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Space Invaders Color Changing Lamp

Space Invaders Colour Changing Lamp
Create an arcade-like atmosphere at home with this retro inspired Space Invaders color-changing lamp. Features 4 lighting modes: fixed, flash, fade and smooth.

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Miffy Dream Lamp

Miffy Dream Lamp
Miffy floating on a cloud lost in her own dreams… this soft light lamp makes a great addition to any dreamer’s room, kid or grownup.

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Volcano Light

Volcano Light Volcano Light1
Inspired by erupting volcanoes that light up, this light gives off a soothing soft light. You can also place a glass bottle or cup in it for a cooler ambiance.

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Liquid Lamp by Kouichi Okamoto

The Liquid Lamp is a unique creation designed for Kyouei Design by the inimitable Kouichi Okamoto. The table lamp is pristine white on the outside and red on the interior. It’s made out of iron plate and would be a remarkably ordinary thing if not for the fact that it seems to be…melting. That’s right, it looks like someone turned a paint bucket upside down and the paint inside is flowing and dripping into a pool under the bucket.

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Artemide Miconos Suspension Lamp

Scintillating incandescence will be close to glorifying your indoors once you install the Artemide Miconos Suspension Lamp in your house. One of Ernesto Gismondi’s marvellous designs, this luminaire has a diffuser that’s made out of transparent hand blown glass. The diffuser handle and the lamp holding unit is shaped in chrome plated steel which complements the glass beautifully.

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Glassbulb Lamp by Oooms

A glass of best wine together with these Glassbulb Lamps by Oooms is a perfect setup to complement your romantic evenings henceforth. They are atmospheric lamps shaped like wineglass which puts forth a charming look when lit together at night. The dim LEDs set that appropriate mood for a warm dinner you wish to have with your partner alone which will undoubtedly be even better if you’re accompanied with some best wine around.

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Ghetto Lamp

To ensure your night lamp doesn’t disturb any of your neighbors, it’s always better to use something like this Ghetto Lamp. It’s a boombox inspired room lamp that glows like a power bulb at night and sits as a charming home decor item during the day. You can’t expect not to feel like tuning into some of your best music tracks while this lamp glows at night.

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Philips Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Lightstrips

Philips 259982 Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Lightstrip Philips 259982 Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Lightstrip__ Philips 259982 Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Lightstrip_
LED Light strips are an easy way to add some really impressive lighting and set a cool atmosphere in any room. Philips is taking light strips to a whole new level with their Friends of Hue lighting that you can control wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. With a free app you can download for iOS or Android, you can change the color of the lights, even pick a color from a favorite photo to get a color that truly matches your mood. You can set them to start gradually at a certain time, turn them on and off even if you’re not at home, either for security reasons or to set your lighting before you arrive. Each lightstrip is flexible and self adhesive, making them usable in any room and on any surface.

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