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Joker Greeting Birthday Card
Looking to drive someone mad on their special birthday? This is the card to do it! It looks innocent enough, but what it does is play an annoying Happy Birthday song on loop, for 3 hours or until destroyed. Your friend goes crazy and you get all the laughs!

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See how it works:

Zombie Apocalypse Magnet Set
A set of 4 sheets of magnets, total of 44, with characters, props and set pieces for you to create an epic Zombie scene on your choice of metal surface, may it be the fridge, file cabinet or white board which will look way better with an apocalyptic scene than any work on it. Buy Now

Sound Wave Greeting Cards
The art you see on these greeting cards is created from the sound waves recorded from spoken greeting phrases like Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well Soon and many more. These definitely make a beautiful and unusual card to give! Buy Now

Are You Drunk Card
When it’s time to congratulate your drunk friend on any occasion, no card will do other than this funny ‘Are You Drunk’ card. The card is left blank on the inside for you to add your well wishes, envelope included. Buy Now

Grumpy Cat Valentine Glitter Bomb
Express your love for someone in a way that they’ll never forget, really, even if they wanted to! This Grumpy Cat Valentine’s card doesn’t only feature cutesy illustration and funny cat talk on it, it’s also a glitter bomb waiting to happen. The envelope is loaded with so much glitter that will explode as soon as they open they open it, and will remain on their face, clothes, floor and everything around them, possibly forever. We told you, it’s unforgettable. Buy Now

Moleskine 2014-2015 Peanuts Limited Edition Weekly Notebook Moleskine 2014-2015 Peanuts Limited Edition Weekly Notebook_Peanuts Moleskine
Moleskine’s limited edition Peanuts planner will make anyone who’s fan of the iconic comic strip very happy. The planner features graphics of the comic on the cover and some details on the inside. You also get some limited edition stickers inside the expandable pockets. The Peanuts planner is available in different designs and colors. Buy Now

Life Calendar- Healthy Lifestyle Life Calendar Healthy Lifestyle
Here’s an interesting and certainly doable way of keeping track of your healthy lifestyle. This calendar by Wap-Oh! is a simple way to track your daily health activities in a visual way:

Each day is represented by a clear apple that is meant to be completed according to the activity of the day. The apple is divided into 4 parts: water, diet, sleep and sport. You can also add small notes that you want to highlight.

The calendar includes 365 apples, one per day, numbered and ordered by month. Buy Now

Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book
Ever dreamed of designing your own comic book, but the lack of drawing skills have stopped you? This kit includes everything you need to make that dream come true, with no special drawing skills required. It includes stencils, templates, tracing paper as well as instructions on how to story-board your comic and lots of fun activities. That, with your unleashed imagination, should result in a comic book that you’ve always wanted to create. Buy Now

Perpetual Disappointment Diary Perpetual Disappointment Diary_ Perpetual Disappointment Diary__
The Disappointments Diary is a perpetual appointment diary and journal full of disappointing and demotivational verbs. Sounds like a saddening thing to own? On the contrary, it’s quite hilarious! Inside, you’ll find things like: Apology Note templates, Bank Insecurity Questions, Useful Phrases – which are usually used by disappointing people. In the Addresses page, you’ll find a section dedicated to People Who Never Call and Imaginary Friends. It is impossible not to get a chuckle out of this journal!

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