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Give your pets a luxurious and comfy ride in the car with these waterproof car seat covers. The purpose is to keep them cozy as well as keep the car clean at the same time. Even for times when your dog isn’t in the car, this cover will protect your seats from kids, too. There are seat anchors to keep the cover in place while the non-slip net will ensure your pets don’t slide off when seated on this cover. Riding with your pets and family just got less messy and more enjoyable.

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Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

For the Star Trek fan, hang this motion activated chime on your door and live the fantasy of being part of your favorite show. The door chime is modelled after the communicator panels in The Original Series. Choose from Door opening sound or Red Alert sound which will go off when someone approaches your door, or push the button for the Communicator Whistle sound. Buy Now

Rhino Hammer Rhino Hammer1

That nice looking Rhino model isn’t exactly what you’d expect it to be at first sight. Pull the head out, and you’ve got yourself a cool and reliable hammer for all your home improvement projects. who said tools need to look ugly and kept hidden away? Buy it here

Great Hare Day Vase
Every morning you awake to this rabbit vase beside your bed, you know you’re off to an excellent start! With space in its ears for two bouquets, this white ceramic bust gets you hopping around your flat, inspired to make today awesome for ‘every-bunny!’” Buy it here

Balloon Lamp
The balloon-shaped lamp stands on a base that resembles a balloon string with a knot feature and phases through an array of colours or can be set to stay on your favourite.  An ideal lamp for a child’s room or any modern interior.Buy it here

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Having been a critically acclaimed design since 1959, the Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel represents classic design in a minimal form. The unique, sculptural shape was created by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel in 1959 and has since then been dubbed as a beautiful home decor and resting furniture. The demand for sustainable products have made rattan the more popular framework used to design this chair today.

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Washing your clothes is chore enough. Finish the job with ease with FoldiMate, the laundry folding machine. Simply clip your clothing to the outside of this automatic machine and watch as FoldiMate slides them inside to let the mechanical arms fold them to crisp perfection. FoldiMate can also steam, de-wrinkle, and soften each of your articles of clothing. With folding taking less than 10 seconds per garment and enough space for up to 20 garments at once, FoldiMate will compile your clothes into a neat stack ready to be put away.

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Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair_
There’s nowhere better to relax after a long day of work, school, or just being out and about than on your Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair. At almost 4 feet head to toe and over 2 feet across, this (s)lumbering Pokémon is perfect for your dorm room, your den, your bedroom, or right inside the door where you can collapse on it when you get in.Buy it here

You are My Sunshine Soy Candle Gift Best Friends Forever Scented Soy Candle Gift It's Your Birthday! Celebrate Candle Greeting
Forget about cards, trying saying it with a candle! These greeting candles can be personalized with your own message, available in everyday greetings like Thank You, Congratulations, Love/Romance, Celebrations and many more. Not only you will you personalize the message, but you can choose from over 20 scents to use for your candle! Buy it here

Design and develop the décor in your home or office using the SPYNDI Transformation Furniture. With a set of over 70 pieces, you can attach these wooden shapes to become whatever structure you need. SPYNDI was inspired by the human spine to be both flexible and strong. Made with stunning wood, the endless possibilities of combinations mean you have endless furniture available.

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Little Star
Together with most of your other home devices, your furniture now goes smart too with a “little star”. Just like the name sounds, this is one of the world’s first digital art furniture. While during the day, little star acts like a standard piece of sculpture, at night you can use it to reflect your mood. It glows like a lamp and is capable of creating a perfect atmosphere for living spaces.

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