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Luke Skywalker Mug
Fans of Star Wars should instantly recognise Luke Skywalker in his Rebel gear get-up. This is an orange sturdy mug decorated with hand-drawn graphics of a closeup of Luke’s face. It really does look like him, whilst the piercing blue eyes standout and the extra touches such as the visor and battle scratches would be appreciated by Star Wars nerds.

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This mug is oversized and can be used as a cup or a bowl.  Score some major league points with this patented invention and be part of the play with your food sensation sweeping the nation!Buy it here

Warp Pipe Mug
The Warp Pipe Mug transforms you to another world as you sip your favorite hot drink. Sit back, relax and let this Iconic warp pipe take you to the next level. Buy it here

Today, Friday 22nd, Pac-Man turns 35! In celebration, we’re featuring the top 5 Pac-Man gifts that have been popular on HolyCool. You can see more Pac-Man gifts by visiting our Retro Video Game Inspired Gifts page.
Pac-Man Heat Change Mug
Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug: Watch a game of Pac-Man appear on the mug as soon as you pour in hot liquid into it. Buy Now

PacMan USB Ghost Lamp
Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp: Shaped like a Pac-Man ghost, this USB light operates on two modes: the On mode which changes the ghost light into 16 colors. The Second mode is Party mode which makes the lamp sensitive to sound, so turn the music up and watch the colors react to the beat! Buy Now

PacMan Cookie Cutters
Pac-Man Cookie Cutters: This pack of cutters include 1 Pac Man and 3 Ghosts perfect for cookies or creating cake decorations. Buy Now

Pac Man Throw Blanket
Pac-Man Throw Blanket: Let Pac-Man help you stay warm, this throw fleece blanket features the entire screen of a Pac-Man game. Buy Now

Paladone Pac-Man Alarm Clock
Pac-Man Alarm Clock: Featuring the one and only Pac-Man, this alarm clock adds a retro feel to your bedside. It also features sounds from the game. Buy Now

Panda Cookie Dunk Mug
A mug that combines a cute panda with cookies, this is going to be your favorite mug for coffee or tea breaks. The mug holds 12 oz of your favorite beverage, and its special compartment can hold a few treats. Buy Now

Owl Tea Collection
Serve tea (or coffee or juice) with our Owl Tea Pot + Tea Cup. Made of porcelain with a lift-off lid, they’re a wise + witty addition to any kitchen.Buy Now

Superhero Mom Mug

Superhero Mom Mug_Back
For super moms everywhere, this ceramic mug reminds her everyday that she’s our Superhero! The mug holds 15oz of her fuel of choice, has molded details: cape, belt, arms and emblem on the chest with a big M for Mom. Buy Now

Cafflano Klassic- All-in-One Coffee Maker Cafflano Klassic- All-in-One Coffee Maker_2

Caffiano is the world’s first all-in-one portable coffee maker, that is a portable coffee maker that actually allows you to grind and brew your coffee on the go! This brilliant travel mug requires no electricity or battery to operate, and it holds everything you need for a fresh cup of coffee under its lid. You can store your beans on the top lid, and when you’re ready,  tip them into the grinder… after a little bit of winding, you’ve got yourself fresh coffee ground that is ready to brew. Now simply add water and let it brew. The Caffiano Klassic includes:

  • Large 255ml insulated tumbler
  • Ceramic Burr Grinder
  • Manual fold-out grinder handle
  • Drip Kettle
  • In-built metal filter (filter paper is optional)

Available in your choice of Black or Red.

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Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser
We can learn a thing or two from sloths, there’s nothing wrong with lazing around and taking things slow every now and then. No wonder they’re smiling all the time! This cute Sloth infuser reminds you of just that; take things easy, enjoy a slow brew of tea with your new best friend, the sloth, hanging on your cup. Buy Now

GINO Glass Dripper by notNeutral
For anyone who enjoys a cup of pour-over coffee, here’s a cool dripper to add to your coffee collection. The GINO dripper is made from hand-blown borosilicate, a laboratory-grade, lightweight glass that is heat- and scratch-resistant.The double-wall insulates the coffee and keeps its temperature while giving you a glimpse of the coffee extraction action. And since it’s handle-free, having a double-walled construction means you can pick it up with your hand without worrying about heat.

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Shortest Break EVER Mug
Know someone who likes to take their sweet time over a coffee break at work? Serve them coffee in this mug which looks like a full size mug but only holds 3 oz. Watch them flip as they finish the drink in 2 or 3 sips only to find a message telling them to get back to work, and you’ll certainly get your big laugh for the day! Buy Now

Utility Coffee Dripper + Mug
Enjoy drip coffee in its purest form with this set of ceramic mug and coffee dripper. If you’re not familiar with how a dripper works, its quite simple: place it on top of the mug, place a coffee filter, add ground coffee and pour in hot water. Coffee will start to drip right into your mug through the dripper. This set includes a matching ceramic dripper and a 14 oz mug with a cool minimal design.  Buy Now