Dark Clouds Wall Decal
The Dark Clouds is an absolutely stunning wall decal that adds lots of excitement to any room, may it be your bedroom, living room or office. The decal is self-adhesive, doesn’t require any special tools or installation. It’s reusable and will not damage your walls when removed. Buy it here

Introducing the 560G Bike Lock by Altor, the lightest high security bike lock on the market. Weighing just 560 grams as the name suggests (just 1.23 pounds), this bike lock is made entirely of grade 5 titanium and has held up to rigorous testing including a chisel, high heat, freezing, sawing, and even a 4-foot bolt cutter (spoiler: the 560G won each time).

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Choose comfort for your entire workday with the EvoDesk Programmable Desk. Made with recycled composite wood and available in your choice of a carbon black, polar white, or slate grey finish, this desk can move at 1.5 inches per second to adjust itself to your ideal height. The front of the desk has a control panel complete with buttons for moving the desk up and down, four programmable presets, and even a screen to show how high, in inches, the desk currently is.

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Leather Heart Bookmark
Keep track of your reading material using these sweet heart-shaped leather bookmarks. Available in black, brown or gold, the Heart bookmarks are made of two pieces of natural leather that slip on to the edge of any page. Buy it here

Dino LampsDino Lamp
Light up your living or work space with one of these glowing prehistoric creatures. Available in three breeds (T-Rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus), the lamps feature energy efficient LED bulbs that will provide you with a nice glow. Buy it here

TellyMount- Better Video Calls & Motion Games on TV TellyMount- Better Video Calls & Motion Games on TV_
Take your mobile video calling to a new level with TellyMount. Using TellyMount, you can take your video calls on your TV, so no need for everyone to squeeze into the camera anymore! How does it work? TellyMount works by holding your phone up on top of your TV. Using any media streaming device like an Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV you can mirror your phone to your TV. As your phone is set at a good distance, it will work more as a webcam and everyone around can be including in the video. TellyMount was designed to fit all Smartphone size and all TVs, it’s also angle-adjustable. Buy it here

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth SpeakerAmazonBasics Nano Speaker_
Amazon’s smallest portable speaker ever is the perfect companion for your road trip, summer camp, or even at home. The Bluetooth enabled speaker connects to any Bluetooth device and plays music for up to 6 hours on a single charge. It also has a built-in mic for talking calls. The speaker also features a hand silicone handle that allows you to hang it anywhere, including your shower since it’s splash proof! Available in 3 colors. Buy it here

Giacinto Speakers
Giacinto is the first DIY stereo loudspeaker made out of recycled leather that comes in an assembling kit. It’s very easy to assemble, has a high quality and is beautifully designed and strategically optimized during the production process, in order to be as sustainable as possible. Giacinto invites users of any age to be part of the production process and thereby to listen to music in a more conscious way, by offering them a sensorial, educational and interacting experience. We design it, you build it!

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