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Rain Design mTower Vertical Stand for MacBooks

Rain Design, Inc. mTower Vertical Stand for Laptop Rain Design, Inc. mTower Vertical Stand for Laptop Rain Design, Inc. mTower Vertical Stand for Laptop
This single piece aluminum stand for MacBooks does not only look cool, it will actually help improve the performance of your laptop. The mTower Vertical stand increases the airflow around your MacBook, keeping it always cool. It also keeps it elevated which frees up a lot of desktop space and keeps your laptop safe from any accidental spills. And by using your MacBook while closed, you’re freeing up to 65% of its footprint! Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15/17, MacBook Pro 13/15 retina and MacBook Air 11/13. It also works with other laptops less than 10.4 inches depth.

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Headrest Tablet Holder by iPADKET

iPADKET’s innovative Headrest Tablet Holder ensures your backseat riders never face boredom during a long drive. With its’ easily detachable wide elastic strap and the drop-in pocket design, this tablet holder can promptly mount your iPads and secure them from any damage while you’re on the rough roads. You can watch movies or play games or do whatsoever entertaining activities with your iPad mounted on this comfortably designed holder and never feel the stress during journeys.

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Twelve South Bookarc Mod – Vertical Stand For Macbook, Walnut

A beautifully crafted vertical stand for your Macbooks, the BookArc mod from Twelve South relieves your workspace from looking cluttered and messy. This arc shaped stand with a marvelous Birch finish poses to elevate your Macbooks from the workspace thus offering a much cleaner tabletop appearance.

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Case with Sheet of Newspaper for iPhone 5/5s by Kate Spade

Compliment the iconic style of your iPhone by applying this quirky case with Sheet of Newspaper by Kate Spade. In an e-age where paper-printed newspapers are close to becoming extinct, this case would definitely be an eye-catcher amongst the crowd especially because of its’ exemplary look and style.

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Wooden Cover PlayStation 4

This is a genuine Wooden Cover for the Sony PlayStation 4 from German manufacturer Balolo. The company claims this is the first and only wooden cover in the world for the PlayStation 4. It’s made in Germany by skilled craftsmen, and lives up to the legendary perfection and efficiency required for German made products.

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MOS: The Magnetic Organization System

MOS_Magnetic_Organization_System MOS-8
Here’s a cool option for keeping track and organizing cables at your work space. MOS “Magnetic Organization System” is an elegant magnetic unit that comes with a set of color cable ties that include a metal piece. Simply bundle the cables you’re not using with the ties and stick  them on the unit. The bottom of MOS features a Micro-Suction tape that keeps it stable, it will not move or slide when  you stick anything on it. $39.99

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Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash is your own personal shopping assistant who takes notes and never forgets anything. You just pick up the dash like a microphone and speak into it, or scan the item you want to buy. Dash can recognize any one of the millions of items available on Amazon. Whether spoken or scanned, Dash picks it up and saves it into your AmazonFresh account.

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Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer4-2
We’ve featured many desktop organizers before, iStick Multi-function Organizer and U-Board Smart Organizer being the most popular. Lifta Desk Organizer is an option for anyone who wants a sleek minimal design. Made of wood (three options available), it is designed to lift your monitor up for optimal height, gives you space for your computer accessories and keep your desk tidy. However, it lacks many of the function other organizers offer, like additional USB hub, phone holder, cup holder and many more. For its price, we’d consider the Lifta to be more of a design object than a functional desktop accessory. So if you’re looking to organize your desk and add more function to your workspace, we’d recommend the organizers we mentioned above. $125

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