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simpleDock: Charging Valet and Network Hub

simpleDock by Kanex
simpleDock is a 3-in-1 expansion solution for your Mac or PC. It offers multi functions without adding any clutter to your desktop. It features:

  • 3 USB 3.0 Ports with super speed that allows up to 5 Gbps transfer.
  • Charging dock for your phone while keeping it at reach.
  • Ethernet port for wired connectivity.

Its minimal design makes it a great desktop accessory. It hides charging USB cables, and has a specially designed surface that serves as a valet for your smartphone. $129

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Light Show Fountain Speakers

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Impress everyone at your next party with great sound and a fountain show, all coming from this set of speakers! Plug them to your MP3 player or computer, play the music and watch the water inside the speakers bounce to the beat of the music and light up with 4 multi-color LED lights. $44.99

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Best Of Home Automation: 5 Cool Automation Gadgets For Your Home

Thanks to our smart phones, wireless Internet and companies that make awesome innovative gadgets, we can now control everything in our homes anytime and anywhere. Today we’re featuring top 5 home automation gadgets that will make your life much easier. You no longer have to wander around your house, switching lights on and off, checking and setting fire alarms or the temperature on the thermostat. With the help of these gadgets, you only have to set things up once, and everything else can be controlled and scheduled so your home can practically take care of itself!

Belkin WeMo Light Switch:

Belkin WeMo Light Switch
This light switch connects to your home WiFi network so you can control the lights in your home using your iOS or Android device. Control options include switching lights on/off and scheduling lights to go and off at specific times.

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Belkin WeMo Insight Switch:

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
Another great product by Belkin, this switch allows you to control your electronics and remotely turn them on and off. It also enables you to monitor and control their energy usage. The switch connects to your WiFi network and can be controlled using the WeMo application for iOS or Android devices.

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Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting:

Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting
The Philips Hue wireless lighting provides you with a whole new lighting experience at home. This kit includes 4 LED light bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone or a tablet. But here’s the actual fun part; you can change the hue of the light by picking any color from your favorite photos! This allows you to switch to different lighting and moods throughout the day. The level of brightness can be easily controlled through the app as well. And while this kit includes 4 light bulbs, you can control up to 50 lights which you can add on at your convenience.

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Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
Forget about that ear piercing alarm that you had to live with all those years. Nest Protect is a smart and quiet alarm that will give you a heads-up before it goes off. Got a bit of toast burning in the kitchen? Nest will speak up “Heads up, there’s smoke in the kitchen” and you can simply hush it by waving at it! And yes, Nest Protect does know and remember which room it is in. Using the smartphone/tablet application, you’ll be able to monitor the alerts and battery status of the alarm.

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Nest Learning Thermostat:

Nest Learning Thermostat
Your thermostat consumes as much energy as your fridge, TV, lighting and computer combined! It’s a LOT of energy, which now you can control in the smartest way using the Nest Learning thermostat – the thermostat that programs itself. It learns what temperature you like, it turns itself down when you’re not at home and you can easily control it over WiFi using a smartphone/tablet app. As you turn the temperature up and down, Nest starts to analyze your usage and creates a custom schedule for you, it remembers what temperature you like and when you like it, and it automatically adapts to that schedule. Nest also features a motion sensor that sense when nobody is home so it turns itself down and goes into energy-saving mode.

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StrongVolt Smart Charger

StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Charger
Anyone into outdoor activities probably knows these two things:

  • Phones and gadgets run out of battery rather quickly and will always fail you when you need them.
  • If a solar charger is your choice of portable charger, then you know they can be trouble when direct sunlight is blocked and they’re not compatible with all devices, especially iDevices.

Lucky for you, there’s a new SMART solar charger in town. StrongVolt solves both of these problems:

  • It is fully compatible with iDevices, Android devices and tablets as well as other USB devices.
  • While other solar chargers require your to unplug and plug your device again if passed by a shade, StrongVolt’s SunTrack technology auto-connects your device as soon as it’s under sunlight again.

The charger’s LED red and green light indicators let you know right away if the charger is powered enough to run or if you need more sunlight, so no more guess-work!

StrongVolt is available in many power options starting at 3W which is perfect for small handheld devices and up to 18W for anyone who’s looking for maximum power. You can pre-order your StrongVolt smart charger on starting at only $25.

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Sonomad: Truly Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sonomad Speaker Sonomad_Plage Sonomad Speaker_ Sonomad_3
Bluetooth speakers make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable speaker that allows them to enjoy music anywhere, but these speakers don’t come without problems; first, the battery usually doesn’t last long enough, which defies the purpose of its portability.  And second, if connected to your phone, you have to carry both the speakers and phone around separately…

The Sonomad Bluetooth Speaker takes care of these two issues. It is a truly portable speaker that gives you 20 hours of nonstop music at a stereo high-end audio quality. It is also the only Bluetooth speaker with a universal safe Dock that is compatible with almost any smartphone out there.

Other features the Sonomad include:

  • A retractable handle and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Recharges your smartphone through a USB connector.
  • Ability to connect several Sonomad units together for a bigger sound.
  • Battery status indicator (4 LED colors)
  • Fully designed and made in France.

You can pre-order your Sonomad speakers starting at $339 on today.

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Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones

Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones Hi-Hat Knit Hat with Built In Headphones_
No need to leave your ears out in the cold when listening to music! Hi-Hat’s knit hats feature a built-in headphones that immerse you in music while keeping your head and ears warm. It plugs into any phone or music player, it also features a mic and a music selector for easy control of your phone or mp3 player. The headphones in the hat are completely removable should you need to wash the hat. $49.99

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Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone_ Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone
If you use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to type on your Mac, iPad and iPhone then you know switching the connectivity setting between the three devices can be quite a pain sometimes. This keyboard by Logitech allows you to connect to all three devices at the same time and switch between them in a second with a simple push of a button. Designed specially for Mac, the keyboard is ulta-slim with a beautiful aluminum finish and illuminated keys. And as Bluetooth requires a lot of power, the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard gives you hassle-free rechargeable batteries that recharge using a USB cable, and can be charged as you use it.

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Rainbow 5 In 1 USB Charger

Rainbow 5 in 1 Charger
Power up different devices of different brands all at once with this 5 in 1 charger cable. Color-coded, easily plugs to any USB port and packs easily for you to take with you anywhere. $14.99

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