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Around the World Chocolate Bars

Around the World Chocolate Bars
Travel the world one bite at a time with this set of 5 worldly flavor chocolate bars. The chocolates combine unlikely flavors that will truly surprise you:

  • England: Luxurious milk chocolate infused with mild and fragrant Madras curry spices along with crunchy chip sticks.
  • USA: Creamy and crunchy peanut butter chocolate folded with real strawberries
  • Italy: A powerful burst of fruity coffee-flavored chocolate rolled with crunchy Amaretti biscuits
  • Germany: A dark and complex cherry-flavored chocolate filled with real cherries and sprinkled with indulgent white chocolate shavings
  • Japan: One to clear the nostrils. Creamy Belgian white chocolate laden with crunchy and spicy wasabi peas
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