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15 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Even if you’re not especially a cook, we all spend more time in our kitchens than we’d like. We prepare our food, our drinks, we sit and eat in it. So why not make it a fun place to be? Here’s a list of really cool kitchen gadgets and accessories that will make your time at the kitchen more fun!

Splash Spoon Rest:

Splash Red Spoon Rest
Got your Splash cutting board yet? You’ll want to complete the look in your kitchen with this matching spoon rest. Your ladle is bound to make a splash anyway, at least with this spoon rest, it will look cool and you won’t have to clean the kitchen counter! Buy it here

Condiment Gun:

Condiment Gun
Squirting sauce out of a bottle is so uncool, shooting it out of a gun is the way to go! Featuring two cartridges that you can load with your favorite sauces, the Condiment Gun is simply a cool way to add more fun to your table. Buy it here

Eggpress Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Mold:

Eggspress Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Mould
Shape your hard boiled eggs like a heart and add it to your meals. That’s how you can really say it’s been made with love and you’ve really put your heart into it. Buy it here

Oil Can Oil and Vinegar Dispenser:

Oil Can Oil And Vinegar Dispenser
Your garden salad looks like it needs some watering…. use this little watering can to sprinkle oil or vinegar to your salad and other meals. Buy it here

Salad Zinger:

Now, if you want to add some serious flavor fusion to your meals, Salad Zinger is a must-have in your kitchen. This smart gadget features a grinder at the bottom where you can add the flavors you want to add to your oil or vinegar. With fresh ingredients in the grinding compartment, simply shake to infuse fresh flavor to your dressing. Buy it here

Salt and Pepper Fire Buckets:

Pinch Pots Salt And Pepper Fire Buckets
If you remember the almost ancient fire buckets, these salt and pepper buckets will definitely bring a smile to your face. The metal buckets can sit on your counter top or dining table to give you a quick access to salt and pepper whenever a pinch of them is needed. Buy it here

Retro Wooden Produce Trays:

Retro Wooden Produce Tray
Serve your guests fresh drinks and yummy dessert in one of these beautifully designed retro trays that look like produce boxes. Available in three designs; Raspberries, Strawberries and Garden Roses. Buy it here

Half Pint Milk Jug:

Half Pint Unusual Milk Jug
A glass creamer that takes the familiar form of a milk carton. Not only does this look cool, it also makes a lot more sense than old boring creamers! Buy it here

Lid Sid:

Lid Sid
Little Sid is either trying to climb into your pot or find his way out. Either way, he’s there to help you let off some steam… off the pot that is. Buy it here

Karoto Vegetable Sharpener Peeler:

Karoto Vegetable Sharpener Peeler
Yes, you can now peel your vegetables by using a sharpener! Not only will you peel them, you’ll also be able to create cool long shavings that you can use to decorate your food. Buy it here

Funny Side Up Skull Egg Mold:

Funny Side Skull Egg Mould
Be careful! Your eggs might just be dangerously delicious looking with this skull egg mold. Buy it here

Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutters:

Cursed Cookie Cutter
Happy Gingerbread men are not to everyone’s taste. We’re sure you have a friend or two that would appreciate the cursed Voodoo version of it instead, which are quite easy to make using these Cursed cookie cutters. Buy it here

Tom, Dick & Harry Storage Jars:

Tom Dick & Harry Storage jars
This set of three porcelain storage jars make a fun addition to any kitchen. Tom, Dick and Harry will keep anything safe and sealed for you; sugar, coffee, tea or little kitchen items that you don’t want to lose. Also available in black. Buy it here

Magic Whisk Rotary Whisk and Frother:

Magic Whisk Rotary Whisk And Frother
Here’s your kitchen magic wand to add  a magical touch to anything you prepare. The rotary whisk uses simple and clever mechanism to rotate without needing any batteries to operate, but only by pushing it up and down. Buy it here

“Whisked Off” Whisk:

Whisked Off Food Whisk
But if a magic wand is not your thing, and maybe you’d prefer something that you’d be over the mood about, this whisk with a retro rocket as its handle is for you. Buy it here


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