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Category: Electronics

Creative Airwave HD Wireless Speaker Creative Airwave HD Wireless Speaker Creative Airwave HD Wireless Speaker
The new Airwave HD wireless speaker by Creative makes wireless pairing even easier. With NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled, all you have to do is tap your device on the speaker for one-touch pairing! You can also connect devices via Bluetooth or aux-in connector. Other features include: connect more than one device at the same time, built-in mic for easy call answering, 12-hours playtime, rechargeable battery that can be charged using micro USB connection, available in four colors.  Buy it here

See how it works in this video:

iHome Boombox Dock Speaker
Enjoy your music on the go in retro style. The iHome boombox speaker docks your iPod or iPhone and plays your music while charging the device. Buttons on the iHome Boombox are backlit for easy use and access, the pivoting handle and strap makes it easy to carry around. The speaker also plays FM radio, or you can use the iHome app to access many internet radio stations. Available in black or pink. $126 Buy it here

Konstruktor DIY KitKonstruktor DIY KitKonstruktor DIY Kit
Lomography lovers can take their love for their hobby to a new level by constructing their own lomo camera.The Konstruktor DIY Kit allows you to build your own plastic 35mm SLR camera for a true analog photography experience. $35 Buy it here

Bright Idea USB Lamp
This light bulb looks a lot like the one that goes off on your head when you get a bright idea. The USB powered lamp features an articulating arm so you can adjust it in different positions. Attach it to your laptop or any USB hub and you’ve got yourself a light source to continue working on your bright ideas. Buy it here

Speaker Blanket Speaker Blanket
Good music always makes a picnic more fun. With the Speaker Blanket you’ll be packing one less item(the speaker) as it combines the two essentials together. The blanket features a 3.5mm headphone jack perfect to connect any phone or MP3 player to the blanket speakers. Pick your favorite tunes, set back and enjoy your picnic. Buy it here

LSTN Wood Headphones LSTN Beech Wood Headphones LSTN Beech Wood Headphones_

If majority of music instruments (guitars, pianos, violins, drums.. etc.) are made of wood, then why aren’t headphones? Wood provides more resonance than plastic or metal, it gives a more natural and warm sound, and that’s exactly what you should expect from LSTN wood headphones. Available in Ebony, Cherry or Beech as headphones or earphone, all wood material used is recycled from leftover scrap wood – so they’re eco-friendly, too. And if all that isn’t enough, for every pair of LSTN headphones purchased, proceeds go to heal a child with hearing loss. $49.99 – $99.99 Buy it here

TYLT Band Wall Charger

The Band Wall Charger was designed as a compact travel charger with cable management that allows you to charge up to 2 USB devices rapidly. The charging unit plugs into an outlet and you can connect your device using the provided USB cable, which wraps around the charging unit and remains so due to an embedded magnet. An additional USB port allows you to connect a second device that you can charge at the same time. Buy it here

Juice Box Camera

Those little juice boxes are actually a fully functioning 35mm cameras! Push the straw on top and a lens comes to life for you to start snapping shots. Perfect for anyone fond of toy cameras or for the little ones to start practicing their photography skills. $25 Buy it here

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet Amiigo Fitness Bracelet1

While there are many different fitness bracelets available in the market right now, Amiigo seems to be the most advanced one yet. Made up of two parts: a bracelet and a shoe clip, Amiigo not only tracks your moves, it can recognize what activity you’re doing, giving you a more personalized and more accurate data. It also monitors and tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, overall activity level, and calories burned. The bracelet pairs with an iPhone or Android phone app that allows you to see your data as well as share your achievements. See how it works in this video:

Amiigo is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.com. Buy it here