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Bonaverde – The World’s First Roast, Grind, Brew Coffee Machine

Take your coffee-making to the next level with Bonaverde, the world’s first roast, grind, brew coffee machine. By connecting you directly to the farmers of the world and cutting out the middleman, Bonaverde gives back to the farming community and gives you delicious coffee. The machine itself has an air filter and vent system, a roasting unit, grinder, and filter.

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Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

Give your family an easy to use central food unit with the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge. Equipped with an amazing 21.5-inch touchscreen, this fridge gives you total control over the food inside. The interior has three cameras to capture a photo of every item and uploads them to the app. This way, you can see how much milk you have left while you’re still at the store. The Samsung Smart Fridge includes a shopping app powered by MasterCard.

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Disco by Parrot – First Ready to Fly Wing-Shaped Drone

Drones are there a many but what makes the Disco stand out is the fact that this is the first ready to fly wing-shaped drone you can easily pilot. Coming from the fascinating drone manufacturing team of Parrot, this drone can be considered to be fast, smart and ultra-light with a flight time of around 45 minutes. You won’t need any additional piloting skills to fly it at all. Just mount the wings to the body and simply throw it in the air. The drone connects to the Parrot ecosystem with the help of Wi-Fi and can be piloted with the Skycontroller or the Flight Plan app by using the embedded GPS for waypoints.

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ICEORB Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICEORB Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker
Prepare to be amazed, not only by the sound quality, but by how the ICEORB Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker works. Place the Orb Harmony speaker on the magnetic base and watch it float 10mm above it as it plays your favorite music. The cone design of the speaker gives you 3D surround sound and its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device. The soft glow the speaker provides makes it the best companion for a relaxing ambiance. The Orb Harmony can also be used as a portable speaker without the base so you can take it with you anywhere.

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Huawei 22K Rose Gold Plated Smartwatch

Access the whole word on your wrist with the Huawei 22K Rose Gold Plated Smartwatch. This stylish watch is complete with rose gold plating which extends along the gorgeous link band. Below the rose gold is ultra strong and durable stainless steel for a long lasting design. Equipped with advanced technology and powered by Android Wear, the Huawei 22K Rose Gold Plated Smartwatch delivers the latest calls, texts, and emails right to your wrist without the need for your phone in your hand. Additionally, this smartwatch also tracks your activity and movement to pair with your health apps.

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GAEMS M155 – The 15.5” HD Portable Gaming Monitor

Take your gaming on the go wherever you are with the GAEMES M155, the 15.5-inch portable gaming monitor. Working with PS4, Xbox One, and other popular gaming consoles, the GAEMS M155 is the perfect solution. Rather than lug a TV around or find an available one that has the appropriate ports, you can take the GAEMS M155 to get a full gaming experience by easily connecting to any console. The 15.5-inch HD screen uses LED to deliver way more detail than any handheld device. It has a lag-free connection and only requires a USB connection. The GAEMS M155 weighs under two pounds and is less than one-inch thick even inside the included protective sleeve. The attached felt screen shield also doubles as a versatile stand for the screen.

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