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Kusky Electroluminescent GloSync Headphones

Kusky™ Electroluminescent GloSync™ Headphones Kusky™ Electroluminescent GloSync™ Headphones_
The Kusky Headphones feature everything a great pair of headphones has: supreme sound quality, noise reduction, built-in microphone and voice-commands. But here’s what sets it apart from everything else, its patented electroluminescent glow sync cable; a cable that lights up with moving lights the blinks to the beat of your music! See it in action in the following video:

The headphones have been developed by It’s currently available for pre-order on starting at $25 for the earphones and $60 for the headphones.

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PowerCube Extended USB Port and Electric Outlet

PowerCube USB and Electric Outlet PowerCube USB and Electric Outlet_PowerCube combines a USB port and a 5 ft extension cord all in one small cube. It features 2 USB ports and 4 electric outlets, which can all be used at the same time without any issues thanks to its modular design. You can also connect multiple cubes to each other to extend its functionality.

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Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell

Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell
Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell_
A 1/4 replica of Iron Man’s suitcase, and this one packs a whole lot of power to keep your gadgets running. Compatible with most USB gadgets, has 12,000 mAh of power and 2 USB ports, you can use it to charge two gadgets at the same time.

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3Doodler-The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen

Being one of Kickstarter’s greatest crowdfunding success, this pen lets you doodle on air with a thin, flexible and strong thread of heated plastic which hardens within minutes. It’s like having a mini 3D printer on hand which prints your imaginary ideas into gorgeous ABS plastic artwork within no matter of time. You don’t need a knowledge in technology or computer software to work with this, what you need is that flair in art which will enable you to create stunning artifacts from the pen itself.

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Water Resistant Power Strip by Wet Circuits

Keep your family safeguarded from electrocution dangers with this useful and effective Water Resistant Power Strip by Wet Circuits. Through its unique waterproof material, this outlet ensures minimizing the flow of electricity everytime it comes in contact with water. This not only saves your wet hands from getting electrocuted but also keeps the gadgets plugged on to the outlet working without any effect.

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theQ Camera: World’s First Waterproof Social Camera

The-Q-Camera The-Q-Underwater-Camera the-Q-Camera-Upload
Nowadays, we’re all used to using our phones as cameras that we forgot what fun it is to snap photos with any actual cam. TheQ Camera isn’t just any cam, it actually combines the fun of a camera with the high-tech connectivity of your phone. It is a social camera that uploads photos you take directly to your social profiles via 3G. Need to tweak your photos before uploading them? TheQ can send them to theQ Lab instead, where you can edit and tweak your photos all you want before sharing them with the world. Best of all, theQ is a waterproof cam, so you can snap shots anytime and anywhere, even underwater!

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Smart Herb Garden

I come with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balms so you can grow fresh herbs naturally. Just plug me into the wall and add water, my smart devices will take care of everything else.How does the Click & Grow work? Plants thrive in our smart soil. Our nano-tech growth medium gives plants the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times. Our sensors and software measure the conditions and make sure your plant is feeling well.

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Made with smart technology, MobiMuse XBAND-ONE is the patent pending product that sets the bar higher for Bluetooth speakers. Comes with integrated multi-functionalities as a regular Stereo Speaker; a mini sound bar and “Unplug and Deploy” 5.1 Surround Sound system anytime, anywhere, with other smart features like a simple to set up One Shot Multi-Wireless Connection that connects 1 to 5 via usual Bluetooth or the One Touch NFC Connection. In addition, the speaker system works with Smart Sync Apps to auto-calibrate the best surround sound quality.

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