Peeler
Yes, you can now peel your vegetables by using a sharpener! Not only will you peel them, you’ll also be able to create cool long shavings that you can use to decorate your food.

Buy it here

Funny Side Up Skull Egg Mold:

Funny Side Skull Egg Mould
Be careful! Your eggs might just be dangerously delicious looking with this skull egg mold.

Buy it here

Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutters:

Cursed Cookie Cutter
Happy Gingerbread men are not to everyone’s taste. We’re sure you have a friend or two that would appreciate the cursed Voodoo version of it instead, which are quite easy to make using these Cursed cookie cutters.

Buy it here

Tom, Dick & Harry Storage Jars:

Tom Dick & Harry Storage jars
This set of three porcelain storage jars make a fun addition to any kitchen. Tom, Dick and Harry will keep anything safe and sealed for you; sugar, coffee, tea or little kitchen items that you don’t want to lose. Also available in black.

Buy it here

Magic Whisk Rotary Whisk and Frother:

Magic Whisk Rotary Whisk And Frother
Here’s your kitchen magic wand to add  a magical touch to anything you prepare. The rotary whisk uses simple and clever mechanism to rotate without needing any batteries to operate, but only by pushing it up and down.

Buy it here

“Whisked Off” Whisk:

Whisked Off Food Whisk
But if a magic wand is not your thing, and maybe you’d prefer something that you’d be over the mood about, this whisk with a retro rocket as its handle is for you.

Buy it here


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Mzube is an online store full of cool gifts for cool people. The company is owned and operated by Husband & Wife duo Mark & Scherrie, and with the occasional guidance of their 2 gadget loving children to give the customers that younger spark.


12 Really Cool Gifts Under $50

If you happened to be on a budget, you’ll appreciate this list of gifts under $50 that don’t suck. Actually, quite the opposite, these are some of the coolest things you can get without breaking the bank!

Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse:

Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse
Give the visiting birds in your garden a quality place to stay. Modeled on the moon sized space station from Star Wars, this ceramic birdhouse is the perfect size for many birds, and has enough space for a bird and its gang friends or family. And if they seem to never leave, you’ll know they’re as big of a Star Wars fan as you!

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Superhero Caped Socks:

Superhero Caped Socks
Because it just would not make any sense if you had the superhero logo on your socks without any capes attached to them, you’ll never feel the super powers you’re supposed to when you’re all tucked on your sofa with warm feet. So, a cape was added to these socks, and now you can be as confident as a superhero lounging around the house. Available in Superman or Wonder Woman.

Buy it here

JOCO Cups:

Forget about paper cups for to-go coffee, it’s time that you think about limiting your contribution to waste and more importantly, carrying your coffee in style! You’ll never find a better looking reusable coffee cup than JOCO. The borosilicate glass cups are light yet strong, sporting a thermal sleeve and an anti-splash lid in cool colors, and a cyclonic sup base that helps sugar and other ingredients dissolve faster. Your favorite cafe’s paper cup will never be that cool.

Buy it here

Crumpled Sky Map:

Crumpled Sky Map
What do you give someone who has everything? The Universe, crumpled in a bag. This Sky map is printed on paper-like, yet waterproof, material. It’s glow in the dark, so it can be enjoyed anywhere at any time, it could be actually cooler to look at in the dark so you can get a feel of those glistening stars in the dark. The map gives you a nocturnal view of the sky, including the constellations.

Buy it here

Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers:

Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers
Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers2

From now on, the weather is only going to get colder and gloves are certainly a requirement. The problem with gloves is that they’re not friendly to use with most of our touch-screen gadgets, and you end up forced to take them off just to do a simple task on your device. Elec-Skin Touch Stickers are the answer to this problem. Simply stick the adhesive strips on any glove and these tear-resistant polyester fabric stickers will be detected on your touch-screen just like your fingers!

Buy it here

PocketMonkey Multitool:

PocketMonkey Multitool
This wallet-sized, super slim tool is one of the handiest things you can carry in your wallet. It has 12 functions like; flat screwdriver, bottle opener, door latch slip, phone stand, Philips screwdriver, Ruler, Orange peeler… and many more! Get ready to impress many people with how quick you can perform tasks from now on.

Buy it here

Grumpy Cat as Bowie Tee:

Grumpy Cat as Bowie
Two icons mashed up in one artistic creation. One the Internet’s most celebrated memes, Grumpy cat, meets rock icon David Bowie. Does it get better than this? No, not really!

Buy it here

Space Invader Socks:

Space Invader Socks
Those caped superhero socks weren’t your thing? Well, here’s an alternative, just as geeky socks that you can actually wear to work! These Space Invader socks look formal enough for you to wear anywhere, yet the small details will complement your love of the video game so you don’t have to leave your quirky personality at home.

Buy it here

Bacon Shaving Cream:

Bacon Shaving Cream
The shaving cream that celebrates how manly you really are by having you smell like the one of the manliest meats there is, Bacon. And this isn’t just a novelty thing, this high-quality bacon-scented shaving cream is rich with moisturizers and essential oils that will ensure the smoothest shaving experience.

Buy it here

Sex Panther Cologne:

Sex Panther Cologne
Extend an invite with a smell that stings the nostrils. “60% of the time, it works every time!”, that’s the promise of the Sex Panther cologne, the officially licensed cologne from the movie Anchorman. But all jokes aside, this cologne actually has a very gentlemanly scent that is quite smooth.

Buy it here

Stonemen Men’s Boxer Shorts:

Stonemen Mens Boxer Shorts Stonemen M-en's Boxer Shorts
So, what’s so great about these briefs? Sure, the art on them is cool and everything, but Stonemen’s briefs are actually the first in the world that feature seamless 360 digital prints which makes them quite striking. Also available for women.

Buy it here

JeanPants Underwear:

There’ll never be a fashion item as popular as the jeans. This underwear celebrates the look of classic denim pants with all it’s faded and worn out look, yet, it’s not denim at all. They’re super comfortable cotton briefs with digitally printed denim pattern that will have you looking twice.

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The Fowndry

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15 Really Cool Art Prints Animal Lovers Will Appreciate

Every animal lover has that one cute or funny photo of an animal and at least one photo of their pet around them. The selection of prints we have for you today take your love for animals to a new level. They’re artful and full of humor that they’ll make a beautiful part of your decor and keep a wide smile on your face every time you look at them! Any of these prints would make a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates art, animals and humor. And a smile on their face is definitely guaranteed!

Mice To See You! Screen Print:
Mice To See You Print

Buy it here

Rejected Print:

Rejected Print

Buy it here

‘Easy Tiger’ Screen Print:

Easy Tiger Print

Buy it here

Grumpy Geek Cat Print:

Grump Cat Print

Buy it here

Dachshund Dog With Top Hat Print:

Dog with Top Hat

Buy it here

Phileas Feline Cat with Top Hat:

Phileas Feline Steampunk Cat

Buy it here

Party Sheep Print:

Party Sheep

Buy it here

Cat in the Top Hat:

Grey Cat in The Hat

Buy it here

Woodland Walk Print:

Woodland Walk Art Print

Buy it here

Pandamonium Print:

Pandamonium Print

Buy it here

Bob II Print:

Bob II Polar Bear Print

Buy it here

Chihuahua Limited Edition Print:

Chihuahua Print

Buy it here

Baa Baa Beach Sheep Print:

baa baa Sheep Wall Print

Buy it here

Rabbit Limited Edition Print:

Rabbit Print

Buy it here

Scottie Limited Edition:

Scottie Print

Buy it here



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The Lost Lanes

The Lost Lanes is a marketplace for independent designers that launched earlier this year by Michael and Raquel. A husband and wife team living in East London they share a love for the creative scene, with a passion for discovering new markets, hidden away boutiques and searching for all that is unique and inspiring to bring to their customer base.

They are proud of their designers and have ensured that nothing is mass produced in order to keep their ethos intact, most items are made only to order ensuring that their marketplace is of quality with a unique style and every item has been designed with passion.

7 Really Cool Retro Prints For Geeks

Whether you’re a film geek, video game geek, music or photography geek, you’ll love having one of these geeky prints on your wall which combine your hobby with retro-modern art. Illustrated by Jan Skacelik, whose art is all about retro-modern inspirational art and Scandinavian inspired designs. You can see his entire artwork in his Etsy store here, but here’s our 7 favorite prints for geeks:

Keep It Reel Print:

Keep It Reel Print

Buy it here

Star Wars Empire Strikes Print:

Star Wars Empire strikes Back Print

Buy it here

Keep Control Print:

Keep Control Print

Buy it here

Heart Nintendo Game Boy Print:

Heart GameBoy Print

Buy it here

Polaroids Retro Print:

Retro Polaroid Print

Buy it here

Make Magic Happen Polaroid Print:

Make Magic Happen Print

Buy it here

Analog Synthesizer Retro Print:

Analog Synthesizer Retro Print

Buy it here