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Category: Accessories

Wooden accessories are very trendy at the moment, may it be personal or gadget accessories, using wood as the main material in an accessory gives it a beautiful texture and warm natural feel.

We’ve already featured these wallets by Haydanhuya, and they were kind enough to send me a wallet to try out.

A lot of people still find the concept of a wood wallet an odd one, and they seem to agree that it’s one of those items that look good but are not quite as usable or practical as they claim to be. Well, I personally believe it all depends on the design of the wallet itself, and not necessarily the ‘wood’ part of it.

Haydanhuya’s wallets are handmade from a solid piece of lime wood. They’re made as limited edition pieces, and each wallet comes with a authenticity certification that includes the edition number of your wallet and your name. The edition of the wallet will be engraved on the back, too.

The wallet I received is the Woodwallet O . The material of it is pretty solid, and it’s well-made. I was able to comfortably fit in three cards and a few folded bills in it. What I really like about this design in particular is the hole in the middle which makes it really easy to slide out your cards with a simple push with your thumb. And I was actually surprised that the cards and bills stayed securely in place even though it lacks the leather strip their original Wood wallet has.

This type of wallet isn’t recommended for people who keep their wallets in their back pockets. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel as bulky as you’d imagine it to be. It makes a great cardholder to keep in your bag as well.

What I’d like to see is perhaps the ability to customize the wallets with a name, just to give it more of a personalization along with the edition number.  Overall, I’m quite happy with the Haydanhuya wallet, and highly recommend it as a solid cardholder.

Please visit http://www.haydanhuya.com to see all their wallets, and you can see some ‘making of’ photos of the wallets here: http://haydanhuya.tumblr.com/


WoodWallet O – $45 Buy it here

If you’re looking for something more creative than the usual ring with heart shape on it, this ring by Innopark is something to consider. Two cuts on the silver band don’t look like much up close, but when you look at it from the top, a heart shape becomes clearer. $78 Buy it here

Wouldn’t you love a backpack stacked with tons of $100 bills? The bag features two compartments, one is a laptop compartment and the other is for all your items. So on top of all that cash, it will fit all your stuff! $50 Buy it here

Beach season is coming soon, and you’ll need a safe place to keep your stuff while you’re enjoying your beach activities. This little safe masked as tanning lotion can keep your keys, money and phone. It’s a brilliant idea, but as it gets more popular we’ll have to worry about thieves checking for tanning lotion bottles until they find a good stash. $13 Buy it here

I’m a huge fan of Hard Graft’s products, I’m a proud owner of their iPhone wallet and I always find their products hard to resist. This card case is one of their new products, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like bulky wallets, you can use it to hold a few cards and notes. The elastic ribbon holds your cards in place while adding some nice detail to the case. Made of premium Italian leather and wool felt. $51 Buy it here

Here’s a new way to keep and protect your keys. KeyKeeper covers your keys entirely, protecting them from breaking as well as protecting your things from key scratches and such. As you insert your key into the keyhole, KeyKeeper will easily roll up so it’s very easy and functional to use. $6.50 Buy it here (Japanese > English translated page)