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Twelve E-Ink Wall Clock

The biggest advantage to e-ink display technology is its incredible battery life. It allows this gorgeous digital wall clock to run for months on just a single cell-sized watch battery.

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The Reading Time Clock

The Reading Time Clock
If you’ve ever had your eyes on the QLOCKTWO watch and clock but were discouraged by their high price, you’ll love this much affordable version. The Reading Clock reads time in full sentences using only 23 words to convey the time in five-minute increments. Can be wall mounted on stand on desk.

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The Micro Drone 2.0

Capturing videos from sky-high limits now becomes even more easy with the Micro Drone 2.0 quadricopter. Since it comes equipped with an aerial cam, you can conveniently use it to capture any video from the sky. You can simply throw it up like a frisbee and then wait for the new self-righting algorithm and sensors to stabilize the drone in a horizontal position. Also, this drone comes at a fraction of the regular price so that you get to enjoy flying your new, durable toy without moving out of your budget.

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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bose Soundlink Color
Bose’s big sound now comes in the smallest form with the new SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker. The compact size of the new Bose SoundLink makes it easy to pack and carry around, and if you think this small size might compromise the sound quality, think again. SoundLink Bluetooth gives you the same lifelike sound Bose has been known for, no compromises. The speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled device, it also features an AUX input for other devices. It gives you up to 8 hours of playtime, recharges using a USB cable or the included wall charger. Available in 5 colors.

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Slab Black Wood Alarm Clock

Flaunt the fine texture of wood on your everyday alarm clock with this amazingly designed GREENWON Rectangular Wooden Clock. With this on the table, you’ll not only get to visualize time, date and temperature in an alternative format but also enjoy operating it using the voice mode.

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VIZIO P-Series

Delivering pictures of flawless clarity, the VIZIO P-Series ultra HD smart TV introduces a whole new perspective of home entertainment never seen before. Apart from the classy picture quality, the processing power and the ability to upscale current 1080p content to 4K Ultra HD resolution is what can make this smart TV an impressive replacement for your current home entertainment solution. Be it movies or your favorite TV shows, you’d forget to finish your popcorn and stay glued on the television screen once the P-Series takes its place inside the house.

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FUEL Micro Charger

Fuel-Micro-Charge FUEL Micro Charger
The world’s smallest mobile phone charger, appropriately shaped like a jerrycan, can give you an extra 20 to 30 minutes of talk time or a few hours of stand-by. It recharges via Micro USB, features 3 LED light indicators for On/ Charging and Fully charged. Works with  Micro USB devices only.

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The SnapRays Guidelights

SnapRays Guidelights
If you’ve ever had to use the standard plug-in nightlights, you know they work ok, but will turn into a hassle soon enough. Going around to plug them in when needed, then doing another round to plug them out in the morning. They take up both outlets even though they only need one to work, and due to their bulky size, try to convince your baby not to crawl and play with them… They’re simply inconvenient and not safe enough.

Lucky for us, SnapPower has come up with the ultimate solution: The SnapRays Guidelight:

SnapRays Guidelights
The SnapRays Guidelight is a cover plate for your current outlet that features built-in LED lights. The cover plate installs in seconds, with no wiring required, taking all the hard work out of it. It also requires NO batteries, it draws power from the electric power of the outlet…. sounds like an addition to  your electric bill? That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about as each plate costs LESS than 10 CENTS a year to power!

SnapRays Guidelights_2
Each SnapRays plate is equipped with a light sensor, so it turns on and off automatically. Its sleek and hidden design doesn’t attract kids to it, making it a very safe option. And since the LED lights are built into the plate, you’ve got both of your outlets available to use at any time.

SnapRays Guidelights Styles
SnapRays Guidelights will not compromise your decor, too. Available in two styles: Duplex and Decor, with each style available in 3 colors: White, Light Almond and Ivory.

To recap, here’s what you’re getting from your SnapRays Guidelight:

  • a plug and play outlet plate with built-in LED lights.
  • light sensor automatically switches the light on and off when it’s dark or bright.
  • Takes seconds to install, with no wiring required.
  • Does not require batteries.
  • Costs less than 10 cents per year to power.
  • Lights last up to 25+ years.

You can get your SnapRays Guidelights starting at only $15. Choose from a single plate starter pack, 3, 5 or 10 guidelight packs to light up your entire house.

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See it in action: