Category: Coffee & Tea

Wake Up Mug

You cannot fully open your eyes until you’ve had your cup of coffee. Apparently the same goes for this mug, which will start opening its sleepy eyes as soon as you fill it up with coffee or any hot liquid. The mug’s eyes will start closing again as it gets empty, which only means one thing… time for more coffee!  Buy it here

Contrast Mugs by Royal Copenhagen, designed to look both traditional and innovative and modern. Made of porcelain, with colored silicon. $32.50 Buy it here

The tired face on this mug looks a lot like all of us on a Monday morning, but as you pour in your choice of hot beverage to wake up to the tired face will start smiling, again much like your face when you start sipping your drink. $29 Buy it here

A very entertaining cup and saucer set. The saucer is made of 2 layers, with a flick you can spin the upper saucer while the cup is still in place. With this, the images on the saucer move and reflect on the mirrors on the cup, causing a marry-go-round effect. $70 Buy it here

I’m a proud owner of this mug and it’s possibly one of the cutest things I own. The little rabbit sitting on the handle of the mug is there to hold your tea bag or to simply look cute. $15 Buy it here

It’s just like your regular teabag, only better. This tea infuser would work the same as the tea bag, simply fill it with your favorite loose tea and place it in your cup. Afterwards, it can be easily cleaned and used again. $25 Buy it here