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1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names 1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names_ 1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names__
All those familiar feelings you often feel but can’t describe because they have no name. This book catalogs those feelings, or at least a 1,000 of them. It’s broken into sections like: “Afternoon Feelings,” “Nerd Feelings,” “Heaven-help-me Feelings,”… sure you can’t tell the name of your feeling, but you can definitely categorize them. You’ll also find some pages to write your own unnamed feelings.

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Change Your Mind_Cover Change Your Mind_ Change Your Mind2
Do you feel like you’ve hit a block and in desperate need of inspiration? This book will definitely do it for you. Change Your Mind, a simple and quick read that will give you a much needed creativity boost to get up and get things done. By showing you how some of the most creative personalities in the world are normal people, just like you and me, you’ll instantly realize that anything in possible. The book shares 57 creative habits of creative people like Einstein, The Beetles, Charles Dickens and many more, and shows you how to unlock your own creative potential. Buy Now

A Beautiful Mess Book
No matter who or what you like taking pictures of, t’s time to take your photography to the next level. A Beautiful Mess gives you over 95 inspiring ideas for taking cool pictures of your friends, family and your everyday life. You’ll find ideas on how to take flattering self portraits (Selfie time!), capture the best moments and how to take cool pics of others. You’ll also find ideas on how to turn your favorite photos into jewelry, home decor and gifts. Buy Now

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity_Cover How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity1
Got a cat at home just laying around demanding much of your time and attention without giving anything in return? Well, it’s about time you put that cat to work to cash in on its cuteness! This books will guide you to financial freedom through your cat, it’s full of practical tips you can follow to turn your cat into the next big thing on the Internet. It’s also full of diagrams and funny cat photos that will entertain you as your plan your next cat business venture. Buy Now

Conceal Vertical Display
This is pretty much one of the best things any book lover would invest in. If you love your books, especially if they have cool covers, why not put them on display? These concealed book hooks do just that, they’ll hold your books up vertically to put the cover on display. $15 Buy it here

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You (Journal) Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You (Journal) Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You (Journal)
Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You”, it’s one of those quotes we recite everyday but never act on. This journal will actually help you act on it, one step at a time, by following daily prompts. It provides you with a year’s worth of self motivation to do things you wouldn’t normally want to do. By doing and reflecting on only one thing a day, it becomes a quite easy goal to realize, and you’ll most definitely find yourself a braver person by the end of the year. Buy it here

Arrow Bookends
In the same style as the Katana Bookends, these Arrow Bookends bring together your books and provide the coolest illusion of arrows punched through your books. The illusion works quite simply; magnetic ends on the arrows attach to metal plates that actually hold the books together. Buy it here

Custom made wooden book rack
This custom-made hanging book rack allows you to put your favorite books on display in very cool way. Included with the rack 12 pins that your books will attach to in order to hang. The same pins also serve as bookmarks. The book rack is available in different sizes and wood type/color. Buy it here