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Quirky Pivot Power Genius

The Pivot Power Genius is the app-enabled smart version of Quirky’s famous power strip that was dreamed up by Jake Zien. Just like the original, this one too has pivoting outlets that are more flexible and bendy than acrobats at the circus. The Pivot Power Genius can therefore accommodate plugs and adapters that come in all sizes and shapes. The new innovation in this one is that you can control two of the four outlets from your smartphone, using an app.

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Win an External USB Battery Pack with LED Flash Light from

External Battery Pack Giveaway

If you missed the chance to win a Mr POW portable charger, here’s a new chance at a great source of portable power for your gadgets!

In this giveaway, 5 luckily winners will have a chance to win an external battery pack from our friends at These great portable charges are compatible with pretty much ANY device, as long as it has a USB cable, and most of current devices do. The battery also doubles as a handy LED flash light.

External Portable Battery Pack

You can charge these units simply by connecting it to a USB power port (computer or wall plug). These are also available an a portable battery pack with wall charger and also available with a higher 5200mah power and dual ports.


Enter the giveaway using the Punchtab form you see below. Follow instruction to earn as many entries as possible.

The giveaway ends on Friday 30 May. The giveaway is open to US residents only.

View Quest Colourgen Retro Radio and Dock

View Quest Colourgen Retro Radio and Dock
A retro inspired radio with an iPhone and iPod dock which has an incredible quality in sound and looks alike!

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InstaCube Digital Photo Frame

InstaCube Digital Photo Frame
Enjoy Instagram and Facebook photos from your friends and family, throughout the day, in a whole new way! The InstaCube digital photos frame streams photos live from your Instagram and Facebook account so you can enjoy them in a bigger and more enjoyable display. All you have to do is plug in the frame, connect it to WiFi and login to your accounts!

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Captain America 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music but like a superhero using this new set of Captain America 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Fitting on your palms, this ultra-compact shield shaped speaker lets you live your favorite tracks anywhere on the go. It can effectively connect with your smartphone or any music device using a wireless Bluetooth connection and will never cause a wired mess while you make them play music.

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Focal XS Speakers

Focal Professional’s XS Satellite Multimedia Sound System boosts up your conventional iPod docks with a 70W subwoofer and two 30W satellite speakers. It’s taken the simple concept of a dock and transformed it into a whole new world of audio system that was hardly seen before.

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Bushnell SolarWrap Mini USB Charger

This outstanding Bushnell SolarWrap Mini USB Charger utilizes solar power to charge your smart devices even when the sun’s not fully available. Solar charging is one of those “oxygen moments” which ideally keeps your gadgets pumped up while you trek for hours and this charger just adds to that genre.

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IEHP In Ear Headphones by Grain Audio

The IEHP In Ear Headphones by Grain Audio brings back the ideal combination of solid wood and music in a way that’s simply thrilling from all aspects. Acoustic instruments have been known to use solid wood for better sound quality and the IEHP Ear Headphones are no less in proving this excellence.

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