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Sånd Play Sand Sånd Play Sand_ Sånd Play Sand__
Sånd brings the best part of the beach right to your living room, minus all the mess! It works pretty much just like real sand, only it has a few magical elements to it that makes it easy to mold and sculpt, but it doesn’t create ANY type of mess. Sånd play sand is completely dry, but has a wet sand texture to it. It flows like real sand, but sticks to itself when it’s clean-up time. We told you it’s magical,  it’s simply one of those  things you have to try yourself to believe! $19.99 Buy it here

Candy Magic Candy Dispenser Candy Magic Candy Dispenser_
Candy Magic dispenses your favorite candy just by placing your hand under the chute. The motion-activated dispenser gives you all the candy yumminess without the potential germ exchange. It holds 34 ounce of candy, and you can choose from 4 portion sizes ranging from small handful to a large bowl. $29.99 Buy it here

Joie Dipping Cone
Now here’s a fun way to enjoy your delicious fries even more. This BPA-free plastic cone holds your fries, or if you prefer veggies or other finger food, and your choice of dip in the little removable dip dish, for an easier, mess-free way to devour your snacks. $4.99 Buy it here