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Janus One: A Phone To Simplify Your Life In A Smart Way

Janus One
Janus One is a credit card-sized cell phone that won’t distract you from doing what you love. You’ve got a life to lead. Stop letting your phone get in the way. Maybe it’s time for a mobile device that lets you experience life again, not just catalog it.

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Darth Vader USB Car Charger

Darth Vader USB Car Charger
Plug this Star Wars Darth Vader USB Car Charger into your 12V vehicle power socket (cigarette lighter) to tap into the power of the Dark Side. Specifically, you’ll get 2.1 Amps flowing into your phone, tablet, or anything that charges via USB.

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AC Adaptor DVR – Hidden Camera in Disguise

AC Adaptor DVR Hidden Camera in Disguise
This might look like a standard AC Adaptor but it’s actually a hidden camera in disguise. In order to operate it, you just need to get an SD card and plug it in any of your electrical AC outlets. The DVR will start recording whenever it senses any motion around. Since the entire unit runs on AC power, you won’t have to worry about any kind of battery life at all.

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Atmoph Window – Your Room Can Be Anywhere

Atmoph Window
A digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with 4K-shot videos and sound. Place it anywhere, be anywhere. By simply putting it on your desk or hanging it on the wall, Atmoph Window will open up a whole new world before you, creating a liberating feel in your room.

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Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker

Refresh yourself with a fantastic sound experience by trying out the Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker. The beauty of this speaker lies in its 4-speaker, advanced acoustics system and the sophisticated design.

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Moon Concept Wireless Charger

Moon Wireless Charger Moon Wireless Charger Coils Moon Wireless Charger Positions
Moon Wireless Charger allows you to charge your Qi-enabled device without any cables or troubles. What sets it apart from other wireless chargers is its thoughtful design:

  • It features 3 induction coils, with multi-point charge for each coil. This increases the charging area drastically, allowing you to literally drop your phone anywhere on the surface for it to start charging.
  • It has 10 times more charging area than a single coil charger.
  • It holds your phone at viewing angle whether it is charging vertically or horizontally.
  • Made of Zinc Aluminum, anti-scratch.

Even if your phone is not Qi-enabled, you can simply add a receiver coil and start using Moon charger right away.

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