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Make your drinks more refreshing and delicious with these filled ice balls. Use the 2-inch orbs to create ice balls filled with fruit, mint or anything you like. You can also create ice balls from juice. Comes in a set of 4, the orbs are BPA free, and have a top silicone seal so your ice balls won’t smell or catch flavors from left-over food in your freezer. Buy it here

Totem Stackable Cups

Totem Stackable Cups

A set of stackable BPA-free plastic cups for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Each cup features three bumps round its edge to separate them a little when they’re stacked, and allows air flow to circulate and dry the cups faster. $14.99 Buy it here

Each member of your family gets a glass with a cute illustration to represent them. Different illustrations available to suit everyone in the family, even pets! $12 Buy it here

I’ve always been fan of double-wall glasses for the suspension effect they add to drink, but these glasses take that cool effect to another level with the curved inner design. Each glass features a unique design that creates a fantastic optical effect when you fill it up either with a hot or cold drink. Comes in a set of 4.  Buy it here