Mid Century Desk by Jeremiah Collection

Get yourself a sleek and efficiently carved Mid Century Desk by Jeremiah Collection in order to make your desktop computer arrangement look the neatest of all. Carved out of solid eastern black walnut that has a natural sap finish, the desk looks an absolute class in the world of minimal furniture designs available today.

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Minion Macbook Decal

Transform your MacBook into a mini-world of Minions with this 100% waterproof and greaseproof Minion MacBook Decal. Gru’s world of minions will finally reside on your MacBook cover, at least as a decal if not for real. The image likely says they’re pretty interested about the Apple logo and may prefer having a closer look at it.

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Solar Jar by Consol

Solar Jar by Consol
A great way to light up a party without consuming any energy. These solar-powered lights will provide up to 12 hours of light on a sunny day. Featuring solar panels embedded in the jar lids and 4 LED lights in each jar, enough to provide some cool lighting for nice outdoor or indoor setting.

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Toymail: Send Voice Mail To Your Kid’s Toy From Your Phone

Toymail Toymail iPhone App
Here’s a cool way for parents to stay in touch with their kids when traveling or on the go. Toymail is a little mail toy, kind of like a Talkie Walkie, that delivers voice messages from your smartphone to your kid and reads them out loud, in a funny voice or your own voice. Your kid can also hit a reply button on their toy to send you a voice mail too, making this a fun two-way communication between you and your kid. The Toymail app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Toymail mailmen are available in 5 different designs.

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USA Shaped Cutting Board

Your everyday hours of cutting fruits and veggies can be more inclined towards the Americano style if this USA Shaped Cutting Board finds place in your kitchen. The board has been made out of 100% rapidly renewable bamboo and is approximately 15 inches x 9 inches, ¾ inch thick.

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Rear Bike Fender by Wood’s Fenders

Advantage of bike fenders especially during adverse biking conditions is not unknown to riders and that’s exactly why you may find interest in this Rear Bike Fender by Wood’s Fenders. They are made from recycled teak wood with the mounting hardware being of stainless steel and brass in order to prevent rusting.

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Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company

Introducing Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company – A wristwatch that gives you a sophisticated design out of 80% biodegradable products. It’s got a flexible teak strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid bamboo body, both of which together makes this timepiece look extremely classic and earth friendly at the same time.

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Keplero Table

Let your furniture adapt to the environment through this eclectic design in the form of the Keplero Table whose legs can rotate around the central base. The benefit lies with the various visual structural effects you can create through this table by arranging the legs in different positions time and again. The table is entirely made from walnut wood and is a visual masterpiece you can use to beautify any corner of the house you prefer.

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