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Photoluminescent Road Markers

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these Photoluminescent Road Markers require no additional power to stay illuminated. They capture the natural and artificial light during the day and release them for a span of 8-10 hours post sundown. A great way to keep your lawns and patio lit up without spending extra dollars on electricity bills. Every set consists of 6 lights which measure 8.7 cm in diameter.

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Pin World XL

Designed by Alessandro Maffioletti and Emanuele Pizzolorusso, the Pin World XL is a beautiful representation of the world on felt. It displays the geographical locations throughout the globe in a vibrant array of colors which can also be used as a brilliant travel itinerary by you using the 15 colored pins the map comes with. You can stores pictures or any souvenir you gathered from any location around the world and place it on this map only to let your guests know your sense of travel and where you’ve been.

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Twist and Shout Outdoor Rug

Being lightweight and weatherproof, the Twist and Shout Outdoor Rug can be the next best choice you can make for enhancing your outdoor decor. Suitable for use in the garden, on the patio, by the poolside or any alfresco living area, this rug is a modern design concept from Karim Rashid. It’s polyethylene fibrillated and resistant to extreme temperatures as well. You can simply use it as a social area for those dance parties you organize with friends and family and thus make those hours even more special.

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Twelve E-Ink Wall Clock

The biggest advantage to e-ink display technology is its incredible battery life. It allows this gorgeous digital wall clock to run for months on just a single cell-sized watch battery.

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Lumiluxe LED Lounge Chair by BeMoss

Flaunt your lounging style with this exquisitely crafted and beautifully designed Lumiluxe LED Lounge Chair by BeMoss. It’s modern, it’s stylish and most importantly perfect for that striking light show one desires to have at the lounge post sundown. The magic of battery charged LED lights is what gives this lounge chair that ultimate look and feel of a glow in the dark accessory you’d want to showcase while you rest by the poolside or on your patio at night.

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The Reading Time Clock

The Reading Time Clock
If you’ve ever had your eyes on the QLOCKTWO watch and clock but were discouraged by their high price, you’ll love this much affordable version. The Reading Clock reads time in full sentences using only 23 words to convey the time in five-minute increments. Can be wall mounted on stand on desk.

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Manifold Clock: Telling Time In 3D

Manifold Clock
The Manifold Clock is a time and a 3D art piece that emphasizes the concept of how time repeats itself but it’s also ever-changing. The hands of the clock are connected to a flexible sheet that creates 3D movement as the hours go on. Time can be read the traditional way as the clock hands are still visible. The clock is available in many colors and patterns.

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Star Wars Storm Trooper Candy Bowl and Holder

Star Wars - Storm Trooper Candy Bowl and Holder
Let Storm Trooper greet your Halloween guests, or any guests of that matter, with a welcoming bowl full of fun size candy. This officially licensed Star Wars product stands at around 22″ tall, so it’s big enough to flaunt and display. Also available as Darth Vader.

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