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20 Really Cool Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

Whether you’re a coffee or a tea person, there’s one thing everyone agrees on: we all need cool mugs to enjoy our preferred beverage. What we have for you today is the ultimate list of coolest mugs and travel mugs – so you continue to look cool even on the go!

1. The Morning Mug: [Buy it here]
The mug that gradually wakes up as you pour in hot liquid into it. Pretty much just like you.
Morning Mug

2. “Have a Nice Day” Mug: [Buy it here]
It’s nice to wish people a nice day every morning, but the bottom of this mug will tell them exactly how you feel without you having to say a word.
Have A Nice Day Mug

3. Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug: [Buy it here]
Apart from its cool retro looks, you’ll love the fact that it can keep your coffee hot as well as re-heat it! That’s right, it comes with a DC adapter that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and it will keep your coffee hot on the go. Available in red or black.
Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

4. Knuckle Mug: [Buy it here]
These large porcelain novelty mugs with knuckle duster/brass knuckle shaped handles will ensure your coffee packs a serious punch.” Available in Black/Silver or White/Gold.
Knuckle Duster Mug

5. Wake Up Mug: [Buy it here]
Now that’s a cup that had to pull an all-nighter just like you. But it’ll fully wake up as soon as that coffee or tea hits it.
Wake-Up Cup

6. Mighty Travel Mug: [Buy it here]
Place this mug on any flat surface and it will firmly grip on it making it impossible to knock down. But how about when you want to pick it up for a sip? It will actually detach itself right away! Yup, it is that smart!
Mighty Travel Mug

7. Get Amp’d Mug: [Buy it here]
Prefer to start your morning like a rock star? This Amp mug should get the job done!
Get Amp'd Mug

8. The Bat Mug: [Buy it here]
Being a rock-star is not your thing? You’ll like sipping your coffee like a super-hero way better, then!
The Bat Mug

9. Temperature Display Mug [Buy it here]
A common problem is sipping coffee so hot that it burns your tongue. This mug displays the temperature of the hot beverage inside it so you know when it’s at the perfect temperature for drinking.

Temperature Display Coffee Mug

10. Pac-Man Heat Sensitive Mug: [Buy it here]
Fill this mug up with any hot beverage and watch a game of Pac-Man appear on it!
Pac Man Heat Change Mug

11. Creature Cups: [Buy it here]
Fill any of these mugs up, serve to a friend and watch the surprise on their face as something starts to appear on the bottom of their coffee!
Creature Cups

12. Cuppa-Can Double-walled Porcelain Mug: [Buy it here]
Looks like a soda can, perfect to hold and keep any hot or cold beverage! Comes with a cool lid to keep your coffee or tea in your cup and not on your clothes.
Cuppa-Can Double Walled Porcelain Mug

13. Canned Insulated Travel Mug: [Buy it here]
Drinking your coffee/tea out of a spray can, now that’s something new! It will surely confuse people, and you’ll definitely enjoy the look on their faces.
Canned Insultated Travel Mug

14. The Advice Mug: [Buy it here]
Maybe you prefer to start your day with some pep-talk… this mug, full of wise advice and tough love will make sure you start your day off very inspired.
The Advice Mug

15. Face Mug: [Buy it here]
Who doesn’t like a donut or a cookie with their coffee? You’ll appreciate this mug that takes your love for yummy treats into consideration!
Face Mug

16. 2-Carat Coffee Mug: [Buy it here]
You’re not ready to pop the question, that’s okay. You can still take your relationship to the next level with this mug with a ring on it, you’ll sure get points for being funny.
2-Carat Coffee Cup

17. Buried Treasure Mug: [Buy it here]
Place this mug on your desk and you’ll see a few heads turn, guaranteed!
Buried Treasure Mug

18. Constellation Mug: [Buy it here]
The mug that takes you to the moon and back in an instant!
Constellation Mug

19. Wave Commuter Mug:  [Buy it here]
Beautifully designed, the Wave Mug does not only look nice, it’s quite functional too. It comes with its own drip filter so you can make the freshest cup of coffee. The insulated double-walled porcelain makes sure your coffee stays hot for a longer time. And it’s worth mentioning, it definitely has the coolest sliding lid you’ll ever see.
Wave Commuter Mug

20. JOCO Glass Coffee Cup: [Buy it here]
JOCO is definitely one of the best looking to-go coffee cups out there. Made of glass, wrapped with a silicone sleeve and topped with a protective silicone lid. The cup is available in many colors.
Joco Glass Coffee Cup

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