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These impressively detailed carved crayons by Etsy seller Hoang Tran will make your inner geek happy. Available in Star Wars characters, Game of Thrones, some Studio Ghibli characters and if all of these are no good for you, you can ask for a custom order. The crayons are sold for $30 to $40 a pop, which sounds like a lot for a crayon, but definitely a reasonable price for the amount of work put into it. Buy it here

Photo source: Wax Nostalgic Tumblr

Felted Soap
These are definitely no ordinary soap bars. Hand-made and coated with wool, these bars will last you twice as long and naturally exfoliate your skin. Plus, they just look pretty cool! Available in 6 different scents. Buy it here

Shark Felt Laundry BasketShark Felt Laundry Basket
When your laundry is all piled up, you’d wish a shark would just come and swallow it all. With this felt laundry basket, you can feed the shark, one dirty cloth at a time. It sure looks cool, but it will set you a whooping $200. For that price, you’ll probably prefer to throw your laundry on the floor… or maybe any laundry basket should do. $200 Buy it here [via]

List Notebook List Notebook
Listing down your tasks, groceries or any type of thoughts you’d like organized on a piece of paper is still the best way to do it, no matter how cool that app on your phone looks. This small list notebook will keep you on track with any list you have. $12 Buy it here

Lip Lap Sofa Tray
Flexible tray made of small wood planks can rest on any rectangular armrest and turn it into a flat surface to hold your cup of coffee, tea or plate. Hand made, available in different colors. $49 Buy it here