Clean your home without getting up from the couch with the Neato Botvac D Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With advanced technology, this compact robot is able to use smart lasers to scan and map each room. The Botvac D Series then uses these scans to methodically navigate, picking up every last dust bunny in each corner. The device has SpinFlow technology to combine a powerful suction with super strong brushes for a more thorough cleaning. The unique D shape of the Botvac D Series means it can handle furniture and corners of all shapes and sizes with precision.

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ZBox Batman ZBOX-TreatYourself
ZBox is Zavvi’s monthly subscription box that is themed around a geeky interest, may that be superheroes, zombies, retro video games or pop culture. Each ZBox includes £35 (about $50) worth of exclusive and licensed merchandise that you get for the price of about $30. You can subscribe to receive a box monthly or you can order just one, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you happen to be a Batman fan, then now is the time to pre-order your Batman ZBox. (Photos above are only an example from previous boxes, each monthly box is a total surprise and there’s no way to find out what’s in it before it ships.) Click here to see previous themed boxes.Buy it here

Bag of Candy Notebook
This tasty looking bag of candy is actually anything but. In fact, we don’t recommend you eat it at all! It’s actually a notebook featuring a photo-real image of a bag of candy, so it’s more suited for your colorful ideas, doodles and notes. Buy it here

Transform your iPhoneography into stunning imagery with the SNAP! PRO Camera Case Kit by bitplay. Fitting right on your iPhone 6/S, this case makes your phone look and feel like a proper camera. The amazing kit includes two interchangeable lenses: one wide angle with 113 degrees and one macro to capture the smallest of details.

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Producing up to 80W of total power and incorporating dual 0.75″ dome tweeters and a 5.25″ woofer, the Marshall Brown Stanmore Speaker delivers crisp sound in a compact design. The inbuilt Bluetooth technology allows you to pair your mobile devices with the speaker and listen to your favorite tracks in a more retro inclined style. The onboard digital optical, stereo RCA, and 3.5mm inputs also make it well equipped for wired device connections. The design is a classic beauty with the front panel bearing a vintage look and feel that makes this speaker worth having for those who love to live in the retro mood when it comes to listening music.

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Ceramic Animal Planters
Animal Planters are designed to hold small succulents and kitchen herbs. If you’re not a plant person, they’re just as suited to holding soap in the bathroom or collecting coins on a console.” Buy it here

Force of Habitat Plate Set
Start a new morning routine by setting your table with this wilderness-inspired plate set. The vibrant hues of this ceramic dishware provides limitless possibilities for sprucing up your flat, while their painterly critter graphics add a wild touch your daily drill!Buy it here

Be inspired to write more with the Wood Notebook by Pacific & West. Carefully crafted down to the finest detail, this notebook is made with a custom 5-ply real wood cover on both the front and the back to protect the crisp, white, non-bleed pages inside. The luxurious wood grain of the black walnut is visible from every angle and makes each notebook unique. The Wood Notebook is oiled by hand to preserve the wood and bring out its natural beauty. The spine is made of an ultra durable brass coil and allows the pages to lay flat on either side. Available in large (8”x5.75”) and extra large (10”x7.75”), each Wood Notebook comes with your choice of plain, ruled, or dot grid paper inside.

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Control your home and the devices inside with the Zuli Smartplug, the smart outlet plug for total home control. By simply plugging into a standard outlet, anything plugged into the Zuli Smartplug can be customized, configured, and controlled with precision. For instance, it instantly turns any lamp into a dimmable light with a timer. The Zuli Smartplug is so smart that it can also detect when you enter or a leave a room and will automatically turn your preferred devices on or off with your exact settings. Come home to the heat on, lights dimmed, and your smart TV on your favorite station. Using the app, you can also set customized schedules and even view the energy used for each device plugged into the Zuli Smartplug.

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Chill Infusion Carafe HOST Chill Infusion Carafe
Create a delicious mixture of drinks infused with fresh fruit or herbs and keep them chill for a long time. HOST’s Chill Infusion Carafe includes a chill rod that keeps your drink chill for hours. Simply freeze the rod before use and insert it into the carafe when ready to use, where it will be securely held in place by the lid. Buy it here

If you’re going to sit in a chair for eight hours a day you should be doing it right. Sit more comfortably and healthily with the W Chair, the truly ergonomic desk chair. The unique w shape of this chair allows you to sit while relieving the tension and pressure on your backbone. The uni-body frame is complete with a saddle style seat and two supports for your shins and knees. With this position, the w Chair forces you to sit with improved posture, making those eight hours much more bearable. Available in your choice of three colors, the W Chair has an elastic foam cushion with a breathable plastic surface and is toped with ta fabric cover to ensure a more comfortable day.

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Never miss any of the action with the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV. This stunning bathroom mirror measures at 42 inches in diameter and has an ultra bright fluorescent light around the circumference. Hidden by the mirror until turned on, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV also features a 15.6-inch LED HDTV right on the mirror so you can finish your show, movie, or game as you get ready. Complete with HDMI and RF input, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV has built in state of the art mini speakers to provide high quality audio to the 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio TV. A delightful addition to your morning or evening routine, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV comes with a waterproof buoyant remote.

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Amazon Tap
If you’re in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker, timing couldn’t be any better with the release of Amazon Tap, the new Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. Apart from working as a wireless speaker, Tap connects to your home WiFi to add a whole lot of features:

  • Enables Alexa Voice Service which is able to respond to your commands to play music from Prime, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.
  • Alexa Voice Service can also read the news, provide the weather report or even order you a Pizza or an Uber ride!

Amazon Tap provides up to 9 hours of play time, it features Dual stereo speakers with Dolby processing for crisp vocals and extended bass response as well as 360° omni-directional audio.
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T-Rex Oven Mitt
Commemorate the extinction of the dinosaurs with this T. Rex Oven Mitt. It will ensure you get your cookies out of the oven unscathed. It fits most adult human hands (both lefties and righties), and the ridges (rrrrexes have rrrrridges) help you grip the pan.Buy it here

tyyp BerlinBook Sketchbook tyyp BerlinBook Sketchbook
Ideas can happen anywhere, so make sure you’ve got a place to capture inspiration and record them with this gorgeous A5 sketchbook which comes up in 15 different colours.” tyyp Notebook is handmade in Berlin, available in different sizes and colors. Buy it here