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Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

We’re fans of action figures around here, so we have a lot of collectibles on display at our houses that really have no purpose. So we’re always pleasantly surprised when a product comes along that both fulfils our fandom desire and provides another function. Meet the iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker.

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Wink Relay – Smart Home Wall Controller

By giving you access to all your Wink certified products, the Wink Relay – Smart Home Wall Controller is what every home would want to have in the future. The customizable home touchscreen will enable you to check information on products, time, weather, alerts, and more using one single dashboard. The proximity sensor will react to your presence whereas the temperature and humidity sensor keeps tabs on your environment. To add to this, the two smart switches can be used to keep up the mechanical side of turning on/off the devices in your home as and when required.

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Lumenplay App-Enabled String Lights

Lumenplay App-Enabled String Lights
Lumenplay string lights is the world’s most interactive lighting experience, allowing you to choose the color and effect of the lights using an app on your smart device. You’ll be able to choose from 16 million colors, several transitions and effects. You’ll also be able to have the lights pulse to the tunes of your favorite music and customize the effects as you like, all through the free app. The lights can be scheduled to go on or off automatically, they’re weather proof so you can use them indoors or outdoors.

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See how it works:

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI stick that gets you almost everything you get from  Amazon Fire streaming device, for less than half the price! A great alternative for someone on a budget, the Fire TV stick gives you:

  • Full access to Amazon Instant Video with a 30 days Amazon Prime Trial.
  • Access to many video and music streaming apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, ESPN, Showtime, YouTube and many more
  • Over 200 gaming apps, which you can take to the next level with the Fire Game Controller.

The Fire TV Stick is a simple plug & play  and portable solution that you can take with you from room to room or even from house to house, which we believe many of us will be doing a lot this Holiday season.

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What’s The Difference Between Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick?

  • Amazon Fire TV has a voice controlled remote control where the Fire TV stick has a regular remote. The voice controlled remote can be purchased separately or you can use the Remote app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The Fire TV has more powerful tech specs than the the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV vs Fire TV Stick

Earity – The First Voice Controlled Earbud

Leave your bulky headphones behind and enjoy Incredible Sound and Distracted-Free Conversations. The Earity technology was created in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities caused by cell phone use while driving. At any given time during daylight hours, 660,000 drivers in the United States use cell phones, increasing the likelihood of fatal crashes by 400%.

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Pivot Power Media

Pivot Power Media Power Strip Pivot Power Media
The ultimate power strip for gamers and media junkies, the Pivot Power Media, which is based on the popular Pivot Power strip by Quirky, now includes even more power: 4 flexible outlets, 4 stationary outlets, F-Coax inputs/outputs, and phone and Internet hookups.

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Long Life Milk Portable Charger

Long Life Milk Portable Charger

Keep your devices refreshed and fully nurtured with one of these portable milk carton shaped chargers. It contains enough power to give your device a full charge, works with any USB powered device. Available in Original, Banana or Strawberry.

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Twelve E-Ink Wall Clock

The biggest advantage to e-ink display technology is its incredible battery life. It allows this gorgeous digital wall clock to run for months on just a single cell-sized watch battery.

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