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Personalized Pattern Rolling Pin Personalized Pattern Rolling Pin
So you’ve got your own cookie recipe that you always brag about… but here’s one more way your baked goods can be truly yours, by engraving them with your own name! You can now have your own personalized rolling pin that embosses your baked goods with phrases like “Made By ‘your name” , “Made With Love By ‘your name”, “Homemade by ‘your name'”, or even your own custom text. $56.94 Buy it here

Starry Night Lavender Soap Jewels
Impress your guests or surprise a friend with these sparkly soap jewels. They smell of fresh Lavender and are perfectly colored like a night sky. And with a dash of glitter in them, it gives it that Starry Night look. Made with Natural & Organic Glycerin Soap Base, they are vegan, free of detergents, SLS, Triclosan, animal products and any animal testing. $7.50 Buy it here

Custom made wooden book rack
This custom-made hanging book rack allows you to put your favorite books on display in very cool way. Included with the rack 12 pins that your books will attach to in order to hang. The same pins also serve as bookmarks. The book rack is available in different sizes and wood type/color. Buy it here


The Instant Comfort Pocket Box - Mrs Pigeon The Instant Comfort Pocket Box - Sparkling stars The Instant Comfort Pocket Box - a dog to love
Know someone who needs some cheering up? Send them this little gift of instant comfort that will surely put a smile on their face! These cute boxes include a 3D illustration of many happy things; a dog, a pigeon, a jar full of stars and a few other things along with a cheerful message. The perfect little gift for those gloomy days! Buy it here

Whether you’re a film geek, video game geek, music or photography geek, you’ll love having one of these geeky prints on your wall which combine your hobby with retro-modern art. Illustrated by Jan Skacelik, whose art is all about retro-modern inspirational art and Scandinavian inspired designs. You can see his entire artwork in his Etsy store here, but here’s our 7 favorite prints for geeks:

Keep It Reel Print:

Keep It Reel Print
Buy it here

Star Wars Empire Strikes Print:

Star Wars Empire strikes Back Print
Buy it here

Keep Control Print:

Keep Control Print
Buy it here

Heart Nintendo Game Boy Print:

Heart GameBoy Print
Buy it here

Polaroids Retro Print:

Retro Polaroid Print
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Make Magic Happen Polaroid Print:

Make Magic Happen Print
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Analog Synthesizer Retro Print:

Analog Synthesizer Retro PrintBuy it here