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Grovemade Walnut iPad Case

Grovemade Walnut iPad Case Grovemade Walnut iPad Case2
A beautiful handcrafted iPad case from Grovemade. Works as a smart cover so it automatically turns your iPad off and on, it also offers 3 viewing positions. Available for iPad Air or iPad Mini. $129

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Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone

Dual Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone Dual Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone
Create your own customized iPhone and iPad charging dock made of 3 stacked books! Sadly, you cannot request any specific books, however, you can choose the color scheme so you’re guaranteed something to complement your decor. You’ll also be able to request the type of cables included with the dock; 30 pin, lightning cable or even micro USB for other smartphones. $88

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Secret Heroes Whooz Charger Decals

Secret Heroes Secret Heroes1 Powerful Radicals
We’ve previously reviewed Whooz decals, the character decals that set your charger from others. Some new cool designs have been added to the collection such as these Secret Heroes and Powerful Radicals. Each pack of Whooz decals includes 4 different characters. $13.95

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Back To The Future iPad Case

Back To The Future iPad Case Back To The Future
Protect your iPad in a prop coming from the movie Back To The Future. Available in a limited edition and compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 2 and up. It’s a must have for any fanatic of the movie, and much more affordable than the DeLorean which we know you’d rather have, but probably won’t. $32.59

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Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone_ Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone
If you use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to type on your Mac, iPad and iPhone then you know switching the connectivity setting between the three devices can be quite a pain sometimes. This keyboard by Logitech allows you to connect to all three devices at the same time and switch between them in a second with a simple push of a button. Designed specially for Mac, the keyboard is ulta-slim with a beautiful aluminum finish and illuminated keys. And as Bluetooth requires a lot of power, the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard gives you hassle-free rechargeable batteries that recharge using a USB cable, and can be charged as you use it.

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BrickCase for iPad Mini

BrickCase for iPad Mini
Turn your iPad Mini into a toy bricks building surface, that way, you can play more games “on” your iPad! BrickCase is a snap-on case, covers both front and back of the iPad. 

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The COBURNS iPad Stand

COBURNS iPad Stand COBURNS iPad Stand__ COBURNS iPad Stand_
There’s nothing more beautiful than minimal design that is full of functionality, that’s pretty much the philosophy behind the iPad design. It’s also exactly what makes FineGrain’s COBURNS iPad stand so perfect. Handcrafted locally in the USA, COBURNS is made from exotic hardwoods that make every stand unique. The stand gives you almost UNLIMITED viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes. It’s very compact in size, it fits comfortably in your iPad sleeve or in your pocket, and its well-thought felt packaging can be used as a hook for a keychain. Magnet pieces on the inside of the stand pieces keep it held together when not in use. And since the COBURNS is fully finished by hand, the end result is wood that is smoother than glass, so it won’t harm the body or screen of your iPad. It is compatible with iPad Mini, Mini Retina, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air. You can pre-order your COBURNS iPad Stand for only $19 at See more products by FainGrain at

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See how the COBURNS is manufactured and how it works in this video:

BookBook Travel Journal

BookBook Travel Journal BookBook Travel Journal
Keep your iPad and all your gadget accessories organized on the go with the BookBook Travel Journal by Twelve South. Designed to look like a vintage book, this hardback leather case features over a dozen pockets and straps that can hold your iPad, cables, chargers, headphones and much more. $99.99

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