Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

With the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front, the Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set is the ultimate luxury set you can gift your chess playing friend for sure. Apart from the chess pieces, it also comes with 16 black and 16 red pieces for playing draughts. The board is constructed from carbon fibre covered wood with the playing area featuring alternate squares in carbon fibre and fibreglass.

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Porch Light Cover

Behold the spirit of the Galactic Empire as it comes to reside on your porch walls with this amazingly beautiful Star Wars Stormtrooper Porch Light Cover. With the Stormtrooper’s head lighting up every evening, you’ll now be able to tell the rest of the world how big a Star Wars addict you are.

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Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign

Opening a dishwasher only to find it full of dirty dishes can be quite disappointing. Avoid such disappointments by using this reversible magnetic sign!

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Lim C Table Lamp by Pablo Pardo

Lim C Table Lamp by Pablo Pardo
Beautiful minimalist LED task lamp by designer Pablo Pardo. The lamp attaches to a hidden undersurface magnetic base, giving you maximum desk space. Light power can be adjusted via touch control.

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Let’s Be Lazy Pillowcase Set

Let's Be Lazy Pillowcase Set
This set of pillowcases gives you permission to hit the snooze button over and over again.

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CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank

Welcome your savings booster in a reimagined layout with this CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank. Yes, it works like a standard piggy bank with a chunky rubber stopper in the bottom to help you take your funds from the piggy’s tummy without breaking this tiny bank you have. But the interesting part of the bank is its exterior which is built of a chalkboard material for you to set your targets along the way.

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SevenFriday Industrial Essence Blue Watch

Travel into that world of blues surrounding you after wearing the SevenFriday Industrial Essence Blue Watch on your wrist. Through an interesting interface, this watch takes you to the mechanical world of time viewing with a stainless steel case having a black PVD treatment. The blue dial has been complemented with an alternative jet black opalin finish which is what makes the watch look more eye-catching and beautiful.

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Scented Belgian Waffle/Donut Coin Purse

Scented Belgian Waffle Coin PurseScented Donut Purse
Stash your coins in one these crispy waffle shaped purses, but resist every urge to actually bite them! The purses not only look delicious, but smell like freshly baked cakes. And if waffles are not your thing, they’re also available as donuts. Pick from three flavors: Original, Chocolate or Strawberry.

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