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Win LED Water Dancing Fountain Speakers From

LED Speaker Giveaway
Another week, another awesome giveaway from our friends at! Our prize today is a speaker set that will add some really cool effect to your parties or even your everyday music time!

The Giveaway:

LED Speaker Fountain
One lucky winner will receive an LED Water Dancing Fountain Speaker set from in white ($39.99). These awesome speakers connect to any media player, computer or basically any audio source. As soon as your music starts playing, the water inside the speakers starts to dance, and color-changing LEDs light up, all following the rhythm of the music!

LED Lights Close-Up
How To Enter:
To enter the giveaway, simply enter your into into the PunchTab form you see below. You’ll be prompted with different tasks that you can do to earn extra entries, winners are chosen randomly, so you’ll want to earn as many entries as you can.

The giveaway is open to US residents only.

The giveaway ends Friday 7 March.


Want to get yourself those awesome speakers right away? Use code 15cool at checkout to get $15 OFF your purchase. The speakers can be purchased here.

Win a $50 Gift Card from HolyCool Gift Card Giveaway
We’ve been featuring many cool things that we’ve found over at, we can safely say it is our new favorite source of really cool stuff! For those of you not familiar with it, is a social network where you can discover and collect cool products made by cool brands. You can also shop for thousands of products, all in the same place! Found something you like? You can ‘Fancy it’ to save it to your profile or you can buy it right away.

Your Chance to Shop at On Us!

Today we’re giving you a chance to win a $50 gift card to shop at! You can get many cool things for $50, for example:

Fancy Box Subscription
You can start with the Fancy Box, which will get you $80+ worth of cool gadgets, tailored to your interests for only $39! Although this is a subscription box, you have the choice to get it once with your gift card. The same box is available in other options, see them all here.

Morning Mug
You can get a few of the cool mugs we’ve featured here. Morning Mug being the most popular so far!

iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer
Got a disorganized desk? You can get this cool desktop organizer for less than $50! (More office accessories here)

Moon in My Room Light
Fancy a bit of a moonlight right in your room? This Moon Lamp costs only $25, so you can buy it and still have some credit for more cool things!

These are only few of THOUSANDS of cool products you can buy on Fancy!

Okay, let’s get to it… how can you win this $50 gift card? Follow these 3 simple steps:

Join Fancy
1- Sign up for a account by clicking here. It’s completely free, takes a minute or less.

2. After you’ve completed signing up, please provide us with your username in the form below. (We need this so we can send you your gift card if you win).

3. Sign up to the giveaway using the Punchtab form below. This is where we will be picking the winner from, so please don’t skip this step. The winner will be chosen randomly. You’ll have a chance to win extra entries by following a few tasks (optional, but increases your chances of winning).

Giveaway is open to participants worldwide. It ends Saturday February 22. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us here.



Win LED Light Up Heart Balloons from

LED Balloons Giveaway

We’ve brought you some awesome gifts from our friends at so far; the LED glow in the dark charging cables, the Keychain chargers and now we bring you something that you’ll hopefully enjoy this coming Valentine’s!

The Giveaway:

20 lucky winners will receive a pack of LED light up heart shaped balloons. Each pack includes 5 balloons, 3 red and 2 pink.

How To Enter:

  • Simple as always, just enter your info into the Punchtab form you see below.
  • Winners are picked at random, you can earn extra entries to increase your chances of winning by following the tasks you’ll be prompted with.
  • This giveaway is open to US residents only.
  • Giveaway ends Jan 31 2014.


Want to buy a pack of LED Heart Balloons right way? Make sure to include code holylove at checkout to receive 60% OFF your order! Code expires FEB 15th.

Win an Italian Leather Skin For iPhone 5/5S or Galaxy S4 by Truffol

Truffol Giveaway
Our giveaway today comes from Truffol, creators of ridiculously beautiful iPhone and Galaxy S4 leather skins as well as a line of Aluminum-leather and Wood fusion cases that will compliment the sleek design of your phone.

Truffol has just launched a new line of leather iPhone and Galaxy S4 called Autograph. Made from cowhide leather imported from Italy, the leather is only 0.6mm thick and is cut with great precision to fit the back of your phone just perfectly. The skin is then completed with a 18-karat Rose Gold plate with Truffol’s logo on it.

Autograph 2
The Autograph leather skins are available in two designs: a standard design, and a card design which features a pocket that can hold a card and allows access to it from either side. And if you’d like to take your Autograph skin further, Truffol offers free personalization on the Autograph range, so you can have your initials (or any three letters) embossed on it.

Autograph 4Autograph 3

The Giveaway:

We will be giving away 15 Autograph leather skins with your choice of color for an iPhone 5/5S or GalaxyS4.

How To Enter:

Enter your details using the Punchtab you see below. You’ll be prompted with extra tasks that you can follow to earn extra entries. There’s no limit to the entries you can earn. The winners will be picked randomly, so you’ll want to earn as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning!

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide.

Learn more about the Autograph Leather Skin here:

Win a $50 Gift Certificate from

Mortimer Snodgrass Giveaway
Still looking for cool Christmas gifts? How about a little something extra for yourself, for FREE? I think I have your attention now….

Our giveaway today comes from our new friends at Mortimer Snodgrass, the funkiest gift store in Montreal! In fact, they’re so cool they stock most of the products we feature here on HolyCool! So, if you’ve got your eyes on a thing or two, here’s your chance to get it for free! Or if you’re not lucky enough, you’ll get a cool discount!

The Giveaway:

$50 gift certificate to spend at

How To Enter:

Enter your information in the Punchtab form you see below. Follow the prompts you’ll see to earn as many entries as possible and increase your chances of winning!

ONE winner will be chosen at random.

This giveaway is open to readers WORLDWIDE.


Whether you win or not, you still get something nice from our friends at Mortimer Snodgrass. Use discount code snodcool at checkout to get 20% OFF your order, effective IMMEDIATELY and valid until end of FEB 2014.

Win a Cookoo Smart Watch from ConnecteDevice

COOKOO Smart Watch Giveaway
If you missed our previous Cookoo Watch giveaway, here’s another chance to win! Our good friends at ConnecteDevice will make 3 lucky readers’ holiday season extra special with a brand new Cookoo watch!

The Giveaway:

We’re giving away a Cookoo Smart Watch in black ($129.99) to THREE lucky winners.

What is a COOKOO Watch?


COOKOO smart watch combines fashion and technology, it’s an extension of your smart phone and a cool piece of accessory. COOKOO connects to your smartphone and allows you to check for notifications right on the watch dial. You’ll be able to see notifications for calls, messages, emails and social network notifications. You’ll also be able to control your phone’s camera shutter using a button on the watch, so those group photos with your friends will be much easier to snap!

What Makes COOKOO Special?

There’s a number of smart watches available in the market, but there are a few features that make COOKOO special:

  • It is the only watch in the market that combines an analog dial and LCD display for notifications.
  • Unlike other smart watches, it does NOT need to have its batteries recharged.
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

BONUS – Discount Code:
Want to buy your COOKOO Watch right away? Use coupon code HOLYCOOL at checkout to get 30% OFF your order!

How To Enter the Giveaway:

Enter your information in the PunchTab form you see below. Anyone worldwide is welcome to enter! You can earn extra entries and increase your chances of winning by following the tasks you’ll be prompted with in the form. Good luck!

Win Your Choice of Art Print by ReStyle

ReStyle Prints Giveaway
Got your eyes on one of the cool retro prints for geeks we recently featured? Well, here’s your chance to get one for FREE! Our friend Jan Skácelík, the artist behind those cool retro prints and many others that you can see at his Etsy shop, is giving our readers a chance to win art prints of their choice!

The  Prize:

We’re giving away TWO prints to TWO lucky winners. You’ll get to choose from any print, size A3 and smaller, at ReStyle print shop. Anyone worldwide is welcome to join this giveaway.


How To Enter:

Enter your info using the Punchtab form you see below. Winners are chosen randomly. You’ll get a chance to earn extra entries that will increase your chances of winning by following some tasks you’ll see in the form.

Win SPLASH Chopping Board from Mustard

Splash Chopping Board giveaway Our giveaway this week comes from our friends at Mustard, creators of many cool and fun gifts, many you’ve already seen on HolyCool. Last time, we’ve given away KATANA Bookends, and today our prize is something every cook will enjoy and love to have in their kitchen, it’s the SPLASH Chopping Board! Splash Chopping Board
SPLASH is a very clever chopping board. First of all, it looks way too cool on any counter as it’s designed to look like it’s spilling off the edge of the counter. But that “spill” isn’t just there as a cool factor, it actually keeps the chopping board in place and makes it more stable. It can also be removed, if you ever wanted to make the chopping board completely flat. One lucky entrant will win this awesome chopping board!

How To Enter:

Simple as always, just sign up using the form you see below. After you sign up, you’ll be prompted with different tasks that you can do to earn extra entries. The winner will be randomly picked, so you’ll want to earn as many entries as possible to increase your odds at winning! The giveaway ends on Thursday November 7. Winner will be contacted the following day via email (please double-check your address when joining via email).