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15 Cool Everyday Gadgets For Under $20

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your cool gadgets! Today we bring you some really cool everyday gadgets at incredibly affordable prices, all sold at MiniInTheBox.com. At Mini In The Box, you’ll find everything you need at deals you simply cannot pass. As a frequent customer myself, I can guarantee you the best customer service. To be honest, some products I’ve purchased were not to my expectation, but I did receive a refund or replacement offer without any questions asked, so that was a huge plus. And for a limited time, you’ll be able to get free worldwide expedited shipping on any order over $35, that’s a deal you’ll want to jump on as, from my experience, regular airmail can be quite slow.

Now, let’s have a look at our cool gadgets….

Curving Rope Style Bottle Holder Wine Rack Stand
Turn a few heads at your next dinner party with this bottle holder that makes your wine bottle floats on air with a rope tied around it! $13.99 [Buy it here]

Upside Down Beer Bottle Style Double Walled Glass Cup
Take a break from sipping your favorite drink right out of the bottle. This glass will give you the illusion of an upside down bottle inside the glass. And because it’s double-walled, it keeps your drink cool for a longer time. $9.99 [Buy it here]

Activated Carbon Filtering 400/580ml Water Bottle (Random Color)
Keep hydrated throughout the day with this water bottle with a built-in filter available in 6 colors. $3.99 [Buy it here]

Self Stirring Mug for Tea Coffee Soup (2xAAA)
Here’s why you need a self-stirring mug, it’s not because you’re too lazy to stir your own coffee, although that’s why it was made… but it’s perfect for milk coffee or hot chocolate as it creates a nice froth as a result of the automatic stirring. $17.99 [Buy it here]

Magic Color Changing ON OFF Pattern 250ml Ceramic Cup Mug
Fill this mug up with hot liquid and watch it change from OFF to ON, pretty much reflecting your mental state as you enjoy your favorite beverage! $11.99 [Buy it here]

Creative Cow Udder Style Creamer Pitcher Double-Walled Jug
Add some humor to your coffee or tea time with this double-walled creamer jug. $9.99 [Buy it here]

Potted Plant Design Silicone Tea Filter Strainer (Random Colors)
Designed to look like a flower pot, this tea infuser is fun, cute and functional. The flower is the infuser, and the pot serves as a holder where you’ll keep the infuser after you’ve steeped your tea so you don’t have to deal with any mess. $4.99 [Buy it here]

8-In-1 Bottle Kitchen Tools Set
An 8 in 1 set that includes many of your daily needed kitchen gadgets; funnel, squeezer, seasoning grinder, a masher, cheese grinder, bottle opener, egg separator, and measuring cup. It all stacks up vertically, saving a lot of storage space. $13.99 [Buy it here]

Multifunctional Fruit And Vegetable Processing Tools (Random Color)
Your salads and meals will look so cool and yummy with this veggie peeler. Simply insert the vegetable you’d like to peel, twist and see it come out as long and curly shavings. $4.99 [Buy it here]

Citrus Lemon Fruit Mist Sprinkling Extractor Juicer Spray
No need to squeeze your citrus fruit, just punch in this sprayer right into a lemon or an orange and it’ll spray the juice like magic! Includes two sizes of sprayers. $3.99 [Buy it here]

Innovative Infrared Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser
Place your hand under this soap dispenser and it will automatically dispense soap for as long as you keep your hand under the spout. $19.79 [Buy it here]

Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser with Hourglass
An all-in-one dental station that holds your toothbrushes, automatically dispenses toothpaste and it features an hour glass that tracks your brushing time. $15.29 [Buy it here]

Portable Multi-Purpose Storage Bag
Organize all your daily items and accessories in one easy to carry bag. With so many pockets and compartments it will hold and organize all your daily essentials. It fits perfectly in other larger bags, so you can change your bag everyday and not worry about forgetting something. $7.49 [Buy it here]

Mini 256 Living Colors LED Mood Light with Touchscreen Scroll Bar (USB)
a little mood light source provides with with cool light at different colors of your choice. Swipe your finger over the touch screen scroll bar to choose the shade you want, it’s that simple! This one is a little over our budget of $20, but it’s well worth the extra $4.99. $24.99 [Buy it here]

4 USB Hubs Detachable Indoor Wall Charger for iPhone/iPad and Others (5V 2.1A MAX, EU Plug)
This USB plug is such a life saver for any frequent traveler or for any one with many gadgets to charge at home. The plug features 4 USB ports so you simply plugin up to for devices in it, using one outlet instead of 4! It can be used with any USB charging gadget. $12.99 [Buy it here]

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