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15 Must-Have Cool Office Gadgets and Accessories

We spend most of our days in our offices, so it only makes sense that we need it to be a fun and stress-free place. You can do that by simply using the right tools and accessories to make your office more organized, easy to work in and a fun place to stay in for long hours. Here are a few gadgets and accessories that will make your office a better place!


Varidesk Workspace Platform:
Varidesk Workspace Platform
The Varidesk platform allows you to work either sitting down or standing up. It can be set up at different adjustable heights. It’s the perfect solution to move, change your position and recharge your energy, even if you can’t leave your desk. [Buy from Amazon]

iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer:
iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer
A multi-function organizer featuring built-in USB hub, memory card reader, phone holder, pen holder and a cup holder. You’ll finally be able to see your desk again!  [Buy from Amazon]

Natural Light Smart LED Tilting Head Desk Lamp:
Natural Light Smart LED Tilting Head Desk Lamp
This LED light provides you with natural light that won’t stress you over a long period of time. It works on 4 different modes: reading, study, relaxation and bedtime. And the brightness for each mode can be manually adjusted by your for the best lighting suitable to you. [Buy from Amazon]

Sky Light Covers by Skypanels:
Sky Light Covers by Skypanels
Sometimes you’re in the office for too long you’re not even sure what the outside world looks like anymore. Being inside under fluorescent lights all day can lead to a lot of stress. These Skypanels featuring images of beautiful skies can replace your current light panels, so whenever you look up, and no matter what it’s like outside, you’ll see beautiful clear skies that will reduce your stress instantly. [Buy from Amazon]

Sort it Out! Wall Caddy:
Sort it Out! Wall Caddy by Three by Three
Organize your office and increase your efficiency with this wall caddy. Features three compartments, three hooks, a magnetic surface and a dry-erase wall that you can write on. Includes magnets, dry erase pen and all mounting hardware.[Buy from Amazon]

Desktop Punching Bag:
Desktop Punching Bag
Not happy about that email you just received? Take it out on this desktop punching bag! It attaches to any desktop surface using a suction cup, so you can punch the stress away and feel instantly better. [Buy from Amazon]

Writable Coaster Pads:
Writable Coaster Pads
Keep your desktop stain-free and your notes where you can see them with these writable coaster pads with dry-erase surface. [Buy from Amazon]

Apple Macintosh Pen Holder:
Apple Macintosh Pen Holder
Any Apple fan would love to have this retro- mac on their desk. Perfect for holding anything from pens and pencils to a small plant. Buy it here.

Magic Feet by Mobee Technology:
Magic Feet by Mobee Technology
If you use Apple’s wireless keyboard, mouse or track pad, this induction charger is a must-have! The Magic Feet charger can charge up to three devices at the same time. It also adds 4 USB ports to your computer. AC powered. [Buy from Amazon]

Flower USB Hub:
Flower USB Hub
a light up USB hub with flexible ports for easy access to all ports. As soon as you connect the hub, the ‘stems’ of the ports will light up. [Buy from Amazon]

Moby Stapler:
Moby Stapler
It’s a whale-shaped stapler, need we say more? That’s all it needs to be the coolest stapler you’ll ever have. Buy it here

Crap Storage Boxes:
Crap Storage Boxes by Knock Knock
First rule of organization is proper labeling. These boxes accurately describe everything you’ll put in them.  [Buy from Amazon]

Handy Wind-Up Shredder:
Handy Wind-Up Shredder
Easily shred papers, anytime and anywhere with this handy manual shredder. [Buy from Amazon]

Work Hard Stay Humble Decal:
Work Hard Stay Humble
Apply this decal on your office wall for some instant inspiration. Buy it here.

The Life Calendar:
The Life Calendar by Brigada Creative
Get a visual of how your days go with this Life Calendar. It’s quite simple: draw an emoticon on each circle based on how you feel about that day. Each blue circle represents the first day of the month. As the circles start to fill up, you’ll get a better idea of how your days go, and maybe you’ll start to notice a pattern that will help you figure out what makes you happy or sad. Buy it here.

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