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Bag of Candy Notebook
This tasty looking bag of candy is actually anything but. In fact, we don’t recommend you eat it at all! It’s actually a notebook featuring a photo-real image of a bag of candy, so it’s more suited for your colorful ideas, doodles and notes. Buy it here

Donut Hole Coffee Mug
Coffee and Donuts were always meant to be together, and this mug helps keep their relationship close and strong. Slide your donut into the slot, pour yourself some coffee and enjoy a nice break away from the hustle. Not feeling like having a Donut? That slot will gladly host a cookie, chocolates or any little snack you might desire. Buy it here

It’s only natural that you reach for the nearest donut when you’re stressed. In an effort to keep your weight in-check, we present you with the Donut stress ball that smells  just like a real donut! Squeeze your stress away instead of eating it away. And no matter what, avoid biting these delicious looking stress balls. Buy it here

Light Stax Electric Light Blocks
Light Stax will take your building blocks game to a new level. The block uses LED lights to illuminate. They will magically light up as soon as they touch with the power base or lit Stax block. Features 4 light modes: Always on, 15 minute auto-off, fading and flashing. Buy it here

Backpacking Panda Planter
Maintaining a plant has been so easy with this adorable little planter. The panda hangs on the edge of any cup or mug, carrying a little basil plant on his backpack. Using a straw, the panda will make sure to continue watering the plant for you. Buy it here

This mug is oversized and can be used as a cup or a bowl.  Score some major league points with this patented invention and be part of the play with your food sensation sweeping the nation!Buy it here

Fruit of the Bloom Flower Pot Fruit Vase Fruit of the Bloom Flower Pot Fruit Vase-contents
Arrange your fruits in an impressive edible bouquet with the help of this easy to use kit. The kit includes decorative cutters that you can use to cut fruits or cheese, a melon baller, stems and a display vase. And when not in use, all these little bits and pieces can be stored within the vase. Buy Now

Pac-Man Arcade Screen Wall Decal

Turn your wall into a screenshot of the most successful coin operated game ever made, Pac-Man! This set of wall decal include everything you need to create a winning Pac-Man game:

  • 1 39 inch x 50 inch arcade screen
  • 1 5 inch Pac-Man
  • 5 2.25 inch Pac-Man
  • 12 2.5 inch ghost
  • 16 Ghost eyes
  • 190 Various sized dot cover-ups
  • 2 Various sized arcade console decals
  • 28 Various sized game play decals.

The decals are made with Blik’s Re-Stik so they can be rearranged at anytime without damaging the wall or losing its adhesiveness.

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Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser
We can learn a thing or two from sloths, there’s nothing wrong with lazing around and taking things slow every now and then. No wonder they’re smiling all the time! This cute Sloth infuser reminds you of just that; take things easy, enjoy a slow brew of tea with your new best friend, the sloth, hanging on your cup. Buy Now