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MOS: The Magnetic Organization System

MOS_Magnetic_Organization_System MOS-8
Here’s a cool option for keeping track and organizing cables at your work space. MOS “Magnetic Organization System” is an elegant magnetic unit that comes with a set of color cable ties that include a metal piece. Simply bundle the cables you’re not using with the ties and stick  them on the unit. The bottom of MOS features a Micro-Suction tape that keeps it stable, it will not move or slide when  you stick anything on it. $39.99

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Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash is your own personal shopping assistant who takes notes and never forgets anything. You just pick up the dash like a microphone and speak into it, or scan the item you want to buy. Dash can recognize any one of the millions of items available on Amazon. Whether spoken or scanned, Dash picks it up and saves it into your AmazonFresh account.

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Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer4-2
We’ve featured many desktop organizers before, iStick Multi-function Organizer and U-Board Smart Organizer being the most popular. Lifta Desk Organizer is an option for anyone who wants a sleek minimal design. Made of wood (three options available), it is designed to lift your monitor up for optimal height, gives you space for your computer accessories and keep your desk tidy. However, it lacks many of the function other organizers offer, like additional USB hub, phone holder, cup holder and many more. For its price, we’d consider the Lifta to be more of a design object than a functional desktop accessory. So if you’re looking to organize your desk and add more function to your workspace, we’d recommend the organizers we mentioned above. $125

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Bose SoundTrue Headphones

Bose SoundTrue Bose SoundTrue_White Bose SoundTrue_Black Mint Bose SoundTrue_Mint
Bose has added new headphones to their line of products. First thing you’ll notice about these is how fresh and cool they are, definitely different that the usual Bose style. The Bose SounTrue headphone line is designed to deliver the same exceptional sound quality of Bose headphones with looks that represent your personal style. As an owner of the Bose AE2 headphones myself, I can guarantee that these will be the best sounding and most comfortable headphones you’ll ever buy. Available as Around-Ear or On-Ear style.

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“Snack Cap” Lens Caps

Snack Cap Lens Caps Snack Cap Lens Caps Snack Cap Lens Caps
Give your camera a delicious snack after a long day of shooting! The cap lenses are available as a juicy burger or a yummy Donut. $10

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TravelCard: Credit Card Sized Smartphone Charger

We’ve seen many portable chargers for smartphones, but none of them is quite as portable as this one. TravelCard is a breakthrough charger for iPhone and Android devices that fits right in your wallet. Sized like a credit card, TravelCard is very easy to carry around.

TravelCard is small in size but quite big when it comes to function. It will give you up to: 5 hours of talk time, 4 1/2 hours of Internet usage and up to 98 hours of standby time! It’s  3/16″ (4.77mm) thick, weighs just 2 oz and sized exactly like a credit card, so it will fit naturally in your wallet. The body of TravelCard is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, available in 4 colors: black, white, silver and sapphire blue.

TravelCard is definitely an essential accessory to have for any smartphone user (basically everyone!). Charging your phone on the go has never been this easy. And with an aircraft aluminum body, you don’t have to worry about the durability of TravelCard at all.

You can pre-order your TravelCard for iPhone or Micro-USB devices on for only $40.

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Suntree Solar Charger

Suntree Solar Charger
A tree shaped solar charger uses 9 branched out solar panels to collect sun power. Leave it by a window to collect power, even if it’s cloudy outside. If it’s too dark, the charger can be charged via USB to collect power for later use.

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Grovemade Walnut iPad Case

Grovemade Walnut iPad Case Grovemade Walnut iPad Case2
A beautiful handcrafted iPad case from Grovemade. Works as a smart cover so it automatically turns your iPad off and on, it also offers 3 viewing positions. Available for iPad Air or iPad Mini. $129

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