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BBQ Fancy Box

BBQ Fancy Box
BBQ Box Fancy
Now seems to be the perfect time to gear up for some good BBQ parties! With Memorial Day and Father’s Day on the way, and soon enough it’ll be summer, this Fancy Box full of BBQ tools is simply a must-have for the home cook! The box includes these awesome innovative tool:

  • Grill Wrangler: 3-in-1 tool that transforms from tongs to spatula to grilling fork
  • Metal Sliders: 4 metal skewers that guide food off when you’re ready to eat
  • Cyclone Spiral Hotdog Slicer: tool that slices wieners into perfect grilling spirals
  • Porter: BBQ tray that separates raw foods and requires no more than one trip from kitchen to grill
  • Glide Knife Cleaning Clip: device that clips onto a knife blade to glide food off
  • Stem Flavor Spray: tool that allows you to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit
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