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Whichever part of the world you call home, we know you take pride in it. Celebrate your patriotism with a custom typography art shaped like the map of your state, city or country. MapMyState specializes in typographic map art that is available as prints, mugs, t-shirts and baby onesies. Most maps are already available and you can pick the color of your choosing, but if you prefer a custom order and want to personalize your artwork, you can do so at no additional charge for most minor changes. Visit to see the entire art collection! Buy it here

If you happened to be on a budget, you’ll appreciate this list of gifts under $50 that don’t suck. Actually, quite the opposite, these are some of the coolest things you can get without breaking the bank!

Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse:

Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse
Give the visiting birds in your garden a quality place to stay. Modeled on the moon sized space station from Star Wars, this ceramic birdhouse is the perfect size for many birds, and has enough space for a bird and its gang friends or family. And if they seem to never leave, you’ll know they’re as big of a Star Wars fan as you! Buy it here

Superhero Caped Socks:

Superhero Caped Socks
Because it just would not make any sense if you had the superhero logo on your socks without any capes attached to them, you’ll never feel the super powers you’re supposed to when you’re all tucked on your sofa with warm feet. So, a cape was added to these socks, and now you can be as confident as a superhero lounging around the house. Available in Superman or Wonder Woman. Buy it here

JOCO Cups:

Forget about paper cups for to-go coffee, it’s time that you think about limiting your contribution to waste and more importantly, carrying your coffee in style! You’ll never find a better looking reusable coffee cup than JOCO. The borosilicate glass cups are light yet strong, sporting a thermal sleeve and an anti-splash lid in cool colors, and a cyclonic sup base that helps sugar and other ingredients dissolve faster. Your favorite cafe’s paper cup will never be that cool. Buy it here

Crumpled Sky Map:

Crumpled Sky Map
What do you give someone who has everything? The Universe, crumpled in a bag. This Sky map is printed on paper-like, yet waterproof, material. It’s glow in the dark, so it can be enjoyed anywhere at any time, it could be actually cooler to look at in the dark so you can get a feel of those glistening stars in the dark. The map gives you a nocturnal view of the sky, including the constellations. Buy it here

Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers:

Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers
Elec-Skin Smartphone Touch Stickers2

From now on, the weather is only going to get colder and gloves are certainly a requirement. The problem with gloves is that they’re not friendly to use with most of our touch-screen gadgets, and you end up forced to take them off just to do a simple task on your device. Elec-Skin Touch Stickers are the answer to this problem. Simply stick the adhesive strips on any glove and these tear-resistant polyester fabric stickers will be detected on your touch-screen just like your fingers! Buy it here

PocketMonkey Multitool:

PocketMonkey Multitool
This wallet-sized, super slim tool is one of the handiest things you can carry in your wallet. It has 12 functions like; flat screwdriver, bottle opener, door latch slip, phone stand, Philips screwdriver, Ruler, Orange peeler… and many more! Get ready to impress many people with how quick you can perform tasks from now on. Buy it here

Grumpy Cat as Bowie Tee:

Grumpy Cat as Bowie
Two icons mashed up in one artistic creation. One the Internet’s most celebrated memes, Grumpy cat, meets rock icon David Bowie. Does it get better than this? No, not really! Buy it here

Space Invader Socks:

Space Invader Socks
Those caped superhero socks weren’t your thing? Well, here’s an alternative, just as geeky socks that you can actually wear to work! These Space Invader socks look formal enough for you to wear anywhere, yet the small details will complement your love of the video game so you don’t have to leave your quirky personality at home. Buy it here

Bacon Shaving Cream:

Bacon Shaving Cream
The shaving cream that celebrates how manly you really are by having you smell like the one of the manliest meats there is, Bacon. And this isn’t just a novelty thing, this high-quality bacon-scented shaving cream is rich with moisturizers and essential oils that will ensure the smoothest shaving experience. Buy it here

Sex Panther Cologne:

Sex Panther Cologne
Extend an invite with a smell that stings the nostrils. “60% of the time, it works every time!”, that’s the promise of the Sex Panther cologne, the officially licensed cologne from the movie Anchorman. But all jokes aside, this cologne actually has a very gentlemanly scent that is quite smooth. Buy it here

Stonemen Men’s Boxer Shorts:

Stonemen Mens Boxer Shorts Stonemen M-en's Boxer Shorts
So, what’s so great about these briefs? Sure, the art on them is cool and everything, but Stonemen’s briefs are actually the first in the world that feature seamless 360 digital prints which makes them quite striking. Also available for women. Buy it here

JeanPants Underwear:

There’ll never be a fashion item as popular as the jeans. This underwear celebrates the look of classic denim pants with all it’s faded and worn out look, yet, it’s not denim at all. They’re super comfortable cotton briefs with digitally printed denim pattern that will have you looking twice. Buy it here



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Hand T-shirtHand T-shirt
This t-shirt features an illustration of a stretched arm and a hand in a position that is seemingly holding something, where right above that hand is a clear pocket where you can actually put your phone, iPod or basically anything you want the hand to hold. The pocket features a velcro to secure your items in place, and small holes at the bottom to hold your headphones. $59 Buy it here