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Wake up and smell the coffee of your choice with the Nespresso Prodigio Smart Espresso Machine. Connecting to your device via Bluetooth, you’re able to set schedules to suit your busy life so your next cup of coffee will be ready when you need it. The Prodigio app is available for both iOS and Android devices and helps you stay informed about the machine.

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Namastay in Bed Mug
It’s hard to imagine anything more relaxing than hitting snooze, but the first sips of lemon tea from this white, ceramic mug will prove to bring you peace

Made out of polished, high quality aluminum, the ROK Espresso Maker will serve you with a warm cup of coffee through a manual, non-electric design. The maker is eco-friendly where the only power used is to boil the water for your espresso. You can not only use it at home but also while you’re camping or riding a boat. The lowering of the lever arms will help you achieve the right pressure required to prepare the espresso. This air is trapped which will then force water through the ground coffee at a high pressure.

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Donut Hole Coffee Mug
Coffee and Donuts were always meant to be together, and this mug helps keep their relationship close and strong. Slide your donut into the slot, pour yourself some coffee and enjoy a nice break away from the hustle. Not feeling like having a Donut? That slot will gladly host a cookie, chocolates or any little snack you might desire. Buy it here

Corkcicle Canteen Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle_Thermos
Corkcicle Canteen is the best in its class when it comes to insulation and keeping your drink’s temperature. The thermos will keep your drink cold for an impressive 25+ hours and hot for 12+. Made of stainless steel, offers 3 layers of insulation, fits ice cubes and it NEVER creates any ‘bottle sweat’. The Canteen has pretty much everything you need in a bottle. Available in sizes 9 oz, 16 oz and 25 oz, and in 16 colors. Buy it here

Star Wars Darth Vader Heat Change Mug
This Star Wars Darth Vader Heat Change Mug starts out as a black mug with Darth Vader in the traditional shotput position at room temperature. When you put hot liquid in the mug, his lightsaber appears along with the words “You Don’t Know the Power of the Dark Side.”Buy it here

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Christmas Jumper Mug
As you start to wrap up in festive Christmas jumpers, and enjoy the warmth of your favorite hot beverage, you’ll want a mug that’s just as high in Christmas spirit as you! This mug comes wrapped in its own Christmas jumper not only to look the part, but also to keep your hand from burning and to keep your drinks warmer. Buy it here

LINE 19 Leather Mason Jar
Enjoy your favorite drink in the highest form of style using this leather wrapped Mason Jar. Whether it’s coffee, ice tea, beer or any beverage you’d like to sip on, the 16 ounce Mason Jar by LINE 19 will make it extra special. Choose from 6 colors of leather. Buy it here

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Mug
Those days of the week when you wish to sit back and relax with a cup of fresh coffee can be a bit more entertaining if you have the Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Mug. Holds up to 24 oz,  the mug has a removable lid and is made of ceramic. A Stormtrooper’s life is truly rough and is mostly spent on fulfilling orders from superiors.

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Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker
There’s something special and relaxing about brewing a cup of coffee manually. Bodum’s Pour Over brewer is simple to use and gorgeous to look at. Made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass, the coffee maker includes a permanent stainless steel mesh filter that slowly drips the coffee for a slow brew. It also includes a lid and a silicone grip around it that is available in four colors: white, black, red or green. Enjoy your brew in Bodum’s double-wall glasses for a truly pleasant coffee experience.
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