Forget about all those list apps that are always missing something, write your lists down the old-school way. This chalkboard tablet is list-sized perfect to write down all sorts of daily lists. Each table is made from reclaimed oak, and comes with a chalk pencil. Buy it here

A stylish tray cleverly designed with comfort in mind. With two flat openings on the side, it allows you to rest your arms and comfortably eat your food. Available in different models and  three different finishes. Buy it here


Polar Ice Bucket
This fascinating ice bucket is chic and stylish. Featuring a polar bear on an ice float at the bottom, the inner wall simulates a rain cloud hanging over its icy little island. As the ice inside the bucket melts, rain drops will fall inside your polar bears habitat.
Buy it here

These elastic bookmarks make it easy for you to simply pull out a book from the shelf by pulling the top ring. You can also use the ring as a pen holder, or to hang the book on a hook, but only it’s a light book. $9 for a set of 4. Buy it here [via]

Make your drinks more refreshing and delicious with these filled ice balls. Use the 2-inch orbs to create ice balls filled with fruit, mint or anything you like. You can also create ice balls from juice. Comes in a set of 4, the orbs are BPA free, and have a top silicone seal so your ice balls won’t smell or catch flavors from left-over food in your freezer. Buy it here

Superbitus is a missile shaped piggy bank to help you target the goal of your savings every time. Write your saving goal on it with the provided white marker, and once you reach that goal, drop the missile to crash the bank. $31 Buy it here

Contrast Mugs by Royal Copenhagen, designed to look both traditional and innovative and modern. Made of porcelain, with colored silicon. $32.50 Buy it here

Any texting addict (specially with an iPhone) will recognize this whale emoticon. Available in 6 different faces, and you can even dress up your whale with a “bow”. $59 Buy it here

A simple change to sticky notes makes them more useful and practical. With these translucent stickies, you can see and read through them, and scribble all your notes while keeping your book clean. $8.50 Buy it here