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Crazy Hours Watch
We don’t really have to look at the numbers on our watches to tell what time it is. This watch has all the hour numbers scrambled and  placed on one side of the watch face, which will have you really paying attention when you need to tell the time. $35 Buy it here

Book Lockets
Wear your favorite novel, comic or childhood book around your neck with these mini book lockets. On the inside you’ll find compartments for two photos, or as the seller suggests, you can insert a photo and your favorite quote. The lockets are available as many famous book cover artwork, and if you can’t find your favorite, you can request a custom design. $20 Buy it here [via]

" I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry" card
If this card made you laugh then you probably say crazy things when your hungry, you lose your temper and live in a whirlwind of emotions. Don’t worry, it’s normal and it happens to many of us. If being hungry makes you that intolerable person (I know it makes me so!), first, get some food… then stock up on this card and send it to  your victims.

Got more things to apologize for? Or maybe you’d like to create your own humorous cards? Check out these great deals on Vistaprint products and create your own custom invitations and cards online.

Buy it here

DIY Teal Embroidery Pocket Notebook DIY Teal Embroidery Pocket Notebooks_Kit
DIY Teal Embroidery Pocket Notebooks2
Stitch a fun geometric design on pocket notebooks using this kit by Curious Doodles. In each kit you’ll find two pocket notebooks, thread (available in teal or red), a needle and instructions. Notebooks are made from recycled Kraft paper for cover and recycled white paper on the inside. $20 Buy it here

BookEnds of the Earth, Conifer Forest Series Ravine Bookend of the Earth BookEnds of the Earth, Winter Series
Sculptural bookends created from layers of wood and its growth rings with a landscape on top. The wood layers and growth rings symbolize the sedimentary layers of the Earth. Each set of bookends is hand crafted from a solid piece of wood, and features signature and a number on the bottom. $175 Buy it here

Cordito Cord Wrap
Cordito Cord Wrap
Carry your gadget cables with style using Cordito leather cord wrap. It holds up to 3 cables and 2 plugs, you can organize your chargers, earphones, or any additional cables and wrap them neatly for easy travel storage. Made from premium leather, available in black or brown. $45 Buy it here

Mario Question Mark Block Lamp:

Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp
“If Mario already lights up your life, why not give him a shot at the end table too?” $89.95 Buy it here

Mario Bros Warp Pipe Lamp:

Mario Bros Warp Pipe Lamp
Mario Bros Warp Pipe Lamp with touch LED lamps and a mount plate that allows you to hang it anywhere. $22.99 Buy it here

PacMan Cookie Cutters:

PacMan Cookie Cutters

Set of 4 cookie cutters, one PacMan and 3 Ghosts. $22.95 Buy it here

1UpCake Cupcake Mold:

1UpCake Cupcake Mold

Make your cupcakes look the mushroom from that Super video game! $15.95 Buy it here

Retro Arcade Cake Mold:

Retro Arcade Cake Mold

You can also make your cake look like this other cool retro arcade game. $12.95 Buy it here

Tetris Color Changing Mug:

Tetris Color-Changing Mug

Pour in hot water/beverage into this mug and watch it change, just like you’re playing a game of Tetris! $19.99 Buy it here

Space Invaders Color Changing Mug:

Space Invaders Color Changing Mug

But if you prefer a game of Space Invaders, then you’ll want this mug. $14.94 Buy it here

Retro Pac Man Video Game Drinking Glasses:

Retro Pac Man Video Game Drinking Glasses

Set of 4 officially licensed PacMan pint glasses. $44.99 Buy it here

Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers
Some pixelated geek chic for your dining table. $14.49 Buy it here

Nintendo NES Controller Grey Backpack:

Nintendo NES Controller Grey Backpack
And some geek chic for yourself. $40 Buy it here

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillows:

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set
Cuddle up with fluffly plush retro video game cartridges. Set of 2. $34.99 Buy it here

Centipede Wall Stickers:

Centipede Wall Graphics
Re-useable wall decals, arrange the Centipede graphics in any way you want and create your own game on your wall. $46.99 Buy it here

Super Mario Wall Stickers:

Super Mario Wall Graphics
Super Mario fans can do the same with these wall stickers. Also re-usable and super easy to apply, create your own Super Mario game on your wall. $73.49 Buy it here

Just Five More Minutes – Nintendo Poster:

Just five more minutes Poster
“Just 5 more minutes” – something we’ve all said a few times in our lives, especially when it concerned more time with your beloved video game. $14.99 Buy it here

Video Game Controllers Graphic Poster:

Video Game Controllers Graphic Poster
Classic video game controllers. How many of these do you have? $46.83 Buy it here

Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies:

Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies

This candy might give you magical powers! $5.96 Buy it here

Game Boy Soft Skin Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S3:

Game Boy Soft Skin Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
Dress up your Samsung Galaxy to look as a Game Boy. $2.28 Buy it here