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Cassette Tape Bookmark

Cassette Tape Bookmark Cassette Tape Bookmark Cassette Tape Bookmark Cassette Tape Bookmark
This has to be one of my favorite bookmarks yet. The cassette features magnets on the inside so it clings securely in place. The polyester tape makes it easier to flip open your book. Sold in a set of 3, available in many colors. $6

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Mahogany Leather Pencil Case

The Mahogany Pencil Case is a full sized pencil case made to accommodate your daily stationery needs; even a scientific calculator. The wallet is constructed from genuine italian cow hide. German nylon thread is machine stitched for ultimate durability and finished with a YKK Zipper.

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SlickyNotes: The Next Generation Sticky Notes

SlickyNotes SlickyNotes
We all understand the importance of sticky notes around an office space or even at home. They’re great for leaving notes and organizing your tasks, but on the down side, they can only be used once, so you end up buying more and more. SlickyNotes are a magical kind of sticky notes, they’re a double-sided, adhesive-free notes that will turn ANY surface into a creative space! You read that right… they’re adhesive-free, yet the stick anywhere! So, how does it work?

  • SlickyNotes use electrostatic charge that lasts for weeks. This allows them to stick, re-stick and slide on any clean surface.
  • They’re double-sided, one color side and a a dry-erase side.
  • Both sides can be used interchangeably.

Need to see it to believe it? Watch the following video:

SlickyNotes are available in three sizes: small, medium, large and letter size. It’s also available as a whiteboard, Slickyboard, which works in the exact same way but gives you larger space. You can get your preferred size and pack of SlickyNotes starting at only $1.99 

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Emoji Sticker Pack

Emoji Stickers Emoji Sticker Pack
Remember back in the days when we used pass notes instead of text? They were fun but definitely lacked the fun aspect of texting, like Emoji for example. Now looks like Emoji smileys are available as stickers that you can use to enrich your notes and make them more expressive! Available as a pack of 18 sheets that includes ALL Emojis, or as large individual stickers perfect for decorating your Laptop or Tablet.

  • Emoji Sticker Pack ($12) – Buy it here.
  • Emoji Stickers ($15 for a pack of 10 large stickers) – Buy it here.

Fan of Emojis? Make sure you also check out the Emoji Pillows we’ve previously featured.

Salami Notes

These Salami Notes from DOIY Design are made for those who want to make their desktop more delicious and palatable with salami shaped notes. If you’re sick and tired of seeing the same old rectangular memos and notes on your desktop, get rid of them all and get this 1,000 memo block of salami. 

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15 Really Cool Notebooks

Nothing beats writing down your notes and thoughts in a notebook. And these notebooks are nothing short of cool, they’ll make you want to write everything, anytime, anywhere.

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1. Brilliant Ideas Notebook:
Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook

2. 1970s Style Laptop:
1970's Style Laptop Notebook

3. Sniffing Notebook (Available in many styles):
Sniffing Notebook

4. Peeping Notebooks (Available as Clown, Gas Mask, Detective or Masquerade:
Peeping Notebook

5. Archie Grand Notebooks:
Archie Grand Notebooks

6. VHS Video Notebook:
VHS Video Notebook by Monkey Business

7. Sh*t I Gotta F’ing Get Done Notebook:
Sh*t I Gotta F'ing Get Done Notebook

8. Triangle Notebook:
Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan

9. Makers Gonna Make Notebook:
Makers Gonna Make Notebook

10. Black Punk Notebooks:
Black Punk Notebooks

11. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebooks:
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebooks

12. Y’all Gonna Notebook:
Y'all Gonna Notebook

13. So Beardly Hardcover Notebook:
So Beardly Hardcover Notebook by Denik

14. Set Editions Notebooks:
Set Editions Notebooks

15. The Standard Memorandum Notebook:
The Standard Memorandum Notebook

City Clips Bookmarks

Paris Skyline Bookmarks New York Skyline Bookmarks City Clips Bookmarks
Mark your pages and create a cool skyline of your favorite city. These metal bookmarks are created to the scale of 1:5000 of architectural land marks of London, New York and Paris. 

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Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank-You Cards

Gramr Gratitude Co. Gramr Gratitude Co. Notes Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank you Notes
Gramr Gratitude Co. is on a mission to bring back the habit of a handwritten thank-you note. These beautiful cards with unmatched paper quality and a lot of personality will surely make your card’s recipient full of joy. Gramr Gratitude offers a few options to choose from: you can get a set of cards with your choice of photos taken by talented photographers, you can also opt for a set of cards complete with seal wax sticks and your own personalized wax stamp. And finally, for the always grateful, there’s an option for a monthly subscription that gets you a set pf cards with new images as well as sealing wax beginning of every month. You can pre-order your cards starting at only $16 on

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