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Keyplate Accessory Holder

Keyplate is a simple solution to an ever lasting problem; forgetting or misplacing your day-to-day accessories. The stainless steel Keyplate replaces your door’s strike plate and gives you a visible accessory holder that you will never miss. $25

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Rubiks Cube Light

The Rubiks Cube Light enlightens your puzzle-solving hours by illuminating your very favorite Rubik’s Cube in cool retro colors. Officially licensed by Rubik’s, this cube light can stay lit for upto two hours on a single charge. Easily rechargeable by USB, you could now enjoy those fun hours of solving the Rubik’s Cube with bright colors lightening the way.

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Personalized Mix Tape Pillow

personalized mix tape pillow
“Curl up with a bit of nostalgia (and maybe dust off your classic road trip mix from your freshman year) and enjoy this retro indoor/outdoor, double-sided pillow, personalized with your name, high school moniker, or your nickname from your sweetheart.” $58

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Fluttua Floating Bed by Daniele Lago

The Fluttua Floating Bed by Daniele Lago is a one-legged suspension bed that gives a dramatic appearance to your bedrooms. The single foot under the bed that attaches it to the wall for support remains hidden thus creating an illusion of the bed floating on air. The lighting from underneath is what adds to the charm and makes the whole concept a surreal beauty.

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The Good Owls Set

The Good Owls Set
A set of 3 owls representing “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” The decorative set will look cool on any shelf, desk or mantel. $49

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Volcane Coffee Table

The Volcane Coffee Table is one brilliant creation that does a lot more than just being a secluded coffee table. With a white lacquered thermoformed ABS basis covered by a French oak, this coffee table can actually store all your magazines and other coffee break delights inside the base.

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Goldfish Bin Bags

The Goldfish Bin Bags adds some fishy delight in the world of black colored bin bags which is close to reaching saturation any day. This is nothing but a simple bin bag with a twist in design that’s way more creative than the boring bags we’ve been used to throwing rubbish in every day.

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Backflip Skateboard Shelf

The Backflip Skateboard Shelf is an extraordinary wooden shelf designed with a fresh approach to home decor. With a backflip skateboard standing on a wooden base, this stunning shelf could easily grab a hotspot on the living room and not look out of place at all.

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