Category: Etsy Finds

LINE 19 Leather Mason Jar
Enjoy your favorite drink in the highest form of style using this leather wrapped Mason Jar. Whether it’s coffee, ice tea, beer or any beverage you’d like to sip on, the 16 ounce Mason Jar by LINE 19 will make it extra special. Choose from 6 colors of leather. Buy it here

Felt succulent planter _ Kitty cat vase
Just looking at these cute planters will certainly put a smile on your face. Each planter is covered with wool, and you can choose from 28 colors to add just the right colors to your decor. Planters are available individually as well. Buy it here

Slate - Essential LapDesk
Slate is a very portable desk that holds your laptop, smartphone or mini tablet. Made from a single cut of a premium bamboo, it is lightweight and very strong and durable. A heavy duty mousepad is built within the Slate to make your work easier without adding any additional accessories. Made to fit laptops of any size or brand. Buy it here

Real Maple MacBook Wood Skin
Upgrade the look of your MacBook Air or Pro with a skin made from REAL Maple wood. The skin is backed with high quality 3M adhesive, simply peel and stick. The wood is hand rubbed with Danish oil for a beautiful finish. Slits in the corners of the skin allows it to wrap around your MacBook perfectly. And if Maple isn’t your favorite type of wood, the skin is also available in Walnut, Rosewood, Teak, Mahogany and many more! Buy it here