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Secret Heroes Whooz Charger Decals

Secret Heroes Secret Heroes1 Powerful Radicals
We’ve previously reviewed Whooz decals, the character decals that set your charger from others. Some new cool designs have been added to the collection such as these Secret Heroes and Powerful Radicals. Each pack of Whooz decals includes 4 different characters. $13.95

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Truffol Autograph Leather Skin for iPhone 5/5S Or Galaxy S4 [Review]

Truffol Review
Last month, we’ve held a giveaway for Truffol leather skins iPhone / Samsung Galaxy S4 and 15 lucky winners received their choice of model and color! The nice guys at Truffol were also kind enough to send me a couple of skins to try out for this review.

What Is the Truffol Autograph Leather Skin?

It’s a genuine leather skin with an adhesive back that you can easily apply on the back of your phone. It’s simple yet very beautiful, it instantly classes up your phone. The skin is precisely cut to fit your phone perfectly, and it’s only 0.6mm in thickness, so it doesn’t add any weight or thickness to your phone.

Truffol Review
What you get in the packages is:

  • The leather skin.
  • a complimentary screen protector, microfiber cloth and dust removal tool.

How To Apply the Skin:

It’s a pretty straight forward task. Simply peel the plastic off the adhesive back and gently apply the skin on your phone. The adhesive is good for a number of uses, not quite sure how many, but I did take it off and on again at least 5 to 6 times and it’s still holding on very well. I would advice that you keep the protective plastic in case you ever want to take the skin off and use it again at a later time. I was pleased to find out that my iPhone 5S fit nicely into the case I had even with the skin on (I use a Spigen Slim Armor Case) so you might not even need to take the skin off.

Truffol iPhone Skin Logo
Quality and Feel of the Autograph Leather Skin:

The quality is certainly of high standard. The nice smell of leather will hit you as soon as you open that package. It also has a grained texture to it that feels nice in hand. The bottom of the skin holds the logo of Truffol either in stainless steel or rose gold, depending on the color of the leather.

Truffol offers a free personalization service for the Autograph leather skin. You can have up to three letters embossed on it to make it more your own.

It’s important to note that the Truffol Autograph leather skin is not meant to be protective. Of course, it will protect the back of your phone from scratches, but this isn’t something you buy for overall protection against drops for example. That said, your phone will definitely look much better than having a case on it. I’ve already gotten so many positive comments on mine.

As I already have a screen protector on my phone, I did not apply the complimentary protector I received with the skin, so I won’t be commenting on that.

The Autograph Leather Skin is available in four colors, and in two variants: Standard or Card, which has a pocket good for holding a credit card or a driver’s license. You can get it for your iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $18 or $22 for the Card version.
You can learn more about the Autograph Leather Skin here:

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Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone_ Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone
If you use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to type on your Mac, iPad and iPhone then you know switching the connectivity setting between the three devices can be quite a pain sometimes. This keyboard by Logitech allows you to connect to all three devices at the same time and switch between them in a second with a simple push of a button. Designed specially for Mac, the keyboard is ulta-slim with a beautiful aluminum finish and illuminated keys. And as Bluetooth requires a lot of power, the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard gives you hassle-free rechargeable batteries that recharge using a USB cable, and can be charged as you use it.

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Win an Italian Leather Skin For iPhone 5/5S or Galaxy S4 by Truffol

Truffol Giveaway
Our giveaway today comes from Truffol, creators of ridiculously beautiful iPhone and Galaxy S4 leather skins as well as a line of Aluminum-leather and Wood fusion cases that will compliment the sleek design of your phone.

Truffol has just launched a new line of leather iPhone and Galaxy S4 called Autograph. Made from cowhide leather imported from Italy, the leather is only 0.6mm thick and is cut with great precision to fit the back of your phone just perfectly. The skin is then completed with a 18-karat Rose Gold plate with Truffol’s logo on it.

Autograph 2
The Autograph leather skins are available in two designs: a standard design, and a card design which features a pocket that can hold a card and allows access to it from either side. And if you’d like to take your Autograph skin further, Truffol offers free personalization on the Autograph range, so you can have your initials (or any three letters) embossed on it.

Autograph 4Autograph 3

The Giveaway:

We will be giving away 15 Autograph leather skins with your choice of color for an iPhone 5/5S or GalaxyS4.

How To Enter:

Enter your details using the Punchtab you see below. You’ll be prompted with extra tasks that you can follow to earn extra entries. There’s no limit to the entries you can earn. The winners will be picked randomly, so you’ll want to earn as many entries as possible to increase your chances of winning!

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide.

Learn more about the Autograph Leather Skin here:

DOSH Syncro iPhone 5/5S Wallet [Review]

DOSH Syncro
If you’re not familiar with DOSH, it’s an Australian designer brand that specializes in modern wallets that are minimal in design yet very functional and quite innovative. DOSH wallets aim to help you get rid of any excess baggage and streamline the contents you carry with you, which may count as a small but great change in your daily routine.

Today we’ll be looking at one of DOSH’s newest wallets, the Syncro iPhone 5/5S wallet, which was provided to me by DOSH for this review.

Syncro Wallet
I’ve been using the Syncro wallet with iPhone 5S for about a week now and got a good use of it so far. The wallet is basically a TPU iPhone sleeve with outer pockets on both sides for carrying your credit cards and cash. The TPU material of the wallet is quite solid, it feels soft, it’s water resistant and it should be very durable and can withhold any use and abuse.

The main compartment holds your phone securely in place. It is snug enough that your phone won’t move or accidentally slip out. I’ve shook it quite hard, held it upside down, shook it again and the iPhone remained in place. Yet, when you pull your phone out, it will come out easily. I’m not sure what is happening inside the Syncro that keeps everything tight in place, but it works perfectly.

Syncro Wallet Pocket
The external pockets are quite useful, too. It can hold up to 6 cards total, 3 per pocket. It can also hold some cash notes and they’ll fit securely in place. I’ve first tested the pocket with a card then I added another one. Having less than 3 cards in a pocket, the cards will feel loose inside. At first, I thought this could be an issue. However, even though the two cards were loose inside the pocket, they did not fall off when I held the wallet upside down or when I shook it. Because there’s a bit of a hollowness to the pockets, your cards will remain inside and will not slip.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the DOSH Syncro wallet for iPhone 5/5S. I’m quite surprised with how simple the design is and how perfectly it works. It is lightweight and most probably much lighter than your current wallet. The material is of great quality that you don’t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon. It is made in locally in Australia of 100% recyclable material.  Like most iPhone wallets, you won’t be able to fit in an iPhone with a case on it. This could be a deal breaker for some people, it’s not an issue for me personally though.

The DOSH Syncro Wallet is available in 8 colors. You can buy it for $69.95 with free worldwide delivery at

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushioned iPhone5/5s Case + Graphic Skins

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushioned iPhone5_5s Case
Another excellent choice from Spigen, this case is perfect either for someone how is looking for a minimal look yet tough protection, or someone who wants to easily customize and always change the design of their case. The Ultra Hybrid case, just like the Spigen Tough Armor, features air cushions that protect your iPhone against accidental drops without adding any bulk or weight to the case. You can leave it on as a clear case for a minimal look, or you can use one of Spigen’s design graphics, which are designed to match iOS 7′s default wallpapers.

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Graphic Skins:

Spigen Graphic Skins Spigen Graphic Skins_Dynamic Spigen Graphic Skins Cosmos
Each pack of these includes 4 graphic skins that will match a set of wallpapers already available on iOS7.

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Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 5/5S Protective Case

SPIGEN SGP SGP10490 Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5_5SSPIGEN SGP SGP10490 Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5_5S_

You can’t risk having your iPhone break, not only it is valuable on its own but we use it to manage our daily lives from little daily tasks, home and work tasks and even to protect our more valuable possessions like our cars or pets – see Back2You GPS trackers and iPhone app for an example. While most fully protective iPhone cases are bulky and basically ruin the design and aesthetic of your iPhone, this case by Spigen is fully inspired by the iPhone design itself. The case is only 1.5mm thick, it features a special Air Cushion technology that protects your iPhone from drops without adding bulk to the case. It is also fully compatible with Touch ID, unlike most protective cases that make it harder to press the home button. Spigen’s Tough Armor will protect your iPhone 5/5s fully without sacrificing any style or features of your iPhone, or adding any weight or bulk to it. Available in 5 colors. $24.99

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KiDiGi Universal Charging Station for Smartphones & Tablets

KiDiGi Universal Charging Station for Smartphones & Tablets KiDiGi Universal Charging Station for Smartphones & Tablets
Charge up to 4 smartphone or 3 smartphones and a tablet simultaneously. The KiDiGi charging station includes changeable charging ports that are compatible with the majority of current smartphones and tablets. It also serves as a tablet dock that holds it at the perfect viewing angle so you can use it as it charges. $99

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