Great Hare Day Vase
Every morning you awake to this rabbit vase beside your bed, you know you’re off to an excellent start! With space in its ears for two bouquets, this white ceramic bust gets you hopping around your flat, inspired to make today awesome for ‘every-bunny!’” Buy it here

ILIFE V7 intelligent sweeping robot is the new generation household vacuum cleaner with rechargeable 2600mAh li-battery. It is controlled by an advanced intelligent program, with the following sweeping modes: that includes automatic sweeping, side cleaning, special cleaning, timing cleaning, and mopping. With this vacuum cleaner at home, you can effectively release your physical body and enjoy the wisdom cleaning life. It is designed especially for the person who has a lumbar muscle strain and lumbago problems.

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Patchnride is the world’s first bicycle flat tire repair system that permanently repairs a flat tire. It is quick, easy and convenient. In under 60 seconds, your flat tire will be permanently repaired without ever having to take the tire off the wheel. No skill required. Never be stranded on a leisure bike ride or lose a race again. Patent-pending patchnride is the FIRST and ONLY real solution to easily and safely repair ALL bicycle tires that get a flat – Road, Mountain, Clincher, Tubular and Now Tubeless – on the road, in less than 60 seconds.

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Have the power of a DSLR right in the palm of your hand with the Light L16 Compact Camera. The camera uses up to ten of the incredible 16 different lenses simultaneously all ranging from 28mm, 70mm, to 100mm. Capturing an impressive 52 megapixels, the L16 Camera produces enough detail to have its shots used on a billboard. Additionally, the L16 Camera uses revolutionary depth-of-field control so you can actually choose your point of focus after you’ve taken the shot.

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Emoji Mugs Emoji Mugs Zz

You don’t have to speak to anyone anymore, you can just let your Emoji mug do the talking for you. Available in 3 classic Emojis: Hearts, Sleeping or Winking. Buy it here

Ensure you’re traveling smart and stylish with the Gingko Luggage Collection by ITO Cases. Designed to be minimalist to suit all of your styles as well as sophisticated to set you apart, this fine collection features the PEBBLE rotating lock to keep all of your items secure. Inside the bags of the Gingko Collection are BENTO cases.

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Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Take your PC gaming skills to the next level with this LED backlit keyboard featuring anti-ghosting technology that ensures none of the keys conflict with each other. The LED lights are fully adjustable with different arrangements for different gaming modes, as well as brightness and flash frequency. The back of the keyboard is non-slip and the whole keyboard is water-resistant. Buy it here

BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer

If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee, you’ll appreciate BeanPlus’ patented slow drip valve which allows you to create your desired coffee strength by adjusting the valve.

Unlike other brewers on the market, Beanplus adjusts water drip rate through the water filter rather than adjusting size of the drip hole, ensuring a consistent drip rate to produce ultimate flavor satisfaction.

The BeanPlus brewing system is compact and easy to setup. The container comes with an airtight lid to keep your coffee fresh and it allows you to take it with you on the go. Buy it here

Change the way you interact with the world using the Tap Wearable Keyboard. The beauty of this keyboard lies in the fact that it can turn anything you can touch into a typing surface. In other words, Tap transforms the tactile world into a keyboard. You just need to create your Tap account, download the Tap apps and start Tapping. The Tap Strap has a series of embedded sensors which monitor mechanical information of the hand and fingers.

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Enjoy professional sound for a fraction of the price with the ONEclassic Wireless Speaker System by ONEaudio. Finally catching the wireless industry up to the wired speaker sound quality, the ONEclassic uses DECT technology which changes how the sound is delivered to you. It works by removing the audio lag present in most system to produce a sound that rivals the audio of a live show.

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SENA Leather Watch Roll1 SENA Leather Watch Roll
An elegant way to keep your Apple Watch accessories all in one place while on the go. The SENA leather watch roll features five micro-fiber lined compartments to keep your extra bands, charging cord or your iPhone’s headphones. A small middle pocket holds a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning your watch’s screen. Buy it here

Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter
This fun set of egg cup and toast cutter will make anyone who usually skips breakfast enjoy it again! Batman will hold your egg and the cutter will turn toast into bite-size Batman symbols to make it easy for dipping. Buy it here

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From HP Laptops with up to 17.3″ diagonal screen size to a tablet as well as a smartphone, the HP Powerup backpack is capable of giving your devices a quick power boost up on the go. By using the priority power feature, you can control the order in which your devices charge. To add to this is the built-in heat sensor that monitors backpack temperature and adjusts accordingly.

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