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No one is going to steal your iDevice charger by saying they “thought” it was theirs. All the chargers are identical anyway and it’s super easy to get them mixed up. So why not customize your charger with Whooz?, a vinyl ID label with a character or solid design that will help you identify your charger right away. Even if you live/work alone and don’t really need to ID your charger, these stickers are just simply fun! Pledging $10 for this project on Kickstarter will get you a pack of Whooz that includes 4 sheets of labels. Buy it here

Kids love using tablets… parents, on the other hand, get worried what their little ones might bring to the table’s screen with their little fingers. That’s where a stylus for kids comes in quite handy. AppCrayon stylus for kids is not only great to get kids fingers off the screen, it’s also a wonderful tool to help them learn correct writing techniques. The crayon shaped stylus features triangle grips that makes holding it easy, the rubber tip makes it move smoothly on the tablet’s screen. Of course, the AppCrayon works on any tablet and with any app, but the free AppCrayon learning app is available for iOS only. The app gives kids real time feedback on their writing to ensure they’re writing and moving the stylus in the right direction.

We’ve teamed up with DanoToys to give one lucky reader a free AppCrayon stylus. All you have to do is enter your info in the form below. Winner will be picked randomly, but you can increase your chances of winning by earning more entries.

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As someone who embraced eBooks, the only thing I’d say I miss about actual books are their covers. A company called Out of Print wants to change that by bringing hard covers to eBook readers:

” Made by the oldest bookbinder in the U.S., our cases are the first to look, feel and wear like an actual book. Each hardcover case features original book cover art, printed on book fabric that has been treated to withstand daily wear and tear. Because it is made like a book, it will look better the more you use it. Inside our case, your eBook device is well-protected with a form-fitting cradle with design elements that allow for easy access to all important buttons and ports.”  [via]

Buy it here

SigniCase is a company specialized in creating all-natural wood cases for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Galaxy Note and S3. Those wood cases are available as plain or engraved with designs, either pre-made or you can make your own design.

I’ll be reviewing two products from SigniCase. In this post, I’ll review their Natural iPhone Amplifier, and in a following post I’ll review the M9 Camera iPhone 4/4S Case.

The all-natural bamboo amplifier is great for anyone who is looking to get a better sound out of their iPhone speakers without having to use expensive speakers or anything that requires an outlet. It amplifies sound naturally using the hollow space inside the bamboo block… all you have to do is place your iPhone, start the music and turn up the volume.

The amplifier works as promised, it really brings out a greater sound than the iPhone’s speakers. Of course, you shouldn’t expect majorly louder sound, but a much better sound than what your iPhone alone produces. And when you’re not using it to amplify sound, it works as a great iPhone stand. It holds the iPhone with or without a case, and you get access to the home button so you can use your phone freely.


The SigniCase amplifier is available in Walnut wood or Bamboo. It is also available in few engraved designs.

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Natural Amplifier for iPhone 4/4S – $19.99 Buy it here

Will you be lining up to get the iPhone 5 soon? If you’re one of the early iPhone 5 adopters, here are a few cases and covers to buy that are already available to ship, or will be shipping soon after the iPhone 5 launch but are available for pre-order now.


Belkin View Case/Cover for iPhone 5:

Belkin View Case_Cover For New Apple iPhone 5

A slim case with transparent back and a colorful borders made of soft TPU for a nice and easy grip of the iPhone. Available in 6 bright colors.  Buy it here


 Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case/Cover for iPhone 5:

Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case_Cover For New Apple iPhone 5

A two-tone translucent colored  case with a glossy finish. Constructed from TPU material for flexibility and durability. Available in four two-tone combination.  Buy it here


Splash Medley Dual-Layer Hybrid Case for iPhone 5:

splash MEDLEY Dual-Layer Hybrid Case for iPhone 5

A dual-layer case for the ultimate protection. Made of TPU with an added layer of polycarbonate makes it shock-absorbant and anti-slip.  Buy it here

STM Bags Harbour Case for iPhone 5:

STM Bags Harbour Case for iPhone 5

Dual-layer case with protective rim around the edges for added protection. Features a snap-open bottom to slide the iPhone in and out.  Buy it here

splash VAPOR Slim-Fit Flex Case for iPhone 5:

splash VAPOR Slim-Fit Flex Case for iPhone 5

Slim and flexible iPhone case for protection without adding any bulk to your iPhone. Available in 5 colors.  Buy it here

Carved is a company specializing in wood iPhone, iPad and Kindle skins. The skins are hand-crafted from real wood, and are available as plain wood skins (different type of woods available), art engraved wood skins or custom designed wood skins.

The folks from Carved were kind enough to send in one of their iPhone skins for a review.

The skin I’m reviewing here is the Padauk wood skin for iPhone 4/4S. The skin comes in a nicely illustrated package showing John and Grant, founders of Carved, hand-crafting your wood skin. Fun package idea!

You’ll get a back skin and for an extra $5 you can add the front skin. They’re super easy to apply, just align the camera hole and you’ll be able to easily align the rest… same goes for the front skin. If you got it wrong, you can easily remove it and reposition it. The skin leaves no residue whatsoever. The cuts on the skins are perfectly cut so nothing on your iPhone will get blocked.

The wood skin gives the iPhone a really elegant look and feel. It has a nice texture to it, when you feel it you can tell it’s real wood. It is important to remember that this isn’t a case, it’s only a skin, so don’t expect it to be protective. It works for protecting the phone or tablet from scratches but it won’t protect it from bumps or falls, so you have to keep in mind that it is more of a decorative thing, as all iPhone skins are.

I’m quite happy with the back skin, but not so much with the front skin only because it lacks screen protection. I tried applying the skin on the screen protector I already had on the screen, but as I peeled the skin off to align it correctly, the protector peeled off with it. I think this is a problem with iPhone skins in general rather than Carved skins. Another thing I don’t like is, since the skin has a bit of a thickness to it, it tends to accumulate dust in the corners, which is a problem for a person like myself who has a bit of an OCD and continually wipes the screen. So I hope Carved would find a way to incorporate screen protection into the front skin somehow.

Apart from the front skin issue (which is probably my own issue), I absolutely love the look and feel this real wood skin adds to the iPhone.

You can check out Carved’s entire skins here: