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Bento Lunch Box

The Bento Box from Black + Blum is the successor to the original and famous bon appétit lunch box. This one is half the width, which means you can keep it upright in your bag. It’s just right for a filling and sumptuous meal of rice or pasta, or even sushi for that matter. The design also includes a clip for holding your fork or chopsticks.

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Dreamfarm Vebo Vegetable Steamer

Dreamfarm Vebo 7-Inch Vegetable Steam Strainer Dreamfarm Vebo 7-Inch Vegetable Steam Strainer
Steaming, boiling and straining your vegetables is now the easiest cooking task thanks to Dreamfarm’s Vebo Strainer. Featuring a unique wall design, this premium-grade silicone strainer adjusts its size to any pot you place it in and allows you to completely close the lid. This allows the vegetables to quickly boil, using any size pot you want to use. And straining the veggies is as easy as picking Vebo up from inside the pot. The silicone is heat-resistant, so it can be picked up right away. Available in two sizes: 5-inch and 7 inch.

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Personalized Pattern Rolling Pin

Personalized Pattern Rolling Pin Personalized Pattern Rolling Pin
So you’ve got your own cookie recipe that you always brag about… but here’s one more way your baked goods can be truly yours, by engraving them with your own name! You can now have your own personalized rolling pin that embosses your baked goods with phrases like “Made By ‘your name” , “Made With Love By ‘your name”, “Homemade by ‘your name’”, or even your own custom text. $56.94

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Ninja Sword Bottle Opener

Ninja Bottle Opener

Because you’re such an impressive person, opening your bottle with just any bottle opener won’t do. This Ninja sword bottle opener will look much better in your hands. $11.99

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R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser

Measuring at 4 inches tall, this fun R2-D2 bottle can be filled to the brim with soy sauce or any other liquids. You can practically see R2-D2 swaying back and forth eagerly awaiting you to tip him over so all the delicious sauces can be spread on your favorite dishes, including sushi!  

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Sushezi Sushi Made Easy

Finally Sushi Lovers! You can now make restaurant-quality sushi at home! The innovative Sushi Bazookais very easy to use, simply fill the tube with rice and add your favorite ingredients, then plunge the rice right through the tube onto a nori sheet.

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“Tough Cookies” Tattoo Cookie Cutters

Tough Cookies Cutter
For all the tough cookies out there, these tattoo shaped cookies will be your new favorite thing! Instead of a regular plain cookie, or a cutesy heart or flower shaped one, these cutters give you classic tattoo designs like a heart+dagger, swallow, rose and anchor. Each set includes 4 cutters. $11.99

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Chefs Potato Ricer

Potato Ricer
Make fluffy,  creamy and lump-free mashed potatoes easily with this Potato Ricer. While it’s made especially for potatoes, it can be used pretty much with any vegetable and fruit you’d like to quickly puree. $40

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