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Star Wars Bouquet

Star Wars Bouquet Star Wars Bouquet_
If your Valentine is a Star Wars nerd, don’t even bother with a bouquet of roses, it won’t cut it. Lucky for you, there’s a bouquet that was made just for them, a Star Wars bouquet with 9 character plush toys, all wrapped up and ready for you to gift. Each toy comes on a long “stem”, and can be removed or reattached. The bouquet arrives in cellophane overwrap, black and white crepe paper wrap, plus yellow bow.

And if you want an option other than Star Wars, these bouquets are also available in: Kittens, Puppies, Unicorns, and even Dinosaurs! Click here to see them all.

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MetalMuseum Elegant Spinning Tops

MetalMuseum Dock
A spinning top is a classic toy that will forever be entertaining. From the creators of Foreverspin, the luxury spinning tops that have already raised more than HALF A MILLION in funding on Kickstarter, comes a new elegant design that is made to last. MetalMuseum is a collection of elegant spinning tops made from solid metals like Magnesium , Titanium , 24KT Gold, Copper, Tungsten, to name a few. Everyone of these spinning tops has its unique texture and weight that makes it interesting to hold, spin or even just to look at. And most importantly, MetalMuseum spinning tops are made to last a lifetime.

New to the collection is the Dimond like Carbon spinning base which is made for the best possible spins, bringing your level of entertainment to a higher level.

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See the spinning tops in action:

COSMOS – Magnetic, Wooden Space Toys

Cosmos – simple wooden toys that inspire exploration and creative play. Toys that are long-lasting in both meaning and quality, so beautiful that kids and grownups will want to keep forever. Calling all pioneers and adventurers, explore with these magnetic interchangeable pieces! Construct rockets that propel spacecrafts. Or better yet, construct multi-stage rockets to explore far beyond where any human has ever ventured.

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Gourmet Scented Donut Stress Ball

It’s only natural that you reach for the nearest donut when you’re stressed. In an effort to keep your weight in-check, we present you with the Donut stress ball that smells  just like a real donut! Squeeze your stress away instead of eating it away. And no matter what, avoid biting these delicious looking stress balls.

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Spinning Magnetic Orbs

Spinning Magnetic Orbs
Each Spinning Magnetic Orb is a pair of strong magnets mounted in a gimbal that allows them to spin while the transparent shell that houses them remains still.” You can perform a lot of tricks using the magnetic orbs: make them roll and steer them without touching them, they can spin and collide, and you can expand the tricks by using the included magnet proxies.

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Watch the Video to see how it works:

Sphero SPRK Edition: App-Enabled Ball

Sphero SPRK Edition- App-Enabled Ball
Sphero SPRK Edition is the same Sphero robot we’ve all come to love but with the ability to inspire you to learn and create. You can use its app to create code using visual block-based programming , the codes you create will be used to control your Sphero robot. You can create commands like flip, roll, spin or change color and learn the basics of programming along the way! Sphero SPRK is a great toy and learning tool suitable for all ages.

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See it in action: