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5 Hilarious Books To Keep You (And Your Guests) Entertained

These books aren’t the latest in the world of literature, but they do carry a great amount of humor and wittiness that will keep you amused on any boring day.

Coolness Graphed:

Coolness Graphed Coolness Graphed_Inside
Sure, you’re a cool person who knows what’s cool and what’s not. But this book lets you see it all in graphs and in comparison with other things, giving you more insights on the subject.  – Buy it here

Inconsequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts For Life’s Peskier Questions:

Inconsequential Dilemmas Inconsequential Dilemmas_Inside
Have trouble taking a decision on life’s everyday dilemmas? Should you pick up that food you just dropped? Should you change the channel? Should you do your laundry? This book has 45 flowcharts that will help you out with a decisive answer to these questions.  – Buy it here.

Dinner Party Guest Book:

Dinner Party Guest Book
This truly hilarious guest book gives your guests a chance to rate their stay at your home in a fun way that will give everyone a chuckle. – Buy it here.

Bathroom Guest Book:

Bathroom Guest Book Bathroom Guest Book_Inside
Even more hilarious than the Dinner Guestbook, this book gives your guest a chance to express themselves in a place where thoughts are more intimate, the bathroom.  – Buy it here

Lines For All Occasions: Excuses and Lies

Excuses and Lies (Lines For All Occasions) Excuses and Lies (Lines For All Occasions)_
Never get caught off-guard without a proper lie or excuse that will get you out of a situation you’d rather not be in. This one-liner book has all the lies and excuses you might need for any occasion. And if you might need one-liners other than lies and excuses, the Lines for All Occasions is also available for Pickups and Come-ons, Insults and Comebacks, Tweets and Status Updates and many more.  – Buy it here

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