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13 Cool Gadgets & Tools For an Easy and Fun Breakfast

West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster:
West Bend TEM4500W Egg and Muffin Toaster
This multi-function toaster will toast your bread and bagels, cook your eggs and warm meat. The egg cooker includes a tray to scramble or poach eggs, and a basket for soft or hard boiling up to 8 eggs. Another tray can be used to warm any cooked meat or vegetables. Buy it here.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker:
Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Create the ultimate homemade breakfast sandwich in just 5 minutes. Simply stack your choice of fillings, your choice of bread, bagels or muffins, close the lid and everything should cook and be ready in about 5 minutes. A cooking plate is used to shape and hold the egg or anything that needs to be cooked. Buy it here.

Nostalgia Electrics 2-in-1 Breakfast Treats Maker:
Nostalgia Electrics FTW200 2-in-1 Breakfast Treats Maker
Breakfast treats on a stick should make your Sunday brunch extra special! This maker includes interchangeable plates that allow you to make waffles or french toast treats, 5 per batch, in just a few minutes. Bamboo sticks are included with the maker, so you should be all set right away. All plates are nonstick and dishwasher safe. Buy it here.

Bialetti Easy Cafe 6-Cup Espresso Maker:
Bialetti Easy Cafe 6-Cup Espresso Maker
A moka pot or stovetop espresso maker is a popular method of making traditional Italian style coffee. It’s quick and easy buy still requires some effort on your part. This Bialetti espresso maker works the exact way as a moka pot, but it’s electric, so all you have to do is plug it in, push a button and your authentic Italian coffee should be ready in no time! Buy it here.

Breville One Touch Tea Maker:
Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker
Prefer tea to coffee? This Breville tea maker will make you the best cup of tea you’ve ever tasted. It is fully automated with a tea basket that moves up and down to steep your tea for the exact right amount of time, at the exact right water temperature. Depending on the type of tea you’d like to enjoy, you can select a pre-set button that will activate the kettle to prepare the right water temperature and steep time for that type of tea. This tea maker offers a whole new way for a tea lover to enjoy their favorite beverage. Buy it here.

Collections Etc – Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label:
Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label
Whether you’re baking muffins, cupcakes or pancakes, this batter dispenser makes the process easier and mess-free. Buy it here.

And now for some tabletop humor…

Arthur Boiled Egg Cup Holder with Eating Spoon:
Arthur Boiled Egg Cup Holder with Eating Spoon
Your egg in shining Armour! Buy it here.

Bad Egg – Egg Cup:
Bad Egg Mold
If you prefer your breakfast with a little more attitude. Buy it here

Funny Side Up Owl Shaped Egg Mold:
Owl Shaped Egg Mold
Start your day with some creativity with this Owl egg shaper. Also available as a skull. Buy it here.

Sunnyside Up Silicone Egg Shaper:
Sunnyside Silicone Egg Shaper
Another fun way to create some food art. This shaper will shape your egg into a beautiful sunny scenery. Buy it here.

Wake Up Mug:
Wake Up Mug
The mug that fully wakes up as soon as you pour in coffee or tea (or any hot liquid for that matter), kinda just like you! Buy it here.

Open Sesame Bagel Slicer:
Open Sesame Bagel Slicer
Perform your own magic show at your breakfast table. Place your bagel, slide the knife, you’ll end up with TWO slices and no one gets hurt! Buy it here.

Mister Tea Infuser:
Mr. Tea will be your best companion for your fist cup of tea and every other one throughout the day. Buy it here.

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