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Pixel Portraits will turn your portraits into fun pixelated art, in the pattern and color of your choice. Available patterns include: hearts, flowers, numbers, starts, ducks.. and many more. These portraits make a wonderful personalized gift for any occasion. Buy it here

Building Stories is a graphic novel that tells the stories of four residents of a Chicago building. The book comes in a box set that contains 14 books, booklets, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and a large cardboard. These can be read in any order you wish.  This graphic novel features a decade’s worth of artwork by Chris Ware. The unconventional nature of this graphic novel makes it an exciting gift for any comic lover.  Buy it here

“I have so much to do that I’m going to bed” that’s something we’ve all felt before. A limited edition of 100 prints, signed and numbered by the artist. $129 Buy it here

LP Vinyl Sleeve Aluminum Frame

LP Vinyl Sleeve Aluminum Frame

Give your LP vinyl records a second chance as artwork for your home. This brushed aluminum frame with asymmetric white mat holds one LP record and can be hung on the wall or freestand on a table. Of course, you can always use it for any 12×12 photo, as well. $49.95 Buy it here

Sounds of The City New York

Sounds of the City NY

Bespoken Art transforms audio sound waves into beautiful art. You can record an audio message and they’ll transform it into modern visual art! Their new pre-designed art includes ‘Sounds of The City’ which feature the sound waves of distinct sounds of your favorite cities. A great way to own a piece of a city you love! Buy it here